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Balance eases the heart.
Posted 09-09-2017, 10:48 PM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 10.25
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Infinite ep
© 10.25
The garish light of Hotaru's justice sat revealing to all the land what havoc Kei had wrought. From above, the silent stars look down, a night forever encased beyond the atmosphere of the earth. All-knowing and patient, Hiroshi wades through the etherium with the sole intent of seeing his beloved Hoshiko. Life and Death have looked down upon their children and then mortal beasts that have honored them with troubled spirits. More catastrophes had come upon the living, and it seemed to only spark confusion, hatred, and violence in the aftermath. Few had banded together, and even more had doubled-down on their own packs in the wake of tragedy. But it is, it would seem, a means to an end.

"Do you plan to call on them for a third time?" Coming upon Hoshiko with the steady objectivity he possesses, Hiroshi looks down upon the scattered and lost Divine wolves as their youngest demi-goddess flounders in her grief and shock. "Will they show, after all this? It seems we have caused only pain." Death. Suffering. Hiroshi knows these final moments and breaths well; embodies them and cradles the spirits of the dead when they are fresh in the grave. But it is Hoshiko he looks to when they are still alive, and it is Hoshiko he looks to now.

She is the goddess of their spirits, of hearts and hope and mortality. It pains Hoshiko so, to look down upon the ephemeral lives of her children and find them in despair. There is no less love within her for those who storm at her with anger in their hearts than for those who come with reverence, bearing whispers of adulation upon their lips. All of the wolves below, who live and breathe beneath an eternal mother's heedful gaze, exist as temporal counterparts to the wholly imperfect divine beings who preside over them in the heavens above. The presence of her beloved is one she feels through the veil of space and time, and stardust stirs beneath a weary sigh as he nears. Anguish tempers her elation, for the mortals are not the only ones who suffer greatly at the hands of childlike quarrels; so, too, do the gods and goddesses presiding over each pack suffer -- and greatly. Her mind bends beneath the strain, shifting from the ferocity of Haya and Kei's protectiveness to their youngest, Hotaru, who has begun to grow into the goddess she would become. Violence has touched her soul, and it can never be undone. But such is their way. Where there is light, there must be darkness. Threads of fate rely upon celestial balance, and reluctant though Hoshiko is, she has pondered over their eternal daughter's dilemma in solitude for some time now. Here in the realm of starlight and infinity, there is a distinct lack of perfection parallel to the trials and tribulations of mortals down below. They are not perfect.

Her thoughts reach out to grasp Hiroshi with startling force; it is a mother's lamentation, and her greatest regret is that they must now pass wisdom down to more than the wolves whose lives exist in the mere blink of divine eyes. But the last of her encounters with gods and mortals alike has left her utterly spent. Drained of her last shreds of energy, Hoshiko buckles beneath the cumbersome weight of realization. She is nearly unwilling to accept that they must impart the greatest lesson Hotaru will ever learn... the lesson that will bring Hotaru from childlike innocence into the stark reality of adulthood. This is simply too much for her. "I cannot bear it," she whispers, craning her neck so her lips might brush his ear as she admits defeat. It is he who must wield fortitude, for it wanes from her trembling breast by the hour. Pain. Regardless of what the mortals would have them do, there will always be pain. It weaves and twines together the intangible threads encompassing their lives and serves as the grim polar opposite of love itself. Like the mortals she so cherishes, Hoshiko can only endure so much. A warm tear glitters as it forms, clinging to her lashes until it inevitably falls; it is the first of many in an irrepressible cascade of mourning. The whole of Doutaini would soon withstand Hoshiko's heartache as fresh showers of brackish rain blanket the world in its entirety. Though the bout of moisture lasts mere moments, it is enough to bathe them all in her grief.

