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Festival of Champions Sign-Ups
Posted 06-10-2017, 05:49 PM | This post was last modified: 07-07-2017, 12:47 AM by Kristi
Doutaini Staff
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Festival of Champions

It's that time of year again: the smell of dust hangs in the air above the clay of the Ruins, your muscles are twitching with the anticipation of a fight, and you long for the taste of glory. But this year, Jiro has decided to change things up a little (thread here). Instead of fighting for themselves, the wolves in his tournament will fight as champions for their pack!

The slots for the adult division will be open as follows:
  • Until July 1st, 9 slots will be open: one per pack. Each pack must nominate their champion, however they feel is most fair, but the Alpha has the final say. (Packs currently in a challenge can arrange OOCly who to nominate, but neither wolf in the challenge can be their pack's champion in case they lose, leave the pack, etc.)
  • July 2nd-July 5th, there are up to 7 places available, only for those with a guaranteed space pass. Once all the spaces are gone, they're gone - pass or no pass
  • If there are any places remaining on July 6th, it's a true free-for-all until they are all gone (guaranteed space passes have no effect now)

Pup and teen divisions will work as follows:
  • Open June 28th - July 1st for guaranteed space passes only
  • From July 2nd, free-for-all

On July 7th, the tournament will begin and participants will be paired off. In the Festival of Champions, each spar will have three moves and you will have three days ( 72 hours! ) to post before a default occurs. We will flip a coin to determine who posts first.

We are also accepting signups for Official Festival Judges that will be assigned to each spar when the pairings are announced. Official Festival Judges will be eligible to claim an extra 3 EP if they complete all the spars they are assigned to judge, claimable once only, on top of the regular EP for judging a spar. Assigned judges will have 72 hours to judge the fight before it will be passed on to another judge. The available slots for judges are unlimited.

When signing-up, please specify which division your character is in.

Adult Division
(2+ years)
Teen Division
(1-2 years)
Pup Division
(< 1 year)
01 Song 01 Keanu 01 Freya
02 Percy 02 Beretta 02 Freyr
03 Asceo 03 Jackson 03 Somnus
04 Tetra 04 Lilith 04 Amaranthe
05 Svana 05 Kyran 05 Galápagos
06 Lyra 06 Dax 06 Mizuchi
07 Charlotte 07 Zinna 07 Aster
08 Mercury 08 Nezzera 08
09 Elektra
10 Atticus
11 Keston
12 Cavae
13 Rouhani
14 Versace
15 Hush
16 Penance

Official Festival Judges
01 Sorceror
02 Tig-er
03 KittyKookiez
04 Chapin
05 Joel
06 b.
07 Julie
08 Hobs
09 Sabrina
10 Rexy

Posted 07-06-2017, 11:42 AM |
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© Kristi
STAFF NOTE: The remaining spots are now up for grabs!

Posted 07-06-2017, 04:03 PM |
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cmon guys! c: