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Staff Tryouts!
Posted 06-08-2017, 06:29 PM | This post was last modified: 06-09-2017, 01:53 PM by Briar
Female, 22
5' 1 in, rude. lbs
© Penn
Staff Applications!

Hello everyone! With the loss of Ellie and Yoyo from our team and the current vote for opinions on staff, we are looking for several members to fill our staff team vacancies, and help in actively being on top of updates, event planning, staff decisions, and miscellaneous tasks. However there is a change to how we are doing things this time around! Right now we are not completely sure on how many people we will want/need to bring on board for a two month trial period as site helpers. But, after that two month trial, some of those people will be promoted to staff, while the others will remain as site helpers.

We are looking for well-rounded applicants to be the newest additions to our team, and we have decided the best way to discover this is to have a multi-step application process. This will include your
  1. Formal Staff Application
  2. Interview Questionnaire
  3. Member Base Preference

These three components will be compiled together to help us select the newest staffers!

Staff members should be helpful, active, and thorough. We are expected to keep this place functioning and as happy as possible. There are bound to be speed bumps here and there, but it is our job to cater to the member base as best that rules allow. New features and neat things for members to do/play with also fall into our hands. We are expected to keep things evolving with our members to make a great experience as a close community of writers. While you may also have great ideas and help tremendously, these are only a few thing of what it take to stay a staff member. Your conduct both behind the scenes and on the front will be taken into consideration. You will become a reflection of the team and not just yourself and this is very important. Remember the Golden Rule.

Part of the responsibilities expected of a staff member are site updates and maintenance. Duties include star updates, EP updates, general information updates (deaths, alphas, etc.), keeping threads archived, deleted, or moved as necessary, alpha quota updates, pack page/rank updates, reviewing pending applications, content writing and revising.

Additionally, staff members are responsible for event planning and site discussions, including the design and implementation of our biannual Stardust Festival, main god holidays, Divine Intervention & Mother Nature posts, discussions over member concerns, and being a site ambassador in terms of questions or concerns. You are expected to act with an unbiased opinion and be concerned only for the welfare of the site, members, and upholding rules.

You can specify whether you'd prefer to be a site helper or eventually become a moderator. The difference is that Site Helpers generally just assist with updates (excluding OOC updates & IC updates), occasional project pitching, weighing in on only a few discussions as they come in, & assisting with furthering ideas for events. Being a moderator adds more workload onto yourself. You will be involved in more discussions, assist with updates when needed, pitch projects and events, and so on.

Application Form
The team appreciates any and all interest this gets and we're looking forward to the new members that will be joining us soon! Above all we are a team, a group working together to keep Doutaini functioning at its best. Being a member of the staff team can be a little intimidating and it is a lot of work, I want to be completely honest with y'all. It does have a lot of stress involved and that may not be the best for everyone. Do what you think is right for you and we'll take care of the rest!

So without further adieu, if you are interested in contributing to the team, please fill out the following form and post it onto this thread.

Position Preferred:
Main Account:
Characters Played:
Previous Staff Experience: (None is okay! It isn't an auto-disqualification)
Specialty: (Please choose one of the following: Site Content, Coding, Member Mediation, Site Events, Discussions)
Time to Devote: (How much time per day can you devote to staff duties?)
Biggest Strength: (Please elaborate!)
Biggest Weakness: (Please elaborate!)
Self-Pitch: (Explain why you think you would be a good member of the team)
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: (Feel free to be honest! Staff members aren't perfect and your input will help us recognize what areas we need to focus more attention on)
Why would you like to be part of our team?:

<b>Position Preferred:</b> (Moderator eventually or Site Helper)
<b>Main Account:</b>
<b>Characters Played:</b>
<b>Previous Staff Experience:</b>
<b>Specialty:</b> (Please choose one of the following: Site Content, Coding, Member Mediation, Site Events, Discussions)
<b>Time to Devote:</b>
<b>Biggest Strength:</b>
<b>Biggest Weakness:</b>
<b>What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?:</b>
<b>Why would you like to be part of our team?:</b>

Applications will be accepted until JUNE 23rd, when the second and third portion of the tryout process will begin.