After a moment of harrowing silence, Hoshiko rises from her bed of shimmering clouds. With her eyes full of distant galaxies, she twists to press her crown to the hollow of Hiroshi's throat. "We will finish what we have wrought. I think it best if you call upon the spirits; they will help you. Send them to the shore, where Kei and Hotaru can be reached. And Hiroshi?" Her voice cracks, and becomes naught but a murmur. "Help our daughter see the light." For without their sins, there can be no forgiveness. All she says is wholly absorbed by Hiroshi, whose shoulders stiffen with discomfort as he feels her lament. It agonizes him so to see her in such distress. With a frown spread thin beneath a pinched brow, he nods and peers down into the realm below. "It will be done." He gives her a lingering look -- do not fret, Hoshiko. There is hope, yet. As he parts from his beloved's side, her maternal gaze finds Kei, lingering fondly upon her for a moment before she seeks the second sun. It is her brilliant daughter, Hotaru, whom she fretfully regards. Worry creases her brow as she thinks of all who have been affected by the catastrophes the gods have wrought, and she cannot fight the shame that follows. Hiroshi presses a lasting kiss against her forehead, hoping to instill a sense of calm in her soul. Then, with a thunderous crack! and a swirl of stardust, he is gone.

* * *

Hiroshi blinks into existence along the shoreline, impervious to Kei's frothing tsunamis as they crash against the thin barrier protecting his ethereal form. Violet eyes, sharp as they are discerning, narrow into slits against Hotaru's brilliance. The great god's gaze turns out over the roiling sea, and he can taste of his daughter's boundless anguish. Much like a rebellious teenager, she has cast herself over the sea with the intention to snuff out all darkness, and force her wrath upon them all. She is powerful, and dangerously so. But her growing heart is fragile and precious, meant to harbor love in lieu of grudges. Her father knows this to be true, as much as her people know that goodness guides her, no matter the state of this world and its imperfections. "Hotaru." It is a whisper, deep and rich as it is carried across the ocean on a furious gust. Minutes pass, but stubborn silence is all he receives. Her potent anger thickens and taints the briny air; it saturates the beach and the sky and everything in between. Kei is not immune to its effects, and she seethes defiantly in the presence of such volatility. She recoils from it, withdrawn and coiled tightly into everflowing chords of blue-black. Hiroshi appeals to her next, his voice gentle and pleading, but to no avail. Exasperation eats at the fringe of his mind, but he expertly dismisses it. There is nothing but steadfast perseverance emanating from the sagacious deity as he stands against the mounting surges of salt water barraging the sands. Hoshiko had known best, he realizes with the smallest of smiles. Though it is far too lethal for mortals to make their way to him, the spirits of Doutaini would be untouched -- they are their sole hope, now, in beckoning the goddesses to cease their destructive methods. The burning and drenching has plagued them all for far too long. Hiroshi thrusts his plea out into the mind of every spirit, urging them to come forth and persuade Kei and Hotaru to listen to their people. Spirits, to the sea! There is nothing more I can do to bring them home. Speak to them, and help them come away from the sea and resolve this, before we must contend with further heartache. Today, simply stopping would not be enough.

Today, they would hear the plights of mortals or suffer for it.

In order for the goddesses to come down, this must be responded to by September 15th! Here's the catch: Only spirits will be able to get close enough to the ocean to be heard! Mortals may show as well, but cannot get close to the beach, where Kei's deadly waves are bombarding the shore. It is imperative that those who are able act quickly to convince Kei and Hotaru to lend a listening ear.

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Posted 09-11-2017, 03:06 PM |
Female, 10.25
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341 ep
© Kiwi
Leiley had been absent since Mystery's death, and the trouble that had followed. She wondered if perhaps she should have been there for the troubled wolves of Divine as their gates were slammed shut; but it was partly her belief that, in death, she should not let her mortal nostalgia sway her actions. Hotaru would always be her patron goddess, but it was a different pack that walked the Cove's borders now, and it was not her place to meddle.

