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All Welcome hearts filled with anger have no room for love
Posted 08-30-2017, 08:27 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 5.75
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450 ep
© Sylvirr
Eternal love only exists in distress

Huh. Count him among those surprised when the sacent of frigid ice and chill is the one that sits beside him, and he racks his brain trying to remember whom was in charge now of of Ice before Nax speaks and he sis struck with a moment of surprise. Huh. Well smack my ass and call me Suzy, who woulda guessed? But really, he had been somewhat out of the loop lately."Anaxagoras," he replied, his tone just as cordial, if not laced with a hint of surprise. But that was not what they had been called for, and Hoshiko speaks just after Seacca arrives and Asceo--whom he's yet to have met in any prolonged period-- hisses acrid and spills her heart and soul and lays it out to them, bare. He sighs, and partly, is a bit impressed, for he knows how difficult it is to lay yourself out there naked and open for the world to see, to prod at your emotions. This led him to wonder-- when was it that Szymon had lost faith? He knew it a long while ago-- but he wondered WHEN exactly it had taken hold? No, even when the caverns crumbled and Euterpe was lost to them somewhere in the rubble, their faith had not faded. His brows furrow a bit, and he tongues briefly at the scar along his mug,"If Kaede wants to sow his seeds of growing, he can help rebuild the Caverns, some." It was, after all, the only place where those lovely night lillies could be find, and it was cherished by those who saw them. Sure, it wasn't Kaede's fault-- but if he wanted to be constructive and give some gifts...why the hell not? That said, he lifted his haunches to give them a little wriggle, the litchenburg scar that raced from his tailbone up to his shoulderblades bore towards Haya-- a kiss from Lightning, a touch of Haya on on his skin and fur,"And really, I've got no idea how droll and dull and boring my wardrobe would have been without some divine fashion assistance, really. The both of you have excellent taste, so really, once you're all done clashing, I suggest an island outing-- you two just get together and actually work on making something rather than breaking it-- we ALL know you're great at breaking, but so far, the 'making' aspect? Unimpressive. You can do better. I give it a 6 out of 10. Too wet, too grassy."

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 09-02-2017, 06:45 PM |
Storm Alpha
Female, 6.25
35 in, 83 lbs
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© sea
"jesus sea did you have to write a novel"

anger stirs across those rasped veins. red hot coals burn across her skin as asceo steps up to the plate. she simmers at a pace unprecedented by any who know her well -- the rage infects her like a disease. the ignorant virus that so scoffs at the wind knows nothing of their pain -- a viable snarl lights the air ablaze in direct response to her quarry. seacca snarls, her voice painting the clearing in its audible disgust of the girl. she grips the ground with talons of shaking pride. a stream of incomprehensible fire and blood crowds her mind, but it’s so much that she can’t quite word any of it. it slips free in a terrible rasp of aggression. her hackles have already risen and she’s stalking forward without regard for obstacles. she’s the image of darkness amassing against the weak. her ears have splayed back into her skull, eyes blazing through narrowed and wrinkled skin. her gums whip pink and daggers ready for their strike. there is no logic as she stalks forward, gem already beginning to glow a brilliant gold.

it strikes her like a dagger across her heart. it’s the divine magic she knows all too well. even as she’s just about to lunge for asceo’s scruff, she’s visibly changed. it hits like a ton of bricks, a single gasp released from those iron lungs in surprise. asceo is gone, and it’s like she’s lost control of her body. every indication of aggression falls from that ebony cage. the internal battle rages onward, locked between bars of physical calm. her expression loses every notion of thought -- she’s a blank canvas, carrying a bottled mind of magmatic proportions. and just like that, with a breath of serenity or whatever hoshiko preaches, every essence that gave her animation, that gave her life, is banished. what’s intended is calm and clarity -- what’s received is a cold and dead look. she reclines back once again, watching blindly as hoshiko points and illustrates the world before them. there is a deeply rooted pain that binds deep within. this is the beautiful creature that gave her but one kiss and left her with staggering powers. it feels like betrayal, to be told and whispered of love and peace and forgiveness but to be almost entirely forgotten.

