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Private make my heart rush
Posted 06-18-2017, 08:57 AM |
Male, 4.5
37 in, 95 lbs
53 ep
© Lyk
Throughout all the lows in his life, he has never felt so dispassionate. It was like there was nothing left to care about, and so even his recent misfortunes didn't feel worthy of spare thoughts. He just.. lingered. Sleep consumed most of his time, his body needed a lot of it to catch up. There was little else to do, anyway. Here in the darkness of some vacant Enigma den, at least he didn't notice missing half of his vision. It was quiet, peaceful, and most importantly - safe.

As for his waking hours, Myrrdin couldn't help but wonder about the future. He clung to life as if it was something so valuable, perhaps a little against himself as it sure as hell didn't feel that way now. There was no purpose for him out there, and he couldn't just go on living in the moment as he used to. Maybe it was depression, it wouldn't surprise him after everything.. but he didn't feel sad or miserable. Mostly indifferent.

Every now and then he had to go a walk; the more he recovered, the more he couldn't stand being motionless for too long. Perhaps that too was part of the will to survive, he had to move to get back in shape fully. His scars still ached as he walked though, and distributing his meager way the wrong way made him stumble. He'd be frustrated, if he could find it in himself to care.

Surprisingly enough, the glowing worms on the cavern's walls still made his skin crawl. At least some things never change. Luckily the worms only minded their own business instead of flying and jumping around like some other insects, so there was no need for too much concern. Myrrdin only needed to walk by more quickly when he spotted some on the ceiling, to minimize the risk of one falling on him. That much he could get used to.


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Posted 06-20-2017, 10:02 AM |
Enigma Pupsitter
Male, 4.25 years
34 in, 135 lbs
21 ep
© Kimi
The caverns held secrets that not even Teneff dared to explore. There was no reason that the old man needed to journey to its depths. He also was not interested in the power bestowed on him with his gem--trying to keep his mind clear from distractions was hard enough just in the real world. And so, day after day, Teneff would deny the power of Kurai as to succumb to the effects. Yet, today was different. Before he knew it, he could feel the rush of energy surge through his mind and an image appeared. Rebel.

And sure enough, after turning a corner he would have not turned in the first place, was the man of his heart. His body frail, along with his scent. The dark wolf would just stare dumbfounded. Why is he here? What happened to him? Before Teneff could realize what he had done, he was quickly coming upon Rebel. Now, standing directly in front of him he would open his mouth to speak...but no words came. What could he say? I'm sorry? What happened? Who did this? All of it would prove to be useless. And so...he spoke the only thing he could say, "I missed you."


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