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Mid-tone Blues
Posted 06-17-2017, 09:10 PM |
in, lbs
Warmth sprung from the stones here, kept the mountain void of snow as the stone laid heavily with some dark gray mixture he assumed came from the volcano's spout at some point in time. Interest lay within the natural phenomenon. Obvious signs of past eruptions lay within the new vegetation springing between gray smudged soil - perhaps the ash held nutrients he was not aware of. Dulled violet-blue eyes pick at the minuscule details as he works his muscles beneath the folds of beaver-gray fur. He moved at a fast-paced jog up a steep slope, where by the time he reached the top his tongue lolled from the side of cracked jaws as hurried breaths expanded already burning lungs. Yet he was not done. The strain of the climb built muscle, hardening and shaping his form into a more natural sinew than before. Fat shed from his bones, giving his entire body a lighter feel, and he felt for the first time in his life that he might physically be formidable as an opponent. The jogging was for his speed and to build endurance. He was not quite as fast as he wished to be but neither did he have the endurance to maintain a speed for long. As he climbed down the slope he kept his weight on rear legs, forcing his pace to become more controlled, slower, to help build the hindquarters into something more masculine.

Every ounce of his being yearned to protect those he loved. Both Ianthe and his little brother, despite the young boy's refusal to join him within the underground. An understandable refusal, as the underground was dank, dim, and not a place for young children to grow without facing obstacles that the more subtle, nurturing territories of Doutaini could offer. He had yet to tell Ianthe that he had a blood brother within Doutaini, perhaps because he was still not entirely certain that Evander had come from Casimir's loins. That was not the only thing on his mind he wished to speak to Ianthe about. Briar's offer still bounced within his mind. It were tangible, possible, that he could leave behind the underground for a new life underneath Kaede's forest but it would leave a hole in his heart, for he knew Ianthe would not depart the family she held so dear within the cavernous halls.

These thoughts sifted through his mind as he jogged. Paws made a rhythmic beat against the dark soil. Since he'd vowed to protect the princess of the underground he had set a steady training regimen for himself and refused to break it lest he fall dormant once more and become fat again. Where he'd once shuddered at the thought of physical activity, he now welcomed the burn within his lungs.


Posted 06-19-2017, 01:04 AM |
Enigma Heir
Female, 2.25
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© Lou
The story goes, that the mountain was once in love with Aitou, the pass that fell over the chasm of water that fled from the Naveen into the shallow lands of Doutaini, and eventually out to sea. Aitou had loved Pyralis as well, and so she'd made a bridge across the water so that the animals of the land could visit her love, and tell him her stories and affections, in hopes he would reply with his own. Rumours spread about a woman, Stygain, who had begun to beg for Pyralis' love as well, and so Aitou grew mirthful, spiteful in a way only she could; closing off the path for the animals. Pyralis, hot-headed as always; blew his top and showered the land with lava, burning all in its' path, including Stygain, and there by his feet does she lay in the flats that his anger had created; and Pyralis was damned to a life alone, only ever able to see Aitou, but never again would she talk to him.

"That's not how it goes!" Ianthe's eyes grow wide in shock as her mothers voice booms against the darkness, her ears go flat against her skull as she pouts (so childish). She speaks to her mother often, though the fallen queen of enigma is no where to be seen, Ianthe believes the woman to be there, and so she is. She chuckles as her mother laughs and swipes her paw through the air in dismissal, and just like that Ianthe resigns to the fact that her story about the mountains; may not be all that unique, but still; she adored a good love story! "I'll see you later, mama," she sings, and with a shake of her light-coloured coat; Ianthe shimmies off into the halls of enigma to entertain herself. Besides; mother had to rest. It is outside that she had been dreaming of, a coincidence that the mountain had been the picture in her mind, as if Euterpe's thoughts really did hold control over her own. She winds her way through the Caliginous silently, sea-foam eyes peering unobtrusively into the dens as she passes, smiling at Enigma's wolves, a simple 'hello' or 'good day' given if eye contact blessed her. She was in good spirits, as always when her day started out with a mother-daughter conversation, a way to deal with trauma, with grief- some days it was her father that sat in her den, but most it was Ramona.

Sunlight embraces her as she melts free from the darkness and shadows of their cavernous home, fur igniting with warmth and light as she welcomes the day with admiration. The garden that her niece hung out at was there, her fathers' old haunt, and she slides through its' many herbs with her nose lowered for smell. Dainty fingers touch each leaf as she passes, a princess exploring her castles gardens; but too soon she grows restless, and paws of their own mind- take her on a journey that she hadn't expected. Mt. Pyralis was a while away, but with a mind full of rampaging thoughts, she arrives much quicker than she thought she would. The rock rears up before her, and with lungs that battle for air; she pauses to take in its' entirety. Dark rocks and discarded bulk lay against the mountain, burnt, it all looked singed into place by the lava from the story. Chest heaving, she looks up into the sun where the very top of the mountain crests; don't ever go up there, ianthe, it's too dangerous! And with a swipe of her thick tail, she begins up the slope.

It doesn't take long for her lungs to burn, for her legs to ignite with muscle tear, but she pushes on, tongue lolling from her mouth. The physical exertion forces her mind to fall empty, and in between breaths she catches snippets of a voice that is all too familiar; life in kaede's forest..leave...family. Her ears drop as assumptions rise in her mind, along with the headache that her psychic ability gifts her with, and on a small ledge of stone and mud she stops to peer upwards, and sure enough; Euterpe's gray pelt stains her eyes. "Euterpe?" She whispers, lungs still battling for control, but she couldn't be sure if he was there like her mother was sometimes, or if he was really there. The tilt of her head portrays her confusion, but still she waits for an answer, worried she may not like the answer she receives.


tags; Euterpe sorry about the length!