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Mandatory mettle and moxie -- ✧
Posted 06-16-2017, 08:07 AM |
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© Amber
Ooooh she knew she was late. Soo freaky starry late she felt embarrassment sweep over her. She jumped up, and ran, but oh she was too far to be on time. She growled in self-sorn, seeing many had arrived.
Still she felt pleased she now knew quite a few of them - she saw the white pelts of her angels - Lypso'ru and Kaleddin, who she saw not as often. Wait... were these pups? Yes, there was little princess Amaranthe, her pure soul shining like her white fur. But there were others! Was Lunafer a babysitter or something? Or was he a... father? Mother? Lypso'ru still hadn't explained to her exactly what was the thing with Lunafer - smells female, but somehow male? Whatever he was he was still one of the two that brought her here, and she would feel in debt forever.
She recognized Makenna and the so-called-queen Panik. Zinna still built her opinion on the peculiar Sub-Alpha, who sat stiff and antisocial, as if the wolves surrounding her were nothing but slaves and beasts with no feelings...
Again she saw the black one that gave her the herbs to treat Song's wounds - oh, and he was there, too! Who was the one he sat to? Zinna raised her eyebrow in her wonder.
And finally her amber gaze rested upon her mentor, Mystery... who was oddly fat. How...? It's winter, after all, prey is scarce, so how could anybody manage getting so rounded in this weather?
Zinna sat at the back of the crowd, now turning to her King, listening. Excitement rippled through her fur - this was her first Gathering, after all! She would greet the others after Bhaltair has spoke.

Posted 06-16-2017, 06:47 PM |
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© Penn
By the time Briar arrives he is exhausted. His tongue is rolling about his mouth, dramatically draped down his mouth as he stills stifles himself at the borders to howl his arrival. Though he was invited, he still felt it was necessary. Briar regains some of his composure as he reaches the group, wondering if Lypso'ru, Amaranthe, and Kaleddin were still here as Lypso had come to him before. He wondered if this would be the meeting to deem Lypso an Earth wolf or if she would remain Divine. Not that he wished to take anyone from his fellow friend, but he was selfish in his want for Lypso, Amaranthe, and Lunafer. Briar's cheeks puff out as he moves to Bhaltair with a dip of his muzzle as he presented tuhe king with a quail before aiming to grow sprigs of lavender in front of the King a foot away, their smell began to waft as Briar's stomach lurched and he swayed and stumbled his way towards Svana. His head began to ache as he sat himself down neatly, composing himself in front of everyone when in reality he was dying on he inside.

Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

Posted 06-16-2017, 09:37 PM | This post was last modified: 06-17-2017, 10:55 AM by Bhaltair
Storm Wolf
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© Sabrina
the divine right of kings means the divine right of anyone who can get uppermost

  Among the first to arrive was his darling daughter, the last she-wolf that remained utterly and undeniably true to him. Bhaltair beheld Orestes with all the ardor and love one might thrust upon one half of their only glimpse of pride and joy in the mortal world; he growled affectionately as she strutted forward, confidence abound in every step, her very person boiling with resolve. She was an artful weapon, as yet unemployed, loathe at her tiresome patrols - but she needn't worry, for on this day, Bhaltair had in mind for her the most delicate of tasks. "My beloved daughter," the commander hummed with an inquisitive grin, for he was keen at prodding relentlessly at the impatience of his brood. In time, they would understand the unerring need for restraint as a virtue - but for now, Bhaltair meant to meddle endlessly in the affairs of his remaining progeny. Such were the thoughts that consumed him en masse when, after mere minutes, the elderly form of Mystery crested the switchback trail that delivered their healer unto their midst atop the cliff. The king retracted himself from his jest and pomp, withdrawing into the mien of royalty once more, and he turned succinctly to face the she-wolf; her words, offered on the breeze, give him an ounce of concern - but when the woman stretched herself across the stone floor, offering view of her swollen midsection, his lips drew with delight. "Hotaru blesses us," he muttered, ruddy eyes upturning as he sought a moment of private counsel with their goddess - as he flung his thanks upon her and knelt near to the woman that yet housed his unborn children. Bhaltair pressed a fleeting kiss to her brow and a low growl that spoke of promise: he would see their children crowned in gold, afforded every luxury he could manage.