Having separated herself from their affairs, she had been oblivious to the second closing of the Cove - this time, to keep the pack out rather than in. But Hotaru's troublesome rays had woven themselves slowly across the fabric of her world, had eroded their way past her closed eyelids, and alerted her to the Goddess' strife.

Now, this was another matter altogether. Meddle in the pack's problems, she would not - but Hotaru was in dire need; Leiley would not forsake her. Hiroshi's words finally uprooted her from the spiritual slumber where she'd taken refuge; upon the wind's timid breath she would descend, a feather falling to earth. She soared above the Cove, her heart shattering to see it flooded by the ocean, seemingly devoid of life - and the meadow would be drowned, poisoned by the saltwater... She could not fathom why or how this had happened; but when she cast her gaze to the roiling sea, she realised that there was an imbalance of the elements here, for reasons as yet unknown.

Even in this form, Hotaru's light was hard to bear; the only comfort was that she had no body to damage - no skin to be burnt or eyes to be blinded. Leiley approached as close as she dare, teetering on the edge of the buried shore, her spectral paws dipping beneath the tumultuous waves. Her heart was a flutter (or so she felt) as she tried to understand what had happened to Hotaru, what she had been through... "My sweet goddess... You have seen such pain in the world, I know - when I first met you, you were sweet and kind, and so young. I watched you grow - but even though you were just a child, you led us and inspired our passion, like the fiercest of chieftans." Her knowledge of Divine's goings-on was left with vast holes, and Leiley suddenly began to felt foolish for thinking that she could care about her goddess while avoiding any interference with her pack. If only she knew what had happened there, perhaps she could help more. All she knew was that Hotaru had seemed sad, right from the moment of Mystery's death - and Leiley had felt the slamming of the gates on that day, but she had turned a blind eye. Now Hotaru's home was enveloped by the sea, and her wolves were nowhere in sight... Hotaru was breaking down (as Leiley had wanted to do, so many times, when she'd seen her wolves killed or threatened or abandoned). She needed to inspire the strength and fierceness that she knew Hotaru had grown into, even if it lay dormant inside. It was the fierceness that Leiley drew upon every time she was afraid or wanted to shrink back from the path laid out for her, as a commander and guardian.

She let herself ascend through the air, eyelids closed serenely against the blinding light. "Do you remember the day when two intruders came into the Cove? We offered them a home and a chance to prove themselves in our ranks - but we were met with violence, and a threat to our way of life. I never wanted our encounter to end in sorrow - but I do not regret the outcome... Our pack proved our strength that day, and I have no doubt that the necessary death of one wolf must have saved us from countless more invasions from those who thought we were weak. But it was your strength that allowed us to be brought together, to work as a true pack, and show Doutaini our loyalty as a family." You are my inspiration, Hotaru. Leiley hoped that, for once, perhaps she could be Hotaru's inspiration.

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Posted 09-13-2017, 10:40 PM |
Earth (Site Helper)
Earth Alpha
Male, 2.50
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© ev

“In our village,”
folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, one day in the life of ivan denisovich

mars pushes past the ground underneath him- claws digging into the fresh earth as he runs towards another call. he felt like a janitor, cleaning up the gods' messes. yet, his heart calls of loyalty and he will never ignore that call. his earth gem is glowing at his chest as he makes his way towards the shore. though, he cannot push past the waves. a howl is let out, a wild, whining, pleading whine for kei to let him past. he needs to get by, he needs to help. a whimper comes from him as he paces the ends of the grass nearing the beach.

