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[earth] oh, common life
Posted 09-11-2017, 08:18 PM |
in, lbs
Her thoughts had been unhappy for years.
She trailed names and faces around in her head. Some of them were newer than others. Tetra and Azelie stuck in there a lot. So did Domnu. Less so, Anaxagoras - the ice king - and her parents. Sort of. Her mother. Something like that. It was hard to backtrack around so many people who had abandoned her, decided she wasn't that important, or straight disappeared. Plus the couple that were still around.
She was thinking it was about time for her to get stuck in their thoughts a bit more. Or stuck in their teeth. Atticus Eins had never been someone with a whole lot to live for. Then she had died. Then she had come back. It felt stupid to go through all that trouble and still keep going on like normal. She had never been a person who was very content with her life, either, but these days the status quo was starting to feel..
She was a thief and an anarchist, not some scrubby scout.
A missing leader was the sort of chance other people took, not her. Still, it was hard to think that anyone would fault her for taking advantage of it. She sat and imagined herself wearing a crown for a few minutes. It didn't really stick. There were people that would rather have it. She just wanted the attention, really. Or at least the entertainment value. Everything was so boring; why not do it? Maybe this would get someone's attention. Even if it was the wrong someone. Or if it was bad attention.
She'd always sort of felt like she was a ghost.

The thief''s appearance in the area was not exactly what someone would call impressive. She just kind of showed up. It was drizzling, slightly. The ground underfoot felt a little slick. More the better for her, she thought; she could fight in the rain. There would be no magic to rely on, if her opponent actually turned up. That was fine. She had never really used it as a crutch. She didn't need it.
She shot a restless, gap-toothed smile around at the gray arena. A lot of rats were in the corners. They were possibly watching her, or possibly in the middle of their own private argument. The strange behavior of the animals interested her for about ten seconds.
She took a deep breath, tilted her head back, and shot her demand for the nearby jungle.
It was time to loosen some things up a little bit. If she had to get more blood everywhere to do it, no problem. It was weird to think that of all the people she had problems with in the world, the one she was about to fight was a guy that she really didn't have anything against. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and she was bored.
Atticus stood and waited, mismatched eyes fixed on the shadowy treeline. She didn't think it would take very long to bring the rest of the rats out.
for sub alpha/equal standing
0/5 rounds, 5 days
38 in, 92 lbs (ectomorph), excellent health
167 ep
injury report: n/a

*Edited by Rae to fix the EP amount.

Posted 09-12-2017, 09:08 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 3.75
36 in, 135 lbs
673 ep
© Julie
In anticipation for the final round of Jiro’s Tournament, Keston discovered his feet frequently tempted him towards the decaying ruins subconsciously to track the eagerness in his heart. Not long ago, he came to witness the challenge for leadership of Fire, and it would appear today offered another cast of the die to seize control. A healthy bout of competition drove wolves to the brink of activity, scrambling around in an effort to self-preserve themselves from destruction. Nevertheless, it was also a gamble to disrupt the stable foundation upon which a pack stood and the lion is curious to discover which fate would befall Earth. Keston had a vested interest in the happenings of the pack, for it was the home of his children and their mother and their safety was of his utmost concern. Navigating his way through the arena, cerulean eyes found the sole woman of Earth and looked upon her questioningly—was Briar to expect this challenge, or had the woman broke off with her own desires? If was not his place to pass judgment, however, and with a courteous tip of his muzzle towards the stranger, he found a place to settle along the perimeter.

keston is spectating.

Asceo, Amelia, Roscoe

Posted 09-13-2017, 07:23 PM |
Earth ( Admin )
Earth Alpha
Male, 3.00
34 in, 118 lbs
453 ep
© ev

“In our village,”
folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, one day in the life of ivan denisovich

it's a call for briar, but as another advocate of kaede, he is loyal to his king. a growl erupts from his lips as he hears the call. he takes off from the gaia as he bounds into the arena. his eyes squint at the green gem that lays on her neckline. his eyes are still squinted as he walks to the front row of the arena. a soft grunt is spat out- he had barely seen her around the gaia. how did she think she was ready for duties as a sub-alpha? his eyes cast across the ruins and he sees keston, he nods to him before he looks back to atticus. if briar did not show- he would take his place. he would not allow something to happen to earth whilst briar was not around.

“if the king does not show, i will be your opponent.” the man speaks- loud and clear.

it is a challenge. it is heart-breaking for mars. he hates to fight. it goes against everything in him. it makes his paws shake and his heart ram against his chest. a soft sigh leaves his lips. his loyalty is stronger than his heartbreak. he will win this if his king does not show. 'oh kaede, please. where is the king?'

mars is SPECTATING unless briar does not show.