  Before he can do much else, another young female took to their midst, her every step screaming of trueborn spirit, of courage and finesse; the king twisted his head to watch Llian as she approached, his lips peeling back briefly as he moved unconsciously to shield Mystery from the cocky child. She strode directly to him, inciting further ire from the king, but such vehemence remained undetectable beneath a stony guise. Bhaltair contemplated the girl with fury raking at his nerves, chewing at length over the gall it had taken to produce such idiocy when in his presence. Finally, he lowered a tense and squared jaw so that he might find a level gaze with the girl, just as her mother climbed the final length of the path and crested the floor of their meeting ground; with dark lips writhing free from dripping fangs, Bhaltair narrowed his eyes at Llian and spoke quietly - angrily - to the impudent girl: "Take your seat or lose your tongue, sweet girl. When you've fully immersed yourself in the reality of politic and grandeur, then you may speak with me, but until that time, I need none of your counsel!" The words were quiet, intended for privacy, but his feral demeanor remained unmistakable; she had prodded the wrong bear and incurred only a modicum of what wrath remained him. Bhaltair narrowed his eyes and settled Llian with a frigid glare, meant to usher her away so that she might find solace in repentance - but his agitation found itself interrupted as Makenna sought his attention, perhaps to soothe his temper and redirect his rage. The king turned his gaze toward her, memories of their recent hunt holding office in his thoughts, and he dropped his chin in greeting. This day, their needs as a pack were many; he couldn't put aside the fact, lest he assign them to ruin. Bhaltair returned to his seat and reclined, resolute in his duties.

  Emerging next from the path were Lypso'ru and her godgiven child, Amaranthe, and the pair of them brought a wide and beaming smile to the countenance of the commander; his heart swelled at their attendance, at Lypso'ru's dedication to Hotaru, and at the pack's blessed gift - her daughter. The girl's mischievous bark gave reason for Bhaltair to offer a short wuff in return as his eyes of red brass danced with mirth and amusement, pleased beyond reason to set sights upon the girl once more. Her father's arrival did less to enthuse him, but he smiled upon the man all the same, submitting toward Kaleddin a gentle dip of the snout in recognition of his steadfastness; he'd been present, though without direction. Perhaps a nudge would point the man toward duty alongside his familial dedications. Unto Lunafer, upon his arrival, Bhaltair managed a small smile of encouragement. His every faith in their pupsitter existed - but Lunafer's reluctance to apply himself, to seek placement, elicited frustration in his king; he had hoped an ounce of his trust in overseeing the Cove's youth would have inspired some kind of earnestness in their priest, but the results had proven dismal, at best. The masked commander let his eyes rest upon the man for but a moment before they simply sought placement elsewhere, as if in silent dismissal - for there existed no egregious sin for which to assail Lunafer with, merely that of his inactivity, the same as could be said for Bhaltair and, moreover, for them all. They were all guilty, stricken by anonymity, each plunging toward the abyss ... but no more. He would see them hoisted beyond the height of prestige and renown - he would see them gilded.

  Those she-wolves next to present themselves were a trio that had thus haunted his dreams: Svana, Venus, Panik. The woman in red - the bereft and derelict soul, the embodiment of failure - and his own heathen queen. He observed them in wretched silence, for at the first, his soul trembled - and at the second, acrimony waged - and for the third, he could produce only vigilance and discretion. These three represented stark opposites on the warboard; one, besmirched with blood, another engulfed with shadow, the last already embalmed but armed with teeth. Bhaltair prowled silently through the growing crowd, his blonde shoulder thrust out so that he might buffet Svana's own as he passed, a low and territorial rumble writhing free of his lips. She was Queen of the Valley - but here, the warrior woman was but an esteemed and valued guest, having arrived at his behest - and the primal Legionnaire meant to idly, perhaps arrogantly, remind her of that fact as he slunk by her. "Welcome, Storm," he breathed with a glance, attentively sweeping his eyes across her form before pinning them on the meadow beyond - as if that had been the singular intention all along, "to our seaside paradise, Firefly Cove. May Hotaru bless you." Surreptitiously, his gaze flicked toward her once more, albeit fleetingly, before he resumed his rounds; unto those other queens, one dethroned and one an infidel, he bequeathed but a scrutinizing glance, at once both surmising and damning. They were twin images of madness in his kingdom, but both for wildly different reasons. He dared not waste a moment more on contemplation, for wolves yet poured through the Cove to heed his summons.