“we only mean to help, kei, please. let us help you. hotaru! goddess, you are of fairness and forgiveness, give your sister a chance to explain!” its a plead as he sits down finally, howling to the stars to get the sisters to come down.

searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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Posted 09-14-2017, 12:13 PM |
Female, 4.75
35 in, 81 lbs
616 ep
© Dee
horror lit her spectral eyes as they were met with the swell of kei's wrath. she'd given herself to kei's embrace, this was the very brine that ushered her into this preternatural form. the ocean had stripped her soul from it's flesh and lifted it to the stars above. it was a decision borne of vanity, the sacrificial lamb in the name of a battered heart. dresden was not meant to have lived into this dawning of new generations. hers was not a monument of great prestige, but there to the shores the spectre would stand. she, the brazen who'd taken life despite their celestial decree against it; she, who had lived her life in pursuit of personal bliss. it was not until she stood at the helm of kei did she learn to properly serve, to give. it was kei's love that had offered her redemption. but, it was also this love that pushed the once-blessed being to diminish.

but not now. no, the figure would rise. she would stand. she would push.

her heart remained on that sand. this, the place her father first brought her. this, the place where gabriel too, would usher her own children and the children of the generations to follow. the ocean was their home, as it had been for the many of her lineage before her.

' kei! ' born of brashness, her words were a whip and the remnants of her soul would be the shield. the spirit moved, feeling the temper of their beloved deities crash around her, with the sand beneath her were slowly devoured with each thrash of kei's fist. ' they -- we -- are but mortals -- what do we know of love? ' they did not bleed for their gods anymore. they did not erect great pinnacles of worship, did not rise to the zenith and beg for forgiveness. how, how could they know how to quell the rage in the hearts of those that made them? ' show them, ' show them prosperity under punishment. they were fools, small and insignificant. how could they have earned such pain? ' do not fight. ' for, how could they, know any better? the plea rose, reminded then of the horrors she had inflicted upon her own sister, the one heart she'd never seen to be mended. who was dresden eins of all wolves to be plea for peace between kin?

' i betrayed my second half, i took from her a happy life. i took everything out of pride, out of passion. do not do the same. i carry this grief, this guilt with me even now. my mind and heart was never at peace, and never will be. i served you thinking it would, i brought prosperity to your shores, but it never won me a moment of the love i so missed, the love of a sister. ' there, the dark horse of her many ill-doings. the only hurt that could never be mended. the sinner was laid bare: for the first time in her existence.

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Posted 09-14-2017, 10:29 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 3.50
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© Julie
keston is in the form of a male tawny eagle.

• the eagle soars above the storm •

He bears the weight of this summons with a heavy heart, yet he answered all the same. The Lioncourt had been ambling trying to find his way through the chaos, but he could not tell which way was up before confessing his inevitable defeat. Water was a peaceful pack with friends all across Doutaini, and his heart rejoiced when he believed their patroness rose above the childish antics of her kin, abstaining from inciting dangers that threatened the lives of those they loved—but he had been misguided. Haya’s recklessness nearly drowned his children, the future of Doutaini, and somewhere out there, Kei’s tsunamis had done the same to someone else’s child. This realization pained him deeply, and what was more, Keston could not wrap his mind around the cause behind all this destruction. He did not possess the faculties to understand the workings of the divine, though he persisted in trying to find meaning behind all of these events with a stubbornness that refused to belittle their cause to sibling quarrels.

Harboring a dreaded thought to answer the tumultuous turns of his mind, Keston found himself nearing the cliffs that jutted out into the sea. Standing at the edge of a precipice, cerulean eyes seemed focused more than usual as they gazed out at a world that seemed larger than he remembered. Keston had woken in another form, a body that was not his—a body that was not wolf. Feathered wings extended out from his sides and a pointed beak curled towards its end; this was not the first time the Lioncourt found himself transformed. Once before, he appeared as a golden lion to combat the blasphemers of Rebel in Kuro Pit—now as a tawny eagle, he imagines there must be reasoning behind this change in form and looks to the heavens for an answer. There, he witnessed the summons of Kei and Hotaru, squinting his eyes and turning from the second sun’s blinding light. Without a doubt, he knew what he must do—Keston must go to them, to convince them to end their terrors that clawed at Doutaini.