Atticus & Briar

searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

Posted 09-14-2017, 03:46 PM |
Earth Wolf
Female, 4.25
27 in, 110 lbs
180 ep
© Loretta

Elihu Mars
had she been so lost? so eager? she can still feel his hot breath on her neck, her white knight who worried her to her own grave that day she stumbled upon him in the riverbed. she was stuck, as if cupid had embedded her with an arrow. it was different, from her affections with Vader, her affections with Briar when they shared a den and meal. elihu had not left, he had not left and she knew so very well that he wouldn't. paranoia consumed him just as it did she, and in that moment it was what she felt to the very valves of her heart.

"mars." it's a quiet whisper, one brought as the stump of a woman brought herself to his hip. easy hands, agile as if she fears he might turn and lunge for her in the heat of battle. perhaps she had deserved it, for her sour words to him when the marx man came to their doorstep. impatience served them both, but she did not see him equal. "do kaede proud.." a whisper, before she finds herself seated to keston with the slight dip of her head.

Posted 09-14-2017, 09:57 PM |
Male, 4.00
35 in, 130 lbs
534 ep
© Penn
There is laughter that fills the scenery and in an instant Atticus' necklace shatters into oblivion. He is there finally. He trembles on faltering limbs—sickness enveloping him. He is the essence of everything he once was. He was a Deimos boy, bred to fight until he died. His stomach had sunk in, ribs accented against his dulling coat. There is bile, blood that seeps from his curling lips, revealing yellowing teeth as he sways forward. His stance is wide, unsteady, but sure in his own way. He is lowered to the ground. His head raises and though his body is failing him, his eyes are as fiery as ever. "Mars....is...king.", he struggles, breathing heavier as his eyes never leave Atticus'. To think her as Earth's queen was laughable, what had she done? What had he done? "I'm going home.", he says with a little more zeal. He'd been hiding there, trying to recuperate from the sickness he'd obtained from Haya's distraught. He turns and sways, trying to regain his center as he saunters of back towards the Gaia—ready now more than ever to face the inevitable with a bit more strength to his step.

Briar exits to the Gaia to die.

Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

Posted 09-15-2017, 11:46 AM |
Female, 26.75
5'1" in, 125 lbs
over 9000 ep
© Elle
STAFF NOTE: It has been determined that Atticus is sub-alpha due to Briar defaulting by death. Any new spar will need to be approved as a spin-off.

[Image: 9WBFK.gif]click me

Posted 09-15-2017, 04:39 PM |
in, lbs
It was a long moment in the drizzle before anyone showed up at all. For some reason, it was a water wolf instead of any of her own so-called comrades; Atticus eyed him curiously and shrugged. Maybe someone would turn up eventually, right? Sure.
More waiting. She resisted the urge to look frustrated.
When someone did arrive, it wasn't actually the people she was supposed to fight. One whispering girl who she had never seen before. The guy from the last time she'd been in the arena. She took an amused look at his shivering, nervous carcass, and rolled her eyes.
"No, I'm not here to fight you, I'm here to fight.."
Her voice trailed off as she caught movement out of the trees.
He looked like he had been sleeping in a ditch for some reason, but that wasn't her problem. She was just surprised he'd turned up at all. The scout raised herself to her not particularly impressive full height, opened her mouth to greet the leader with some enthusiasm, and closed it again. Disbelief and then, a second later, legitimate anger crossed her features.
That wasn't how this worked. She found herself yelling at his departing back, rage choking a few of the words.
"You can't just disappear for months and then reappear just in time and bitch out, you.."
A voice in her head told her to go for his back. She could get her fight whether he wanted it or not.
he's your friend's son, said a different one. She couldn't really remember ever listening to it before, and she wasn't really sure why she should now. Her momentary indecision was long enough to get one possible target out of sight and out of mind. Her mismatched stare swiveled around to the latest and greatest instead.

She was very sure that she could beat him. She was pretty sure she could almost kill him, if she really wanted to. But why even bother? The victory would just get snatched away again. It seemed like any time she tried to be a slightly better person or do something other than steal and murder people it backfired on her. Or got thrown back in her face. Or handed over her head to some sniveling dweeb.
Leaving would be easy, but where was she going to go? Not back to the swamp. Azelie was clearly not there and there was no point waiting around for him. Everyone left her eventually, even if they claimed they weren't going to. She wasn't going back to the lakeshore, to sit and stare at the water, either. If violence was the only thing she was ever going to achieve, it was probably time to accept it. They would have to pay attention to her eventually.