everything goes numb. her throat is dry, but she’s choking back a hoard of terrible things. she’s shaking her head at one point, but she’s not entirely sure why. and then her goddess is there, as though chained by unseen forces. her mouth is open, but no words can permeate the dead air that the patron who gave her everything is suspended in. to see the full culmination of storm’s raw electricity gathered in one body is a rarity kissed by legends long told by those outsiders that filter into the pits. she’s witnessing everything she is, everything she’s worked toward bound before her in stunned silence. others step up, others speak in blurred words. in some vague notion, she can understand their defiance and even might know that atticus is one of them. but she hasn’t broken her solemn stare with her goddess. she wants to sob. the soldier that leads beside storm’s commander wants to cry at the hopelessness and cruelty of every wrong they’re enacting. she’s confused with every spark that commands her body. her north star is being displayed like a puppet before a crowd of wolves that are supposed to read from a script hoshiko has prepared. her brows knit together in sheer loss as her eyes shift to hoshiko.

her voice is a whisper scratched across the naked breeze. PEOPLE HAD TO DIE FOR US TO GET HERE. PEOPLE HAD TO DIE TO BUILD THAT ISLAND. did you know? ricochet’s caved in face splatters like a flash of lightning across her mind. did you even consider whether it would be worth it? her orbs clutch shut, her skull jerking away suddenly. it’s all rushing at her at once, every moment and figure pulling into perspective. this little gathering is a ritual, hoshiko has everything rehearsed. they can say what they like, do as they please. but every piece of passion that built these moments, every fraction that sets together this reality will be taken down for docility, even if hoshiko has to do it herself. it’s all reaching her too clearly now. people had to die to build up this gathering, but the work is not yet done. more will die before the spirit goddess finishes her campaign.

the ground’s been taken from beneath her feet, but she’s not one to spit back at the ground. instead, her focus absolves from hoshiko. she’s shifting between doubts and fear and confusion and confronting the terrible possibility -- the possibility that hoshiko isn’t to be trusted.

orbs graze over the bear god in brevity. what strange quarrel had once rested at the pit of her stomach is brushed away for cold observations. there is hardly any fight left to be had, the vengeance has alright been written. love meets those golden fields of incandescent light. I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU. there is little but truth remaining as her chin rises. the others have their devout loyalty and their devotions but there is something that tethers her to the goddess more simply. storm is built upon the foundations of family, of blood and fire and heart. and this haya must surely see of her disciples. AT THE END OF THAT LONG NIGHT, WHEN WE WERE STILL TRYING TO FIND EACH OTHER THROUGH THE JUNGLE, WE HEARD YOUR THUNDEROUS CALL. YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE, WATCHING AND READY TO MAKE SURE THIS SLIGHT DIDN'T GO UNNOTICED. FOR THIS I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL. perhaps they expect her to continue, to conform to that divine script. she need not stoop so low. her glance extends about the crowd, wondering forever if they are locked where they are, to be manipulated by the goddess great. there's nothing she can say or do for them, nothing that won't be immediately silenced by the divine. she hopes to meet the gazes of mercury, anaxagoras, and mars. to perhaps leave them each with a gaze that entails a further conversation is needed. she leaves her patron with a deep bow, the solemn reinforcement that her loyalties are true, before she rises to her paws and moves to leave.

-leaving unless stopped-

is about to lunge out at asceo when asceo disappears and hoshiko sends out her calm breeze. tons of emotions inside, begins to doubt hoshiko and grows confused about the intentions of this meeting before praising haya and attempting to leave.