Taloned feet grapple with the earth below him in awkward strides as he makes for the edge of the cliff, and with a leap of faith, he launches himself into the air. But this body is foreign and strange and all he can manage to is go plummeting towards the angered seawaters that gnawed hungrily at the cliffs, a bed of jagged rocks waiting to catch him. Keston panicked as he somersaulted through the air in a freefall before managing to control his newfound wings, stretching them out wide to slow his descent. His efforts were paid off, but not without a dizziness that clamored against the inside of his skull. The eagle, with a few beating strides of his wings, began to climb and made way for the divine pair, heralding a path that led him closer to his patroness like a child running to his mother’s arms. Eyes struggle against the blinding light before he soared in closer, holding his position in the sky by orbiting around the water goddess. “My beloved Kei, this storm is over—I beg you to still your waves and embrace the calm.” Keston pleaded through a voice imbued with the hint of a screeching eagle; the calm would bring forgiveness and understanding, but they could not reach that until the chaos had been undone. “Else if this continues, I dread the love will be driven out of every mortal heart who cannot understand, only to be replaced by fear and hate.” The eagle king continued with desperation filling his voice—he had witnessed the beginnings when Hoshiko first called upon them, mortal wolves quarreling with one another as their animosity and distrust of the gods engorged themselves like deadly parasites. It pained him, broke him—and he wished he could gift his trust upon his fellow wolves to combat the dissent gnawing at their hearts.

His elevation falters as he encircled Kei in flight, descending towards the sea before a quick succession of flapping wings brought him towards her once more. Keston was growing tired quickly from the effort, he was not use to this form or the idea of flight, but he had a pressing question that haunted him all this time. “Have I failed you—is that why you do this?” Her knight asked of his fount, for it was the only explanation he could fathom in order to try and make sense of all this—the gods were displeased with the state of Doutaini, and they were disappointed by unfulfilled promises. Keston had poured his heart into seeing Cerulean Waters thrive, but still, he felt his efforts fell short of his dreams.

Unable to endure the draining effects of flight, cerulean eyes look longingly towards Kei before the eagle descends towards the beach and lands uncoordinatedly with a crash. Sand sprays into the air as he managed to escape the perils of the tumultuous waves. Keston rolled to his side while he heart was flooded with emotion, beating uncontrollably in the wake of coming face to face with the goddess that he loved unconditionally.

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Posted 09-15-2017, 10:17 PM |
Male, 8.25
35 in, 120-125 lbs
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© Julie

From the cradle of eternal sleep, a summons taps upon his heart and called him to arise. Amistad had grown comfortable in the afterlife, passage between the two worlds growing rare and in a time continuum, he was not sure how many years had passed since his death. His memories were blurred together, warped into a congealed mess with each step he took to cross the gateway between two realms. In the endless skies, the Izaakian patriarch awakes from the star-bed upon which he rested, and it shimmered in its fixed place when stardust gave rise to the timbered man with golden eyes. Bathed in the metallic sheen that clung to his outline, his features are defined into the image of younger times when he was in the midst of his prime, the imaginary gem around the phantom’s neck gleaming brilliantly blue from his time in Water. While his body lay beneath the golden tree of Haya, his heart and soul had always remained with Kei’s ocean—a part of him he could never come to sacrifice, despite the loss he suffered in leaving Cerulean Waters to be with his soulmate. Amistad always kept Kei close to his heart, however, as his one true loyalty—a goddess he served above all others, for her kindness and hospitality had stilled the turbulent waters that he navigated as a troubled man. Though life would have him eventually move inland to Lightning Valley, he brought her ocean with him and never forgot the roots he planted while in her tender care.

