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Private [m] awake
Posted 08-21-2017, 07:46 AM |
in, lbs
ooc. bump for... whomever is next or whatever needs to happen? i would like to know what happens so i can post nah elsewhere, if she survives xD

Posted 08-25-2017, 10:48 AM |
Rogue Wolf
Female, 3.25
27 in, 90 lbs
0 ep
© sea
stahli vs asche
for death
first round of three
five day limit
meso-runner, 27 inches, 90 pounds
elements inactive

fair health ( spring, rogue )
dodge is unused
no injuries sustained currently
no previous spar experience in doutaini
@[Albericht] Axel @[Britain] Venus Reise Nahkriin
sand slips through those tiny fingers. she's gesturing for her love to follow by her side in one moment, and in the next, britain hasn't joined her side in that most familiar way. she turns back, and albericht is already moving.


horrors to last a lifetime ram her in the chest. pain, unlike any she's tasted before. how this has happened eludes her -- she's the queen of the things that hurt and sting and barely make her flinch. and even she has no knowledge of whatever this is. it's not quite a scream that is released. a tortured sound of paradise lost, a screech strangled in tears and a warcry. she can see her body breaking down and falling to its knees. in some distant intonation, she knows it's her voice that paints the sky red. but none of it is here, none of it is now.

words and grumbles and a symphony of sounds pass by her hollowed ears. she's hearing none of it. she is unhinged, every piece of her that was once tethered to the world lost to the merciless winds. in instants, everything is lost and nothing yet matters anymore. a deeply set rage writhes within that small body. FUCK THE FREI.

she launches out of seemingly nowhere, a tiny bullet born to devour and consume. the chains are loosed, the hungry dog is set free, and her jaws are trained on her overly pregnant oppressor. it is remarkable, the way her body snaps into motion. she surges forward, aided by her lithe running form and a mindless bloodlust. hackles spiral up and into beautiful motion as her skull lowers to merge the task. jaws prop open, lips peeling back over her readied knives. face contorts with the virtue of sheer and unimaginable pain. her magmatic gaze narrows on the target ahead. nothing will stop her from ripping free the wretched dragon spawn from the woman's very stomach. ears crook against her skull like riled horns, legs spreading with their sustained motion. her tail waves like a flag of crying murder. she keeps her momentum ever rising, fully aware that her strength is not much on its own. she heads straight for asche in the first, dull claws clicking with their incoming barrage over the smooth stone of their chosen battlefield. in the last moments before impact she will feint toward the left, and veer back toward asche's right front side. she's tiny, so she has full access to the vitals asche hides beneath her chin. she will leap upward from below, aiming to latch her jaws across the underside of her bottom jaw, attempting to hook her top teeth into the lower side of asche's buccanator muscle, while bottom teeth attempt to slide across the loose skin, hoping to pry violently into where the delicate windpipe meets the bony jaw. she is almost rabid, so given any outcome or possible grip she may attain she will twist and rip back and forth.

in any case, she will attempt to establish whatever balance she can find, paws spreading and gripping weakly at the hewn stone slab. her snarls of tainted vengeance enchant the skies. his legacy will die today, she will take everything from him just as he has taken everything from her.

Posted 09-09-2017, 10:56 AM |
Female, 3.00
35" in, 125 lbs
18 ep
© Vio
honey, i made the rules

The pain that spreads across her chest from collison is easily substitued for the feel of teeth around flesh. A proud growl rumbled in her chest, red eyes closing against the gore that splatters across her face. Victory! Her muzzle wrinkles easily, ignoring the blood that painted her canines in fluid waves. Cool, sweet yet bitter, a coppery taste to it of course. But Axel could only hope to clean off the blood before it dried. Crimson eyes focused themselves on her enemy's torn out throat, death, it felt amazing to the darkest of souls to be honest. And yet... The Frei girl would have it no other way. Lips quirked proudly, releasing the death lock her jaws may have secured around Albericht's throat. Foolish men, this is why no Frei males managed to survive five years before their jugulars were ripped out. Axel remembers vividly how most of her life was spent in the shadows, trying not to get beaten down by the leader, unaware of having Albericht as a brother. A lousy one yes (who impregnanted their own sister?!), but still her brother. Able to get her to the top of the ranks, the Queen of Frei, the Empress. Her dark soul and quick footed nature wouldn't allow her anything but. "Checkmate." She grins, elegantly brandishing the upturned contour of her tail, blinking childishly at the corpse. Now it was time for a new era, a new goal, take control of the Frei and raise her pup to be the heir. It was kind of stereotypical, common for most. But couldn't she dream small and live big? Hmph, she was done with this bullshit.

Axel silently turned on her heel, examining each little detail with venomous intent. The new Frei matriarch out.

-exit unless stopped

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