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The Final Problem
Posted 09-10-2017, 04:05 PM |
Divine Intervention
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© Divinity
god of enigma

It is funny, how easily a shadow is forgotten.

Kurai chuckled deep in his throat as he watched the other gods fight amongst themselves. Everywhere and nowhere, he quietly observed as they each threw their hysterics, thoughtlessly tossing their omnipotent rage to every corner of the mortal world. Petty squabbles, lashing out back and forth until Hoshiko herself grew tired of their bickering and was forced to call upon the very mortals to quell their impulsivities. He smirked a wicked grin. In truth, he loved the chaos. The sharp scent of turmoil in the air, mixing with the acidic aroma of unease and tension - what a delight! Or so it was - just until the moment it dared to reach so far as his labyrinth...

His vengeance was not the quick burn of his brother, nor the tidal wave of his sister – no, his was the sort crafted from mystery and intrigue. He schemed in silence, refusing to intervene even in the slightest, holding his tongue for the moment that would rattle the entire universe. Now, as the last rays of Hotaru's tantrum faded from the horizon, it was his turn at last.

His greatness would be made known. And Kurai, god of Enigma, would have the last laugh.

A sinister chuckle rumbled from deep in his throat, his shark-like smile glittering in the night, fangs twinkling among the stars. Mirth danced upon his lips as, with every iota of his divinity, he overtook the minds of each and every animal: the insects and birds took wing; beasts and prey of all sizes clustered into vast herds. Sea-life swam with reckless abandon, enormous schools of fish leaping from any body of water large enough to contain them. Voluminous clouds of dust billowed into the sky after the stampeding animals, followed by a glorious cacophony of confusion and utter disarray. Kurai's laughter grew until his sides heaved uncontrollably, as he gazed upon his most wonderful creation. After this, neither god nor mortal would take him lightly. A trick never to be forgotten; one supreme joke to end all others. Animals that were never paid a second thought would make their presence known. The underestimated would reveal their strength in numbers.

He writhed above the frolicking animals in a plane of his own, guiding them south from all borders of Doutaini. Eventually he would do the job he'd been assigned: to bring the animals to the island and populate it with wildlife. It was just... unfortunate that they would be making a slight detour on the way. A detour directly through Haruko's kindgom...
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