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Posted 06-08-2017, 07:33 PM | This post was last modified: 06-08-2017, 07:48 PM by Kristi
Ice Alpha
Male, 3 years
41 in, 110 lbs
416 ep
© rae.
Name: Rae
Main Account: Anaxagoras
Characters Played: 2 active - Anaxagoras, Rouhani; and on rare occasions, my spirit Bellana c:
Previous Staff Experience: I've served Doutaini as a moderator and staff helper before, but gosh it was so long ago, I could not tell you which year it was. :|
Specialty: Member Mediation
Time to Devote: I am always lurking between 7AM - 10PM. During these hours I am able to devote plenty of hours to Doutaini daily.
Biggest Strength: My knowledge, experience, and passion for all things Doutaini. I've contributed a lot of time and love to this site over the years, and I'd love to help out by being a positive force, and by giving more than just my writing to this community.
Biggest Weakness: Though I am on Doutaini throughout the day, I have a tendency to randomly poof in spurts. I have children and animals, as well as a husband who is active duty military, so sometimes I hop off quickly and without notice.
Self-Pitch: I am passionate about Doutaini and all of its aspects, from the members to their characters and everything in between. There's a fierce drive in me to help, and I know that, given the chance, I could make a real difference here. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself and greater than all of our individual dreams here. Though I've left this site before, I always return because I am a tried-and-true, dedicated member. I've been through the ringer here on Doutaini, as many of us have, and I feel like my experience, knowledge, and devotion would make a difference if I were to serve our members as a part of staff. I also feel as though I would work well with and balance out our current team. (:
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: Rule moderation, communication and enforcement is something I would really love to contribute to, and something I feel that staff has struggled with before in the past. My hope is to be able to relieve some of the burden of mediation from staff, so that a greater emphasis and focus can be placed instead on keeping the site running smoothly behind the scenes!
Why would you like to be part of our team?: My desire to help is really, really strong, and I believe in my heart of hearts that I would be an excellent asset for this team.
* I would like the opportunity to prove myself as a worthy Moderator, but I will gladly assist the team in any way that is beneficial to the site and team as a whole.

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

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Posted 06-08-2017, 07:51 PM | This post was last modified: 06-15-2017, 09:34 PM by Pythia
Female, eternal
33 in, incorporeal lbs
© sparrow
Name: Sparrow
Position Preferred: Moderator
Main Account: Elektra
Characters Played: Elektra, Aex, Pythia (spirit)
Previous Staff Experience: Off and on Doutaini's staff team. I've been co-founder and admin of a few other sites, including one called Animus that a few people here are familiar with. This includes concepts, rule implementation, coding off of basic templates, etc.
Specialty: Site Events (in addition to coding and art)
Time to Devote: Daily check-ins; even if not available to post ICly, I can contribute OOCly.
Biggest Strength: Knowledge. This is a pretty broad quality, but it's the one I think suits best; I have a very versatile set of skills and a lot of experience to back it up.
Biggest Weakness: Eagerness. Sometimes I get ahead of things and need to remind myself to take a step back to look at the whole picture again to make sure all the pieces fit together.
Self-Pitch: I've grown with the site through both bad and good times. It gives me a unique perspective that will make me a valuable addition to the team. It's not only online experience, but real life skills that I've learned (especially over the past two years) which have greatly contributed to my personal growth. I'm adaptable and am willing to tackle challenges, but I also know when to step away. It's important to know when to pick your battles and when to let go of things - a huge part of working on a team that caters to a creative community is communication and give-and-take. I am able to put myself in someone else's shoes, because it's my responsibility to understand their perspective before making a judgement call.
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: Layout, information organization/presentation (I'd love to help craft a more user-friendly site), and LORE BUILDING. Yessss. :D
Why would you like to be part of our team?: You guys need the help! It's not the easiest task to carry out, because there's always so much to do. I can even out the load and have fun while doing it, because so many people in this community are intensely creative and have their own ideas to offer.

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

*Edited to add preferred position.

