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Posted 06-18-2017, 06:30 AM |
in, lbs
His body moves with conquest, with determination as lean legs maintain a steady jog. Scarlet eyes peer onward towards the borders of the Mountain Lion Ridge, a small smile of mischief beginning to carve at calloused lips, memories of what seemed to be forever ago slowly collecting in the front of his mind… ah, it was sure good to reminisce, he briefly wondered if anyone of blood would remain on the ridge - or had the empire that had once been built by his father, been destroyed? Did it crumble beneath the paws of one whom was not worthy to lead? Questions, they needed to be answered and quick. It was time to begin the process, to begin his journey into developing him and spreading his seed swiftly - as he was older, up there in years - he knew he did not have too much longer before it would begin the process of crippling him. For now, he is strong, he is worn with war as scars dance across his thickened hide, the hairs between his eyes erect as a Mohawk spreads back between broad shoulder blades, a classic Valentine signature. The rebel mark is also bore deep into the meat of his shoulder, truly, a sight to behold. Being aware of what the rebel powers were and capable of ( having once had them, himself ), he does not call for anyone. If they were any good at what job they had, they'd find him before long. Lethal would stop a few feet from the borders, before simply strolling along with his head slung low in natural defense against unwarranted attacks.

Posted 06-22-2017, 08:34 AM |
in, lbs
( note. this thread is more than likely null, as lethal will be murdered in another thread, before this. so just, ignore it. c: )

Posted 06-22-2017, 09:49 PM |
Rebel Sub-Alpha
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© Lou
(Just let me know if you decide to continue this! <3 )

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