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quiet — too quiet
Posted 06-23-2017, 05:10 PM |
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The silence was uncomfortable. He had been preparing and yet, it had stilled. There was a rattling in his bones, a numbness that engulfed his thoughts and his mind and he had to shake it free and he found himself wandering towards the Serene, perhaps in a state of dazed confusion--much the way that Isadora had lost herself to the black waters of the lake--but no, he arrives at the far edge of the fields now with scarred maw tipped upwards as if awaiting a boom that would break the sky and yet there is nothing. Nothing but the silent chill, a stillness that fills him with anxiety he has not felt in what seems like an eternity and with ears pinned back to his skull, his composure is regained, but barely. And it is only the beginning howl of mournful familiarity that brings him forth, and a second voice joins. He sits, in the distance, he is away from the group and doubts that any of them have seen him in his ichorous appearance, though he knows Ruellia has likely FELT him arrive, but still, he lifts his head allows his own voice to join the chorus, and as beautiful as it always is, it is touched with a hint of anxiety that does not fade even with the hum of the earth.

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