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[07/21/17] Sitewide Plot!
Posted 07-21-2017, 12:13 PM | This post was last modified: 07-21-2017, 03:17 PM by Bhaltair
Doutaini Staff
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Spirit Island Plot!

Welcome to the highly anticipated sitewide Spirit Island plot! By now, you've probably already noticed that things around Doutaini are getting a little ... heated, perhaps? For a bit of backstory, check out this post from Hoshiko in the Para Siempre; our celestial mama is, as ever, the compassionate and sensible one, ready to rally the demi-gods together to create a home for the spirits of Doutaini, but things are getting a bit out of control, right out of the gate.

This sitewide plot will be taking place in several stages, of which Akako's Fury is just the very first. Periodically, we will be adding in new weather updates to give you all the lay of the land. Your characters are not required to participate, but if you would like for them to join, you will need to post with them in the affected territories. Characters that participate in the plot will receive bonus EP for participation, per the weather update description! You can see our first weather update below (and on the IC updates, where they will also be posted).

weather update!

Expect approaching magma streams, smoke plumes, and fire tornadoes across the North-West this week!

In a fit of rage, Akako has drawn on the power of Mt Pyralis, to bring down his wrath upon the wolves of Rebel. However, the Ice pack and other nearby areas have gotten caught in the crossfire. Your forecast today:

• Cracks and chasms are appearing across the lower areas of Mountain Lion Ridge, some of which are filled with magma. The ground across many areas will be too hot to walk on. Surface lava streams will also be common, as will geysers of hot water.

• The Styx Heights, Mt Pyralis, and Aitou Pass will also be affected, and will experience the same effects as the Ridge.

• The heat has also reached the Gelid Sierra, but most of it is underground. Snow at the foothills will melt rapidly, and the ground there will be hot to touch. Most of the mountainside will experience patchy snowmelt, geysers, and waterfalls of freezing surface runoff. As the water melts beneath the snow, expect entire ice shelves to break clean off, and avalanches as a daily occurrence.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!

In order to qualify for Mother Nature events, your plot thread will need to be inside of one of the affected territories and have at least 2 posts each from 2 characters (played by 2 different roleplayers, of course) - and in order to qualify for EP for the MN event, your character will have to have entered the thread prior to the event being posted, as per the usual MN rules. Characters that join after can still react to the event and gain the regular EP for participating in the plot, but will not qualify for additional MN EP.

The team has put a lot of work and love into this plot, so we hope that you all have tons of fun with it! If you have any questions or concerns about the plot or any of its aspects, please don't hesitate to ask a staffer in cbox, post in the Questions board, or directly PM a member of staff - we will be happy to help you navigate.

Happy roleplaying, Dout! ♥