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Posted 06-09-2017, 07:40 AM | This post was last modified: 06-09-2017, 10:43 AM by Kristi
Fire Alpha
Male, 5
36 in, 125 lbs
455 ep
© Jamie
Name: Jamie
Position Preferred: Site Helper (Unfortunately, I can only offer my help temporarily until I go back to work full time, but if you need someone to fill the gap for the next couple of months, I'd be happy to help!)
Main Account: Vaitan
Characters Played: Vaitan, Wærnyss (I will be deleting my other characters at some point.)
Previous Staff Experience: I do not have site staff experience; however, I have real life experience in leadership roles. I was an Assistant Manager in retail for a couple years, and I'm now a high school English teacher. :)
Specialty: Site Events/Discussions
Time to Devote: I can devote anywhere from 2-4 hours per day.
Biggest Strength: My experience in real life leadership roles and my knowledge of the creative process will both transfer seamlessly into a position on Doutaini Staff.
Biggest Weakness: Unfortunately, I do not have as much time to devote to the site as other, well-qualified members.
Self-Pitch: I've seen Doutaini grow and experience immense change throughout the years. I would love to foster that change in a fun and creative way that still stays true to Doutaini's heart. I don't have much time to offer, but this site has been an important part of my life--I want to assure Doutaini's success as an inviting, roleplay-driven community where we can help each other improve our artistic skills.
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: The only real problem I currently perceive with Doutaini is that we don't know enough about the gods. I would love to see more read-only posts about the interactions between deities. And I'm loving the activity of the gods recently, but I want to make sure that continues and that each god stays true to their intended personality. If I can help with this aspect of the lore/site-building in any way, let me know!
Why would you like to be part of our team?: Honestly, I won't be offended if I don't get added to staff this go-around. I know I don't have much time to offer. Doutaini is a time-consuming hobby, and right now I'm focused on my characters' stories before anything else on the site. But I don't want staff to be overwhelmed, so if you would like my help even every once in a while, I want to be there to support you <3 And I think I do have value as a potential staff-member; my ability to be unbiased could really come in handy in times of need. At the same time, I would like to remind you that I can't be online to do updates very often :/ So again, if I don't get chosen, no biggie xD!

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

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Posted 06-09-2017, 09:40 AM | This post was last modified: 06-09-2017, 10:43 AM by Kristi
Divine Sub-Alpha
Female, five
35 in, 110 lbs
162 ep
© TIG-er
Name: tig, previously sep & jer

Position Preferred: moderator

Main Account: my ooc & panik

Characters Played: riot, panik, meliae, catori, nagini, manhattan & buncha others

Previous Staff Experience: CS species mod, LIFE moderator, Atrophia beta staff member, furvilla second stage moderator, doutaini staff member

Specialty: Site Content

Time to Devote: 6+ hrs daily, from next Friday onwards (freedom approacheth!)

Biggest Strength: My ability to work well with others & compromise, I'd say. I particularly enjoy working in a team, so shared projects are enjoyable, and when it comes to it I'm also capable of laying down the law and making sure I get my work completed. Top that off with an attention to detail and a sort of stubborn determination to do everything in an orderly manner whilst enjoying myself.

Biggest Weakness: Task delegation -- I'm more likely to complete difficult tasks by myself since a) I'm stubborn and b) I don't like burdening other people with my own work. It's a bad habit, but I just have to remind myself its ok to ask for help and its even better to work together with somebody else. Slightly ironic, because I love working in a team, but I have a hang-up on doing my assigned work. Similarly, I have to take a breath and chillax when others aren't quite on the ball and take a more understanding outlook.

Self-Pitch: I very much enjoy helping others. I'd say that that, along with my love of all things creative, is my main driving force throughout life. I believe that it is very much everybody's responsibility to look out for one another, to be understanding and to take a positive and forward thinking outlook in all situations. Understanding that we're all people here to enjoy ourselves is key, as well as encouraging creativity and a comfortable environment.

What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: At the moment, revitalising site events -- although they're well beloved and classic, its always nice to have something new. (I know I didn't mention that in my expertise, but I think it's important.) In addition, perhaps giving the pages an update to make it a little easier to read-- such as by splitting the guidebook into linked pages, or using some other format than the accordion system since its a little daunting and you're never quite sure where a rule might be if its covered by more than one possible topic. On top of that, I think the site should be working to make itself more attractive to new members! A steady inflow of new people helps to make sure that our plots don't stagnate, as well as bringing new ideas and new faces.