The semi-transparent figment glides towards the goddesses on floating steps, passing through the air with no resistance to his ethereal form. Honeyed eyes look to the pair with affection—after all this time, they alone had awoken him from his years of peaceful rest. Together, they had been the shepherds in the lives of Liliya and himself—together, they had brought the pair together. He had been part of Doutaini when Hotaru was birthed into this world and watched her grow throughout the years, and with each moment he is materialized in this realm, the memories of his past become stronger. Looking upon them both, his voice is low and ripe with emotion. “Kei and Hotaru, this is not you. Without either of you, I would not have lived a life full of love and fond memories. I would not have met Liliya. I would not have been the man I was. You made me in your image by love and understanding, to follow reason and to pursue justice.” He admits, hoping to help them see the error of their way—to strip them down to the core of their existence without anger or the greed of retribution that had blinded them of reason. They were sisters, neighbors; they were meant to lift each other up as a pack does for their fellow wolves—not tear each other apart.

While it was difficult to pull his attention away from the divine pair, Amistad looked momentarily towards Leiley and Dresden, where citrine eyes settled fondly upon them both. He was comforted by the familiarity of other spirits that worked in tandem to entice the goddesses down from this misfortune—the full extent of which he was uncertain.

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Posted 09-17-2017, 11:00 AM | This post was last modified: 09-17-2017, 11:00 AM by Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
N/A, 10.25
x in, x lbs
Infinite ep
© 10.25

The snarls of waves seem to grow and swarm beneath the sweltering light. Shards of white tipped swells sweep across the abused sands, with force strong enough to rip a man off his paws and cast him into kei’s growling depths. Mars’ voice is largely lost to the crashing thunder of the charging saltwater. No -- it is the brazen figure of carved spectral energy that catches the gaze of the goddess herself. Her words cut through like diamonds, clarity piercing that thick armor that Kei so boldly dons. The breath of the word seems to stop abruptly, the peaks of violent razors die and wither back into their mistress the sea. The tide gently floods up and through dresden’s spirit form, forming a pocket of calm while little tendrils feather around her, as though to try and touch her once more. It seems like only moments ago when the tides rose and took the devout woman from her salt laden body, only moments ago when the torrential lady of the sea cried out to take it all back, to release divine magic she had no control over. Kei, plated fully in the deep blue like an ever stretching gown, winces. The beating of wings does not immediately grab the attention of the frozen deity, but that sweet voice that she’s heard over blessings and across the lengths of her waves is enough to wake her from her lost trance. The voice so recognized and beloved is not accompanied by the body of the young king, catching her in a breeze of surprise. Her great figure traces the path of the bird, his words hard to swallow. Ears crafted of ivory and brine roll back across that celestial skull, head hanging some as she faces him in his final question.

"No, no!" Her voice is summoned like the rumbling of a riptide, barely audible to the falling Keston. Another shepherds her in the same engraving of stardust that Dresden brought. Pangs of remembrance are awash for the gallant man who had appeared once, a stranger in the pull of her harbor. She’s prone to that familiar jealousy which tells her that she’d lost him to her siblings. But there is a breach of inspiration that penetrates her petty disputes. The beautiful and terrible tumult wilts back into its natural shoreline, leaving a wake of destruction in the smeared sands. death and decay are scattered, piles of upturned plants and the corpses of unfortunate animals and sealife readied for display. The goddess, still bearing her armor of suspended white waves, glides in smooth steps over the indomitable surface of her domain. She pioneers her path with a trailing wake of sapping white peaks and tumbling deep blue. Paws of frosted white and sapphire plunge into the sand as she charters directly for Keston’s tired and unfamiliar form. She bows her head, eyes encapsulating every color of the melted sky over her stoic waves. She offers him a soft nudge with her salt crusted muzzle, touch like wildfire and ice. "Rise, young knight."

She turns to address the gathered council she is ready to accept, the quarry of the brave and the true. "I am ready to listen.”