  Hardly a moment had passed as the women found their seats - and Song Symphonious stepped foot across the threshold, lending his presence to the meeting. Bhaltair had much admired the boy's courage in opposing Panik, but he had also felt shame in his defeat; the Dalmascan commander was oft loathe to place his faith in those that proved unworthy ... and yet still, that daring remained. Song's appearances had been brief - as had the whole of the pack - but his attendance, now, showed limitless strength. The king nodded faintly in his direction, though the boy's singular focus seemed intently pressed upon the failed queen of naught, before he cocked his head toward Vodka. Clothed in the black of mourning, her stature spoke of guilt and anxiety, her silver eyes fretting briefly toward Panik - but he knew little and less of their Thor. She was yet an enigma to Bhaltair. The king directed an encouraging smile in the woman's direction, reflective of that handful of times he'd seen her before, always keenly representative of Divine interests. She had impressed him once - he meant to reward it, today. At length, Acidalia catches the king's attention, redirecting his eye; he regarded the young girl with interest and confusion, having never met Venus' daughter before, but the king gestured vaguely with his maw just the same, providing an open invitation for the forgotten princess to join the rest of her collared ilk.

  Concluding their timely arrivals were Zinna and Briar, one of their newer recruits and his staunchest ally in their wayward realm of Doutaini. Bhaltair tossed an appreciative smile toward the young she-wolf before, abruptly, he turned his attention to Kaede's champion, that prickly beast, Briar; betwixt his jaws, the Gaian king clutched a quail that he deposited at the Commander's feet, clearly an offering for Hotaru and the Legion. Bhaltair lowered his head in thanks, ears perked forward as he offered an allegiant grin unto his first Doutainian brother-in-arms. "May Hotaru bless you, Briar. Henceforth, you are forever permitted in her Cove. Welcome," the king growled, bowing deep and low toward Briar, though his eyes remained upturned - impish devilry yet existed in their depths, inviting and tempting, as if a palm outstretched toward the Earth king: will you play in my game, my friend? Without awaiting reply, Bhaltair cut his gaze toward those attendant wolves that had aligned themselves with the goddess in question. They, who were Hotaru's chosen. He snatched up the quail - as well as a mouthful of lavender - and moved to gently deposit it between Mystery's forepaws, his ruddy eyes pinned on the mercurial silver of her own. "Eat and rest, my love," he instructed firmly, though his expression spoke of pleasant and cherished memories. In silence, he outlined the necessary points of the gathering, prioritizing the order of announcement at a moment's notice; their numbers, he had realized, were somewhat few - but in their company, he could clearly understand the flare of unity. Turning, Bhaltair faced these wolves who were his pack: they were wolves dedicated to one another - to the greater good - or so he hoped, so he prayed.

  "Greetings, my friends and family. Tonight, I would like to present our most eminent guests: Briar Deimos and Svana Vighente, alphas of Earth and Storm respectively. As the procurers of health and vitality in Doutaini, the packs of Divine and Earth have been united in alliance, and as wolves of strength and honor, so, too, do we seek alliance with Storm," Bhaltair announced, probing the crowd with an attentive eye as he settled at the fore of the group with his back to the cliff's edge, a black and blonde silhouette against the chilled meadow beyond. For but a moment, he would assess their taking of this news, curiosity abound - and then, abruptly, he continued with business. He thrust the full of his attention on his wolves, then, allowing his gaze to scour each of their faces individually whilst he continued on with his declarations. "Too long have I gone without naming a council - but it ends today. First and foremost, I would ask for the keen left and right paw of Lypso'ru and Song as my betas, those second-in-command. Beyond that, I hereby appoint Vodka and Makenna as my gamma pair, to oversee the hunters and scouts, to act as guidance for the rest of the council. I have observed the fortitude of you four in this long year we have spent together; I could pick no better wolves to have at my side," Bhaltair offered with an affectionate, hopeful grin, head and ears cocked toward the aforementioned wolves in earnest. "Furthermore, I would ask for Zinna and Kaleddin to take on the roles of scout, as we have none at present. The two of you will work in tandem as my eyes and ears - do not disappoint," he mused, brows furrowed as he glanced at the pair in question.