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Posted 09-07-2017, 07:21 PM | This post was last modified: 09-07-2017, 07:25 PM by Mars
Earth ( Admin )
Earth Alpha
Male, 3.25
34 in, 118 lbs
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© ev

“In our village,”
folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, one day in the life of ivan denisovich

it is with great pleasure that the man beholds hoshiko's words. his head is bowed down in respect to the god, he is prone to kneel but, he does not. his head lifts back when she speaks of kaede- his god. his ears are perked and hazel eyes widened. 'oh kaede...' his eyes flicker to those around them. haya is spoken about to and a soft whine leaves his lips. he had no good experience with storm or their god- only bad. mars straightened himself up; even though they were allies of each other, mars just couldn't trust it. when he had first met svana she had threatened a dear friend of his and then haya storms on them for kaede's flora? he just, he cannot handle it. his heart yearns. was haya just righteous? or self-righteous. his head flicks around to see if anyone else has the same reaction- of course they don't. they had not seen how he had. but, now, he had to see with clear eyes. there was too much hatred already. he cannot contribute to it. even asceo had, it made his heart break. so he stands tall when the gods appear in front of them like they had last time. mars bows his head to his own god- kaede. he does not want to upset someone who has brought him so much joy- but he reminds himself to see with clear eyes. impart his wisdom no matter the souls on either side. his eyes flicker to haya and he gives a bow of his head to her as well before his lips drop to speak,

“for us, haya, kaede, earth and storm are allies. here in the lands. they have worked together to be allies- in times of turmoil and celebration,” he speaks, remembering the invite to haya's celebration, “kaede, your grace of life is seen gifted for some. but to the storm wolves it was taken wrongly. kaede, you have the gaia. you may create life there, on the new island. do not take it out on the lands that your sisters and brothers thrive on. it is unfair to both.” his voice is not raised as he speaks, but his eyes pour into the god's, “we ask you to think before you do. it causes us all the pain if you do not... many wolves were hurt in it. the flora trapped my friend and i, what would have happened if i was not graced by powers? your powers, yes. but if not, we would have been severely hurt- if not chokes by vines.” he speaks, his eyes turning to haya whom he does not know well but, he will try to speak from an open heart, “haya, why would your own brother harm you or your wolves? he did not know. he was just acting in the spur of the moment as we all do. he did not think, that is why. you did not think with your storm as well. many wolves got hurt- the gaia burned. our home... my home was burned. my friends shaken. what if kaede had made trees fly into your lands? what if he had done something much worse? why would we pay for it? it is up to you two to fix what you have done to both packs. we are here. we pray to you, we worship you, we bow down in your name, we fight for your name. do not wreck us. do not wreck our lands so we cannot do that anymore. mars' voice raises and cracks lightly. his heart filled with emotion and turmoil for both gods, “without wolves worshiping you, no one knows of you- the gods. remember that, haya, kaede. we are loyal, you should be as well.”

mars looks to the two then to hoshiko, a bow of his head. he has given all he can. he has done all he can with his words. he hoped that he had brought his words and they would bring theirs back- not a full on war. he backs up to his friend- mercury and looks towards them. his eyes watering ever-so slightly. 'stop this war.' his thoughts are loud, louder than anything.

searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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Posted 09-08-2017, 01:46 PM |
in, lbs
The monolith of a man is still, save for all-consuming flames burning in the hollows of his sockets. His irrevocable reverence and devotion to the divines - all of them - remains unwavering, even in the face of adversity. Mercury's surprise is but a pleasant flicker of light in the dark; he is focused entirely upon Hoshiko, casting only a listening ear toward each individual who speaks their piece. As more pour in and Asceo's temper ignites, Anaxagoras remains statuesque, a cool stone untouched by the heat of her ire. All that changes is the smooth tendrils comprising his mane and shoulders; they bristle instinctively as his own divine-inspired heart finds her hatred detestable. Though he is not particularly god-fearing, he has not forgotten Akako's outburst, directed at this bold girl and her blasphemy. Though his own distaste is far more tempered than the desert-god's, Anaxagoras finds he must bite his tongue to quell the rising bile in his throat. But as quickly as wrath crashes and roils within, flushing his skin and recklessly rattling the king's inner resolve, Asceo is gone. Forcibly forgotten. Heartache crowds his chest as she vanishes into thin air, not for her but for the chaos and turmoil these catastrophes have wrought, as recalled by each wolf who steps forward. Two wolves he does not know address Hoshiko, and a lip peels to reveal the glint of teeth underneath at the girl's bitterness. Lunafer is a man he tends to agree with, for the most part, as he does Mercury -- whose display earns a raised brow from his otherwise stoic countenance. Anaxagoras understands, in a way, where the mortals garner their offense. When those you love die at the hands of beings worshiped and praise, there will always be some who turn from their faith, spurning the immortal for their inability to remain perfect.

