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All Welcome holy • water
Posted 09-12-2017, 09:33 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
every drop of holy water comes from the ocean

( lyrics by the classic crime )

Posted 09-12-2017, 10:08 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
Dawn arrived and set fire to the skies, painting the gathered clouds with touches of blushing peach and tender kisses of cerulean blue. The canvas stretched on for as far as the sunkissed man could see, a twin gathered far below where the reflection of the rising sun caught across the endless ocean and birthed a miracle of its own. Today, a lonely sun began its climb into the sky without the company of a second daystar that had terrorized their shores with blinding, burning light. Hotaru had been enraged from the tumultuous waves Kei summoned from the depths of her kingdom, but they are freed of the chaos and Keston is relieved to return to the golden sands that offered him a warm embrace. The summer morning is marked by a brisk breeze and spots of light drizzle that would shield the rising sun, but the gleaming star is undeniable in force and penetrates through numerous gaps in radiant beams.

The lion knew what he sought to accomplish this day—after all the chaos and uncertainty, the wolves of Water needed to be reborn, both in faith and spirit, and their kingdom should find cleansing from the destruction that tore at Doutaini’s seams. Keston set off to work and found he only finished with the last blushing shade of pink started to give way to a brilliant blue; his collection was gathered at the shore where he dug a shallow trench and filled it with flowers of all kinds—the white petals and yellow-centered plumeria mixed among dusty pink lotus blooms, small white laurestine filling in the gaps and fitted with colorful hibiscus flowers. Rainflower, with its sprawling white petals and yellow stamens that reached towards the sun, filled the trench beside golden primrose and the fragrant jasmine blossoms to complete the offering. Come high tide, the petals and whole flowers would wash out to sea with the receding waves, scattering the anecdote of renewal along the way.

Sending his voice into the morning air, he called for any of Water to accompany him in this ritual of rebirth and cleansing—to take up a pillar of their future with him and build a kingdom in the midst of enlightenment. Slowly, the golden knight walked towards the ocean waters so that he stood ankle-deep and offered a silent prayer to Kei among her divine kin. “Kei, hear my prayers—take these waters and anoint me as your priest. Cleanse my body, cleanse my soul—make me new again, so that I can pursue your will above all.” He breathed gently, eyes closing as he felt the waves lapping at his toes with each renewed cycle—he was baptized by her holiness, the embodiment of the ocean that washed over him time and time again.

She knew the passages of his heart better than he did, the doubts and fears that lingered—and she would know that in the midst of their godly feud, his faith had wavered. Keston was not proud of that fact, for he had always been devout without a doubt in his mind—but his imperfection spoke for a place of improvement. Fear had seized him that the terrorizing effects from the gods would drive hate into hearts across Doutaini and eradicate the love that was there; yet like the clouds that gathered overhead and a seaward storm that sprung up out of nowhere, this too shall pass. Keston Lioncourt stood before the gods, not as a king, but a humbled man with his heart naked before the patroness of the sea. I will not fail you.
Divine Intervention & all welcome

Posted 10-02-2017, 06:38 PM | This post was last modified: 10-02-2017, 06:39 PM by Galápagos
Water Pup
Female, 1.75
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© hobs

You know that all my life
I have been waiting,
I have been waiting for this
All my life I have been fighting,
I have been fighting for this
Dream in my soul
And I won't let it go
You know that All my life
They try to keep me down
but I just get higher
Warm fingers of light cut across the young girl's body as dawn peeked up over the horizon; setting the small sea glass collection in Elizaveta's grotto and bathing the girl in gold. Strands of her sandy fur caught and held the light, ochres and suburbs revealing themselves as she stirred. Eyes squinting, she stretched her legs, arching her back as she lay on her side. She hadn't had this kind of sleep in a while; her heart finally at ease now that she had laid eyes on Barb once more, and felt the hope in her adopted father's children returning. Tuga was well, or as well as he would ever be, and things were falling into place. The injuries she had sustained battling in Jiro's tournament were fully healed, and, though she carried some scars with her on the top of her shoulder and her scruff, she was free of pain. Sighing, the temptation to lie here and soak up the warmth of dawn's light almost winning, the Marx girl hauls herself to her paws, and casts her teal gaze towards the exit and quietly pass out into the early morning.

The sea breeze catches the edges of her fur and she turns her face into the summer wind; dragging in a great breath of salty air. Gal finds herself instantly calmed, the slight chill of morning wouldn't last long, (best not to waste it!) and so she takes off for the sandy outlets that reach the sea and make her feel alive. She lets her legs stretch, asks more of her body and her lungs, her stamina peaking as she kicks up sand and water in her wake. A shining and joyous smile spreads across her expression as she comes skidding to a stop, pivoting on her front paws so her back end swings around and gives a great spray of water from the nearest wave that crept up the sand. She looks out towards the sea, her chest heaving, that ridiculous smile on her face; and she embraces the peace coursing through her.

With a glee she was not always accustomed to, and certainly not since arriving here, Galapágos rushes into the sea and throws herself into the surf. Her strong legs propel her out beyond the shore, where the waves roll but don't crash on top of her. Suspended by the water, surrounded and kept afloat, she paddles in a broad circle; relishing the feel of the ocean against her. She remembers the first time Julian tossed her and Tuga into the waters of their home, how frigid it had been and how terrified she'd felt when the saltwater stung her nose and made her choke. But he'd been there to yank her up out of the waves and teach her to swim, and it was one of the last lessons he ever taught them before they were taken as ransom. Still not quite understanding of those events, and with the memory of them fuzzy at times, Gal finds herself focused on the future. What now? Where will I go from here?

She turns back towards the shore, and in the dawn light, there is anfigure of prominence; shining like a piece of the sun. She knows him instantly, and with a slight tilt of her ears forward in delight, Gal swims her way to land once more and emerges with a string of seaweed across her shoulders and back that she hadn't been able to fully dodge. Shaking the excess water from her fur, she looks like an irritated urchin, a spark plug, as she nearly prances up to her alpha. "good morning! She calls when she isnclose by, hoping that this moment he's having isn't one she has to startle him from in order to get his attention. He's incredibly handsome in this light, and she would be a fool to let slip this mild crush she had on him. heaven help me if Tuga ever finds out. With an amused and shining expression reminiscent of Barbados, she stands off to his left; her tail lifted in a curious and delighted wave. "Care for some company, sir?" There is a newfound confidence in the girl as she speaks; born of fighting not only in Jiro's tournament and winning, but also of fighting her own doubts and succeeding as well. Triumph bred a sort of groundedness in her, and it was apparent in the conviction shining in her bright, teal eyes.

Broke my bones, tasted blood
Burned my wings close to the sun
But I'll keep on flying
I'm too young for dying
Cause there's a dream I can taste
Think it's time I break my chains
And run with the giants
Like smoke, I'm rising
lyrics from x ambassador's 'jungle'