Then the necklace seemed to reform. She hesitated, half-poised to go for the throat. What was this? The spy dithered again, staring at the other Earth wolf, cleared her throat, and glanced back at the trees.
This could presumably only mean one thing.
Her temper faded into confusion. She frowned. She shrugged her shoulders.
"Hey, well, a fight would have been nice, but, uh.."
Another time, probably. She guessed. She knew as well as anyone that there was always another challenger waiting.
"..I guess that's worked out as well as it ever does."
She hesitated, again, not really sure whether or not she should say anything else. The scenario was too confusing to really bring anything to mind; after a minute she decided that she had gotten what she wanted and that was, more or less, good enough.
"Given time, you'll see I'm a more valuable friend than enemy," she added, in a vaguely hamfisted attempt to make some kind of peace.

Posted 09-16-2017, 01:36 AM | This post was last modified: 09-16-2017, 01:41 AM by Asceo
Earth ( Staff )
Earth Beta
Female, 3.50
33 in, 110 lbs
225 ep
© Intricate

She heard Atticus' challenge for Briar and she bolted towards her packmate. Keston's scent trail cross her nose seconds before she saw his golden coat step through the bushes. Mars arrived just as soon. Asceo's fur bristled. Who was this scout, who had done nothing of note for Earth to challenge their alpha for his right hand, much less for equal standing? She snarled at Atticus and had a mind to leap for her arrogant throat, but Mars stepped calmly forward–Just as Briar would have done.
"If the king does not show, I will be your opponent," he rumbled.
Asceo circled to Keston's side to sit beside him, faintly aware of how her pelt brushed against his. She nodded to Mars before shooting a dirty look at Atticus and loudly proclaimed, "You  should just challenge Mars for the rank. At least then we'd have a sub-alpha we could be proud of–someone who earned his claim before making a challenge. Not some brat who has nothing better to do."
"What exactly have you done for Earth?" She scoffed mockingly, "Even I would have a better claim than you."
She snapped her teeth shut in finality, having said her piece, and settled in to wait as she fumed. And then the unsteady sound of tired footsteps drifted into her ears. Asceo turned to see Briar almost limping into view. Confusion and shock replaced the anger that boiled within her, quenching it at the sight of him. Her alpha no longer stood proud with strong muscles rippling under his pelt; instead he appeared smaller, weaker. Briar was deeply ill and the harsh scent of sickness rolled off of him in waves. His ribs protruded sharply from his body, his once sleek fur dull and unkempt. Blood and bile smeared hideously over his lips and yellowing teeth. He was in his prime and he almost looked an elder.
But his gait is wide and confident, despite his unsteady walk. Briar's laughter echoes as Atticus' amulet shatters. The familiar fire in his eyes blazed as he announced, "Mars…is king." Asceo's jaws gaped.
"I'm going home," he finished and sauntered away on trembling legs. She was stunned. Her paws felt rooted to the ground as everything she held true to her heart shattered.
Briar is…leaving?
It couldn't be! She leaped forward to follow him. To tell him he was making a mistake.
Atticus' shrill voice broke the silence, "Hey, well, a fight would have been nice, but, uh…I guess that's worked out as well as it ever does."
Asceo stopped dead in her tracks as she whipped around to snarl deafeningly at Atticus, "Bitch! You are lucky I don't rip out your throat. If Briar did not need my immediate care, I would mix nightshade and dung into the salves I'd use to 'heal' you."
With another furious growl, a strangled enraged noise, she dug her toes into the ground and launched herself after Briar.

for Atticus Mars Briar. 491 words. "speech".

notes: Asceo exits.

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Posted 09-22-2017, 08:49 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
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© Julie
Quiet as he awaited others to arrive, he found Mars—the ever familiar face—the object of his attention as footsteps sound an approaching wolf. Keston turned to him with a sweeping bow of his head in greeting, though the mighty lion remained in silence as the others began to file in. There was a pale, cream women with green eyes he had spotted a time or two before that chose a place next to him, but she would only hold his clearwater eyes momentarily before Briar came. It was not the Briar he knew and had grown to respect, but a sick, weakened shell of the robust man. Keston’s features withered with somber demise at the sight, gazing upon the earthen king with a desperate longing to help. It was as though Briar had wilted under a harsh glare of the sun, but surely a dose of refreshing summer rain might cure him? His thoughts run frantically before Asceo joined them, and Keston cast her a tender glance of affection before his sights are remiss with his concern for her king. The next moments happened too quickly for him to comprehend—Briar renounced his leadership and handed the crown over to Mars, the challenging woman absconded her place at Earth’s helm, Briar turned to rejoin Kaede at the temple, and Asceo raced off after him. Without hesitation or second thought, Keston too followed after the former king with concern for his friend.

keston exits.