"As for our personal affairs - we, in Divine, have sat complacent long enough. Our civility has been unquestioned, our divinity understood, but our might has not been translated to Doutaini. We are not simply quietude and gentility. I would see Hotaru's flock armored, tooth and nail, ready for all that might befall her. I have received news that the gods - Jiro, the punisher, our patron god of destruction and strife - would see action across Doutaini," he confirmed, narrowed eyes sweeping those attendant wolves in search of their reactions. "From this moment forward, I name Orestes Dalmasca as leader of the Divine Guard; she will work to recruit and train each wolf in our ranks so that we might defend the pack with all our might. Furthermore, Jiro asks of us a singular question: who would seek to carve out a name for themselves in Hotaru's infant army? Who thinks themselves capable of wielding her light in defense of Jiro's title? Who do we nominate as Hotaru's Champion for his Festival?" In his inquiries, he presented a snarled and lasting challenge, inspecting each of their miens for some semblance of the glory Jiro sought - for some indication that the Cove housed such a Champion. Should they be willing, vehement in body and spirit, he would support them - but should their hearts pale at the thought, should they be more peaceloving than he, Bhaltair would be content to carry the torch himself. He had deigned himself their champion in crowning himself against Asher's renown; he was their king, their staunchest defender and truest friend. Bhaltair waited, silent as the grave, and beheld his wolves with only his everlasting patience to attend him.

Bhaltair welcomes Briar and Svana as esteemed guests. Promotes Lypso'ru and Song to beta, Makenna and Vodka to gamma, Zinna and Kaleddin to scout. Announces Orestes will take charge of training and arming Divine. Inquires as to who Divine would like to appoint as Champion for Jiro's Tournament.

Posted 06-17-2017, 10:33 AM | This post was last modified: 06-17-2017, 10:53 AM by Mercury
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Alas, if Bhaltair wanted Lunafer to demand more for himself--or even to expect more of himself, he was sorely mistaken. Lunafer did not see himself as worthy of anything--of any sort of second glance. He was little more than an avatar, a shell, and never would he ask for more. He did not expect to be remembered upon his death, even. He existed only to absorb the pains of others. He sat and offered Panik a warm smile-- more than anything, he had been wandering about with her, what with Venus' pups being nowhere to be seen or found, despite his calls for companionship.

"Ah. Congratulations, Lypso." An affectionate note in his tone before he leaned and gave a brief dip of his head to Song as well,"And you as well." His efforts in championing for the absent Venus had not gone unnoticed, it seemed. As to Kale's promotion, he smiled warmly,"Then you can come and join me, perhaps, on this next excursion. I'd like to bring the children to the Hakai." To perhaps practice hunting, as the forests were a brilliant place to learn tracking. His expression chippered when he saw Makenna, as their last meeting had been....strenuous.
"How are you feeling, Makenna?" he asked, sincerity in his tone.

A gentle smile offered to Zinna as well,"How are you faring? Fitting in well enough?"
And Mystery was noted too--her swollen belly giving him pause, though this was only because he was now calculating the time he would be taking to care for her youth as well.

And then Venus reappears as if from the shadows, and yet, he greets her with just the same amount of pleasure as all others, for her transgressions were hers to deal with, not his.
"Welcome back."

He greeted Svana as well, a smile and a brief 'hello'-- trying his damndest to....socialize. He did not do it often, nor did he do it well, for he was a man content to remain unseen and unheard, allowing only the effects of his actions to announce his presence.

Not that it did much at all to stop Auriel and Anteros from deciding to meet them all.
Anteros first bounded towards Briar, crashing into his legs and huffing out a pleased "Dadddddyyyyy~!", as Lunafer had spent some time explaining to the both of them exactly what Briar's relationship was to them.. He curled his paws lightly around Briar's forelimb, staring up at him with wide and glistening eyes-- pale blue, those of Lunafer-- marred only by the streak of crimson that marked him as a Deimos. Of course, had anybody at this point NOT known, Anteros had done away with any questioning.

Auriel, on the other hand, seemed more preoccupied with Amaranthe--younger than he. He wore a heart-shaped mark, and yet she wore a star!
"Wanna trade?"