The umbra-beast knows better.

Vices were his trade, once, and there's shreds of him that remain saturated in darkness. He will never claim perfection, nor willingly allow himself to become self-righteous in the wake of his upbringing. But there is a difference, he believes, between giving one's all and carelessly throwing away the thoughts and feelings of others, with little regard for repercussions. His heart is not one that beats to the drum of spiteful gods, chastising them for what he cannot fully comprehend. So instead of contributing as the others have, Anaxagoras instead reserves his energy to project it toward both Haya and Kaede in silent prayer. Kaede, who housed him during a desperate time of need, is as great as the form he often takes. And Haya, though he'd only toured her valley once, exists as the first goddess to truly captivate him, by way of Cavae's electric magic. His insides had churned with excitement at the mere thought of her, long after he laid eyes on her homeland and had the pleasure of conferring with her people. With all the pleas from those who more intimately knew their respective deities, Anaxagoras simply pours gratitude into the psyches of Haya and Kaede with a sense of undiluted empathy, urging them to absorb the reality of these wolves who abide them with loyalty unmatched. As Mars appeals to them both, his eyes drift from him to Seacca, trailing her as she departs from his perch. Though he is no psychic, no enigma wolf capable of reading minds, he knows all to well the veil of sorrow which cloaks the storm devotee as she departs. He was lucky to be spared the death of one dear to him, but it saddens him nonetheless to know that others were not so fortunate. His heart goes out to her as she melts into the black, an ephemeral shadow against Hoshiko's cosmic incandescence.

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Posted 09-09-2017, 10:37 PM | This post was last modified: 09-10-2017, 05:42 AM by Kiwi
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.00
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© Divinity

Kaede appears in a flurry of fresh leaves, taken aback by the sudden change of location. The intoxicating delicacy of fresh, fertile soil is present here as well - but now he is closer to Doutaini's dead, he is filled with a sense of alarm. Rot spreads beneath the soil, consuming the corpses that feed his plants. He is used to this- but never in such large quantities. Uneasy and filled with dread, he is awoken from his journey into ecstasy, and his mind is finally clear enough to be open to the words of the wolves here.

He wakes to hear one of his own wolves talk of fighting, death and destruction. Another joins, and he becomes frantic. "No!" he whispers softly, casting his divine gaze across the lands to the nearby Valley. His eyes are finally open, and the consequences of his actions begin to dawn on him. He looks across to see Haya, furious and ready to strike - but for a moment she is just as confused as he is, and her ears seem to catch on the words of these wolves.

Lunafer reaches out to him - the other parent of Briar's children - and he feels a connection there. It is harrowing to him, to hear what he has caused, and he begins to shrink back. "They think I- don't care-" he stumbles.