Why would you like to be part of our team?: I can't really remember how long I've been here (mb around four years?) but in that time I've joined quite a few other sites and none of them have ever had me coming back like Doutaini. Honestly I think its amazing how the community and our shared love of writing has people from ten years ago still here /and/ still pulls in new folks who get to feel like they're wanted and welcome. Anyway, the main point here is because I love dout and its diversity so much <3

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

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Posted 06-09-2017, 02:45 PM | This post was last modified: 06-09-2017, 02:51 PM by Penn
Rogue Wolf
Female, 3
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0 ep
© Pibs
Name: Pibbles (prev. lele, atlas)
Position Preferred: Moderator
Main Account: Callisto ; will be making an ooc soon
Characters Played: Currently only Callisto but expecting to bring in two new characters
Previous Staff Experience: Doutaini staff member, admin of a few sites here and there.
Specialty: Site Content, Site Events, Member Mediation .
Time to Devote: Pretty much an unlimited amount of time. I only spend 4 hours of my day dedicated to school work, everything else is fair game for me to be on dout.
Biggest Strength: The fact I’m willing to accept my flaws and mistakes and that I am able to work towards preventing them and improving from that point. I always try to be a friendly face and love working towards solving problems when faced with them. I’m also not on who’s quick to judge - I like to know the full facts of things before being able to really form and voice my opinion on things.
Biggest Weakness: My lack of muse for my own characters limits me from being a complete member in the writing way - and I do tend to fall in bouts of depression however I always try to remain positive and step back to really evaluate what’s going on.
Self-Pitch: I really enjoy helping others out and contributing to the environment that I am in. When I get the chance to work it really boosts my motivation and I just feel like doing even more of it. I've been around for a couple years almost now so I've grown a lot since my first few days and I've experienced a lot. I've always found myself loving code & art especially since I do all of that in school. Though I do have faults every now and then I am finding my way around and feel that I've finally become mature enough to help the site out once again if given the chance.
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: Still Communication! As of past events I’ve learned so much about how important it is to keep things mediated between members. I want to be able to keep a permanent (or at least long lasting) olive branch in-between the member base and staff. Also the low morale that the site has recently gotten - I want to be able to find a way to keep spirits up and
Why would you like to be part of our team?: We’ve all recently learned how important it is to have mediators among the staff team, someone willing to be neutral and understanding. I’ve been told - in my ‘testimonials’ there that I know how to take that position of understanding. Previously having been on staff I know what it entails and I know just how demanding it can be so I’m understanding of that and I don’t mind getting myself busy. I have so much ideas and positivity that I would love to see reflected over the site - hopefully which can be seen by everyone else too.

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

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Posted 06-11-2017, 02:58 PM | This post was last modified: 06-11-2017, 03:01 PM by Penn
Storm Sub-Alpha
Female, 5 years
35 in, 83 lbs
365 ep
© seacca
Name: sea , seacca
Position Preferred: wherever i can help, really
Main Account: sea (ooc), seacca
Characters Played: ryu, sentry, ketamine, pathos, ricochet, seren, stahli, venavi
Previous Staff Experience: none on doutaini, i have been a creative contributor for a few started projects in forum rp but have no formal moderating experience.
Specialty: site content, member mediation, site events
Time to Devote: at least 3-4 hours a day, every day, will be generally free of schooling and devotions other than work for the next year or so.
Biggest Strength: my biggest strength is probably my reasonability. i think of myself as fairly versatile in discussion and open minded to other perspectives. i try to be as conscious as i can of my own biases and remain fair for everyone i encounter.
Biggest Weakness: i can tend to be overly ambitious, often starting many projects with the issue of lacking full followthrough. likewise i have bouts of low motivation and depression.
Self-Pitch: i adore this community and all of its people. i have seen it grow and diminish, flourish and suffer, and i have only gained further passion about its advances and its applications. i am a determined person who can carefully gage interests and balance compromises effectively. i think i will help to bring back a sense of stability to dout, and foster much needed faith in our staff. i can stay fairly level headed in tough situations and can be entirely fair when needed. i can make hard choices for the bettering of the community, and i desperately want to see the success and joy of all of our members. i haven't been on dout as long as some of the other applicants, but i think i bring a fresh and renewed perspective and a creative outlook on where the site is and could go.
What is one issue/area of Doutaini where you would personally like to make improvements?: perhaps mending the barriers between staff and members, especially with the drama of the past year or so. i think there is a level of disconnect that has been created between the two groups and i would love to work to help unite our community once again. i would also love to boost activity and muse around the site using less ooc incentives and more ic plots.
Why would you like to be part of our team?: i love this site so much and as a regular member i have felt powerless at times to help and aid the memberbase. now that i finally have time and motivation, i feel like i need to step forward and give what time and energy that i can.

Thank you for your application, an Interview Questionnaire has been sent to this account!

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