Leiley. She is first to arrive, ever a faithful daughter of the divines. Hotaru dares to look earnestly to the dunes, to the familiar pull of her presence from across the sea as she nears. Effulgence reaches like tentative fingers to warm the spirit through. For the breadth of a moment, Leiley is bestowed a rare gift as the sensation of touch engulfs her incorporeal form. Tendrils of light curl around her, tightening as though they might intend to depart with her in tow. She would experience feeling, as though the skin once shrouding her bones were reanimated to allow the goddess to embrace her beloved disciple. There’s a knowing flutter where her chest would be, yet Hotaru’s camaraderie pales in comparison to the depth of her wrath. Hiroshi swallows the beach in two powerful strides, braving the ocean as he peers out to where his daughter hovers above them all. “They speak the truth,” he urges, prompting her to cast aside her festering heart in favor of sound logic. But she cannot. So blinded is she by her own grief, and the chaos of despair, of anguish and bitter heartache, that she does not comprehend anything beyond Hiroshi’s own biased beliefs . . . and the attention Kei has garnered that she, herself, has not. They speak not to me, but to Kei. As she seethes there, suspended midair in her own bauble of white-hot, scathing ire, there builds a sense of resentment which shackles Hotaru to ideations of rejection. Her truth becomes their fallacy, and she turns her back upon those who have forsaken her.

The afterglow of a fading halo is all that remains of her interaction with Leiley as Hotaru swiftly withdraws her shafts of prismatic light. What once glared down from above as a beacon of unyielding defiance begins to transcend the sun itself; it seemingly leeches the world’s brightness, drawing from all sources until naught but Hotaru can be observed in the sky. The dayglow sun withers, withdrawing into itself as shadows rush in to eclipse all else. Even the stars are snuffed out as she pierces the world below with a sullen glare. Twin black holes twist and writhe within the garish orb, manifestations of her hollow disappointment. Though some come with pity in their hearts and others with devotion, they are but insufficient cries in the sea of reckless emotion raging within the budding goddess. It is - they - are not enough. Without satiating her boundless need, Hotaru cannot stifle the swell of her own disappointment. Anger courses through her as she begins to rise further into the air until she scalds the very sky with her own animosity.


Her voice is quiet in the beginning, a whisper of defiance that ensnares every ear - spirit or mortal - in a rush of sweltering heat. If not for her mercy, her forgiveness, they might’ve found themselves singed by the word alone. Instead, the light of a thousand stars coalesces around her ethereal form, suspended above Kei’s scintillating waves. Any who dared to steal a glimpse of Hotaru’s myriad of manifesting emotions would undoubtedly risk being blinded within moments. “NO!“ This time, she screams it. Like a banshee’s blood-curdling wail, the pitch of her voice shatters what composure remained of the goddess. She is no longer a divine child to be coddled and quelled, made evident by the strangled cry echoing throughout Doutaini. Today, they would taste of her power and suffer the darkness.

Those gathered would find themselves flung backwards with the sudden eruption of a shockwave; it expands outwards at the speed of sound, and recoils back into her sanctum of holy light before the wolves below could shuffle back to their paws. It grounds even Hiroshi, who blinks in the dark aftermath. A noise, deep and deafening, thunders through their hearts. They would feel Hotaru’s emotional intensity for a fraction of a moment. In the shadow of Kei’s descent, it is as though she’s been sucked up into the sky itself, and all the light has gone with her. As he arises, Hiroshi turns a wary eye to the sun and removes it from obscurity, restoring daylight in full. A weary sigh slips from the wise god. Looking more exhausted than ever before, he regards Kei with a solemn nod before facing the meager collection of wolves present. “Hotaru has gone far beyond our reach. She must find herself, now.“ Knowing that Kei will need nothing more from him, Hiroshi phases out of existence with a stentorian crack and a flutter of whirling raven’s feathers.


Hotaru is beyond reach and cannot be appealed to. As she left, she exuded a shockwave which all the wolves would feel, and shrouded the sun in darkness. Hiroshi soon removed this shadow, and also left. Mortal wolves may now approach Kei and appeal to her, and they have until September 21st to do so.

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