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Percy VS Keston
Posted 09-12-2017, 10:43 PM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 10.25
x in, x lbs
Infinite ep
© 10.25

Percy VS Keston

Based on a coin flip, Keston will be required to post first. If this spar contains a rogue, elements are disabled. The spar will contain three moves per character with a deadline of 72 hours between posts. Be creative, be realistic, and most of all, have fun!

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Posted 09-13-2017, 09:07 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 3.50
36 in, 135 lbs
673 ep
© Julie
keston vs percy
move 0 out of three.
72 hours to respond.

endomorph: 36 in, 135 lbs.
good health. 673 EP.
full dodge unused.
elements activated?
7 previous spars: 7 wins.
This was the moment they had been working towards since the start of the tournament—a chance to bring honor to their pack and deity through blood and vigor. Keston felt privileged to have made it this far with cerulean eyes staring down the finish line—but he was perhaps more so surprised given how out of practice he had been prior to the first round and the competitors Jiro had previously matched him with. There was no doubt in his mind that this round would prove the most challenging, however, pushing both the Lioncourt and his opponent to the brink of prosperity to win favor for their pack. Little did he know, Kei would be honored regardless of today’s outcome. Nevertheless, he is eager to get the final round underway and made way towards the ruins with calm confidence punctuating his steps. It was still early in the day as dew settled across the crumbled remnants of a lost civilization, clouds strung heavily overhead to set the world below in shades of gray. The sun was obscured behind them, lending light enough for day, but lacking of the daystar’s intense glares. Keston chose a familiar spot by the bend in Naveen River where he had faced off against Lyra, feeling grounded next to a source of water in this landlocked world.

There he would await the unveiling of his opponent as his body shifted in preparation, stance widening so that his limbs were evenly apart and bent at his joints to lower his center of gravity. Keston’s weight was offset to his hind limbs in the event the other wolf charged, muscles coiled in preparation to launch him from his stationary placement. Splayed toes curled so that his nails scraped at the dusty, hard-packed earth for traction as his head lowered to align his spine, hackles flaring and sending the lion’s mane into full effect as it encircled his neck for protection. Ears remained alert in anticipation of an arrival, ready to flatten against his skull at the first shuffle of an approach and clearwater eyes narrowed into focus. A final swipe of his tail from side to side helped the warrior king transform before it would tuck between his legs and press tightly against his abdomen where vital organs rested. His thoughts turned towards his goddess, the grandiose entity of his affection and the sovereign whose name he championed for today. “Blessed Kei, if it is your will, lend me your strength and rushing power—your prowess of mind and body. Let me be the shield and sword that cuts with the same finesse of your element. In your name, this I pray.” He whispered softly, head turned towards the heavens momentarily before it slipped back into place—lowered and level with his spine, his jaws parted so that tucking his chin towards his chest protected the region of his neck that housed his windpipe and carotid sheath. A final effort prepares him for the task again, a lip pulled back in a snarl that protected the tops of his muzzle with wrinkled, golden flesh and leeched away his amiable demeanor to be replaced indifference, narrowed with focus and determination.

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Posted 09-16-2017, 08:51 PM |
Water (Site Helper)
Water Warrior
Male, 2.50
35 in, 126 lbs
64 ep
© Renee
he isn't as tired as keston might be, due to the fact that his previous opponent hadn't even arrived at the ruins. it had left an ache of disappointment in his warrior heart, but there was a level of excitement that strummed through it as he neared the finish line of the festival of champions. briefly, he wondered who it might that opposes him, would he know them? he would be sure to try and do kei proud, regardless of who it was. those caramel eyes drift upwards, peering curiously at the dark, billowing clouds that overcast the ruins today. there is moisture in the air, dew scattered along the aged rubble. calloused toes brush against the cool ground as they separate, the sun hidden behind the clouds as he can feel his hindquarters lower ⁽¹⁾ in preparation as all four legs evenly widen for suitable balance⁽²⁾. hackles bristle⁽³⁾, a sense of adrenaline beginning to slowly feed into his veins as he moves at a fluent stride. in the distance, percy can see a figure looming and he can faintly smell the familiar scent of the ocean. a warm smile wraps around his muzzle, caramel eyes drifting onto keston as he comes near, stopping at about twenty five feet, directly in front of his alpha. for a moment, the silver knight would pause - lips pursing together in thought before he dips his head respectively, allowing it to align with his backbone⁽⁴⁾. "for kei," he deliberately speaks loud enough for keston to hear, a boyish smile is offered as suddenly his lips would peel back⁽⁵⁾ into a nearly playful snarl, chocolate ears pinning⁽⁶⁾ themselves to the crown of his skull. he is already in motion, his body swiftly escalating into a sprint as he aims to come at the water king directly, taking a side step to his own left springing off of his previously coiled hindquarters when there would be nothing but ten or so feet between them ( assuming, keston has not moved. ) unhinged jowls would swing as he aims to thrust his body into his opponent directly, aiming for the right side of keston's sterno-hyoideus with his left shoulder. unhinged jowls would swing to the left, attempting to secure a hold higher on the left side of his brachiocephalicus muscle.

percy vs Keston
move zero out of three
health is excellent
percy has trained in speed.
preferably no elements
won 2 ( claimed ) spars, 1 by default. 0/0

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