But despite his humility and sorrow, Haya's anger only grows - and Hoshiko knows she must act quickly to avoid disaster. The wolves who have gathered are too few; their words alone, too weak. But she can feel their emotions, and they are the strongest force she knows. Her form is erased from the sky as she redirects her energy, gathering every last ounce of strength for what she is about to do. Already she is weaker, from protecting Asceo and from summoning the demi-Gods here, but she must push through, for all their sakes. Calling upon those same powers she gave as a blessing, and the very same she used upon Asceo, she channels the last of her power towards Haya and Kaede. She amplifies the emotions of the wolves: Anaxagoras, Mars, and Lunafer. Although Seacca's words are not what is needed, her undying loyalty to Haya and the sense of unbroken love will (Hoshiko hopes) provide the Storm goddess with the acknowledgement that she has succeeded in protecting her pack. Even Mercury's somewhat-inappropriate humor is given a moment in the spotlight, to try to appeal to Kaede's sense of mirth and set his rampant emotions back on a course of gentle love.

It is everything she can give - enacting powers upon a demi-God is no easy feat, especially trying to control their tumultuous emotions. With her physical form now too weak to appear, she can only watch on in silence and hope that this is enough, as the last of the wolves speak their words. The cosmic bauble which suspends Asceo above them all weakens as it descends to the ground before disappearing entirely, freeing her from Hoshiko's embrace.

Now that she is finally given a reprise, a moment to let her anger drain away, Haya begins to feel the exhaustion that fills its place. Her storm has raged for so long, she can barely remember the reason why. These wolves speak of bickering and war and childishness - but she can feel Kaede's sorrow; she knows her message has gotten through to him, and that perhaps she has even gone too far. "I never realised my storms would lead to... this. In the Valley they are nothing like this." The Valley - with its perfect drainage basin, its fast-flowing river to carry the excess water straight to the sea, and its clear and open plains that are immune to forest fires and falling trees - under normal circumstances. She's been so focused on the lives Kaede was risking, she barely noticed what she has done - but now she feels every ounce of the Earth wolves' fear and pain, and she begins to cry. Not from her eyes - she has none in this form - but the heavens begin to open in a soft and poignant drizzle, delicately soaking into the coats of the wolves below. It is the only apology she can give.

Large leaves seem to creep tentatively from the fringes of the graveyard, like timid critters approaching a potential predator - but in time, they stretch above the wolves and form a mostly-waterproof canopy, coming together like fingers interlocking. At last, two forms appear in the sky: two bears, one earth-brown, one the color of honey, seemingly seated on the horizon, side by side. Kaede places his large paw upon Haya's shoulder, swelling with both sorrow and forgiveness. "I'm so sorry, I- I didn't even know what I was doing, the land was just there, and I didn't even think..."

"I shouldn't have assumed you were acting with bad intentions. I know you didn't mean to hurt my wolves - I'm so sorry for what I did to yours." She looks out to the ocean, to the stark island, naked of any foliage. She recalls that Hoshiko had asked them to build this; but it seems incomplete... "I think there's an island over there that's in need of some renovation," she coaxes him.

He looks out towards it, feeling once again the desire to plant seeds and create new life. "What if I grow too much?" he whispers, afraid. He will smother the island...

Haya smiles. "No need to worry this time, brother. Go wherever your heart takes you. I will keep your garden from growing beyond what the island can support."

The bears blink out of existence, but from their coastal perch the wolves will begin to see a flood of green spreading across the island. Trees billow upwards like plumes of smoke, adding texture to the bleak land; sea-grasses dot along the isle's shoreline, where the larger plants cannot grow. And dotted beneath the canopy are the faintest signs of golden yellow flowers: a tribute to Haya, the metaphorical olive branch that signals a growing relationship between them.

Gray clouds gather in the skies above the island, and although the skies are dark, for once there is no danger at hand. A perfect rain begins to fall over the island, watering the new plants to ensure they are well-rooted in their new soil. Lightning strikes at the highest points of the island - places where the soil is thinner, that will struggle to support life. Trees topple and small fires begin to burn, traveling swiftly uphill but keeping the lower forests safe. By sacrificing these few trees, Haya has ensured the rest of the forest has enough nutrients to survive and be self-sufficient. The rains continue to fall, targeting the fires in order to extinguish them once their purpose is complete.

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