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Open Spin-Off Welcome To The Sandpit
Posted 06-18-2017, 11:32 AM | This post was last modified: 06-18-2017, 11:33 AM by Pumpkin
Fire Pup
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Spin-off / Continuation of this thread: http://doutaini.net/showthread.php?tid=29624

Lyonesse first post please then anyone is welcome ^_^

A southern wind gently blows in the solitude of the abandoned pumpkin patch.

She had been fairly quiet for most of the trip here; speaking up when her paws got tired so that she could be carried or when she was tired of being carried and wanted to walk some more. As the borders approached and the heat from the desert had visible waves in the distance she started to focus a bit more. "Lyonesse will I be denning with you or someone else?" Her stomach had been grumbling off and on for a while now but she didn't want to be a bother. They had crossed the borders now and the heat from the sands felt both heavenly and a bit stifling. It was a weird texture under Pumpkins paws and her limbs slipped and skidded a few times as it rolled under her. No worries; she would learn. She didn't see any meat... no rabbits or deer... of course; it was winter so maybe that was why. Still; you'd think they'd want to be warm too. A shadow caught her attention as a black beetle landed not too far away. She lunged; not wanting it to get spooked before she could get to it only she face planted mere inches from it and it took off; flying away. "Drat, I was gonna eat that." It had been almost a day now since her last meal. At least it was good to know there were bugs she could eat; if she could manage to catch them.

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Posted 06-19-2017, 04:32 AM |
Fire Sub-Alpha
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In the hour she'd known the pup, she'd fallen in love with her. Sweet, small, and abandoned, supposedly Lyon felt like she could relate. From Willows to Torrid, she'd carry the girl, or slow down her pace to let her walk, and all the while the girl was quiet, no complaints, no rudeness or questions. Though, Lyon wouldn't have minded any of it; how am I supposed to send her to Cerulean? She'd have to avoid getting attached. Soon enough the soft sands of her home welcomed her, paws melt into the golden particles, and Lyon sighs as the dunes tip upwards to allow them a look across the oasis. Over to the left, where chartreuse eyes wander silently, Singer's memorial burns high and bright, multi-coloured flames that lick and curl upwards. The very sight of it brings her almost to tears, but she holds it back for the sake of Pumpkins first day here. "Welcome home," she says, leaning down to bump her muzzle against Pumpkin with a grin, her ears folding. "You're staying with me," she nods, assuring the girl that they would be 'roommates' here, for as long as the child wanted to stay in her care. "I'm glad you chose to come with me," Lyon says softly, "who knows, maybe by summer you'll want to stay.." She chuckles, her tail swaying from side to side but before she can continue into the Torrid; she notices Pumpkin try, and fail, to catch a beetle.

Chartreuse eyes grow wide as she tilts her head at the girl, have you not had proper food? She is all of a sudden vengeful towards these men who had been her guardians, and her ears pin in sequence with that spitfire temper that still boiled beneath her skin, the only difference was now that she was older; she could swallow it down without completely losing control. "Come, I'll take you to our den, I have something for you there and then I'll show you the oasis," and with a breath she gestures over towards the flame, for near it; sits her den, close to her mothers old one, and over the dunes she begins moving slowly. Even from here, some fair few feet away, she can see the turkey that she'd left there only a couple of hours ago, and if Pumpkin sees it, Lyon would nod enthusiastically; all yours, hon. Maybe she could do this mothering thing, yet!


tags; Pumpkin Nasiro & Leron ;p

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