Greets everybody, notes Mystery is preggo, asks Kaleddin if he wants to join Luna on his next puppo adventure, tries to say hi to Svana but he'd bad at socializing, checks in on Zinna and congratulates Song, greets Makenna again, acknowledges Panik and welcomes back Venus.
Anteros gleefully attacks Briar, proclaiming him Daddy, and Auriel spends his time questioning Amaranthe. Lypso'ru

Posted 06-17-2017, 11:52 AM |
Divine Healer
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© Amber
Zinna felt at home among these wolves, she relaxed her shoulders as Bhaltair began with his speech. She looked around, seeking the figures of Briar and Svana - who were, as her King said, the leaders of two different packs. She needed to know who her pack was allied with. Finding them, she took her seat again, content to find Divine was in friendship with the packs of these strong beasts.
Lypso'ru! Song! Zinna beamed with joy as Bhaltair announced the dove-white wolfess as his second-in-command, alongside the brave Symphonous.
Makenna was a great wolf, as far as Zinna knew, and... Vodka! So that was the name of the black wolfess. The yearling wondered why she had such knowledge of herbs when she was clearly a scout and warrior, as assigned to reign those.
Wait, whaaat? Zinna felt her jaw drop in surprise. Wasn't I supporsed to train with Mystery??? She would be more than glad to work with Kaleddin - he was great! - but... she had hoped to learn the power to heal with the help of nature, too. Can I do both? She wondered. She should talk to them both after the meeting... right now she was a bit shy to speak up before the crowd of her packmates.
Zinna knew Orestes was a fighter from the moment she set gaze upon her - her build, her attitude, her temper. I hope she knows what she's doing.
She was pleasantly surprise when Lunafer greeted her, and her smile was wide when she replied.
"Oh, Lunafer, it's amazing! I don't know how I've lived without a pack before." Her eyes followed him as she sat... nexttoBriarand -. . .
The two pups were...Lunafer's and Briar's, obviously. One of them had already gone to say "hi" to their father. They were big, fluffy and healthy - Zinna took a few moments studying. One of them, the one that came to talk to Amaranthe, bore a heart-shaped mark.
How many surprises will I get today?! - she wonders as she waited for what will happen Next.

OOC:Zinna listens through the speech, admires the new
council and realizes Mystery hadn't told Bhaltair about
Zinna being trained as Healer. Then answers Lunafer and
is pushed in confusement by his relationship with Briar.
Then wanders what is else there to expect -
pffft she's yet to get her mentor is expecting pups.
Very oblivious she is. Very.

Posted 06-17-2017, 01:13 PM | This post was last modified: 06-17-2017, 01:14 PM by Vodka
Divine Wolf
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© Aubers

Bhaltair was steady in his presence and as the names and ranks of their guests were given she nodded respectfully towards them both. The he moved onto his council; and she offered a smile towards Song and Lypso before wait. what? Her. As gamma. A rank earned without the use of her bloodline or family ties. Her ears had perked as she was named and after the moment of surprise she would grin and duck her head. Bashful; but also appreciative of the gesture. For a moment; her family troubles were left behind as she became focused and immersed in that of pack. She would need to meet with them afterwards; the younger lass she'd given herbs to and her gamma lady that she'd only seen in passing. "Thank you. He continued and as the topic came around to the tournament her mind had to shift; back to family. Back to her spar with Mikhail and the bitter tang of disappointment that had come with the lack of her father showing to cheer her on. She did not know if Bhaltair had been here for the last festival; or if it had happened before his arrival? Shy but firmly she stood; her gaze focused as she considered their pack. "I participated in the festival as a pup though I didn't make it far and my reasons were selfish ones. You'll want to have someone skilled with Divines healing skills attend the fighter between matches. I can assist with gathering herbs for the lesser wounds while scouting." She could fight in the tournament but she knew she was not the best fighter here. She had seen her pack mates fight and knew their skills would take them father than her own skills would get her in the tournament. The question was were any of them willing to nominate themselves? She didn't want to start naming names and putting others on the spot. They had to want the glory. Want the fight or they'd have lost before they began.

Posted 06-18-2017, 05:00 PM |
in, lbs

m y s t e r y

She looked up at Bhaltair as she laid there, waiting to see his reaction. As he face seemed to light up, she couldn't help the smile that crossed her features. Her tail began to wag and she looked up at him, bright silver eyes glowing with love. Her head turned to the small child that seemed to have a silver tongue on her. A small smile crossed her lips as she saw Bhalt move to stand in front of her, shielding her from the girl. She moved slowly to press her side against his, letting him know that she was alright and she was there for him. Of course, she wasn't supposed to stand beside him at a meeting, after all she was merely a healer but she really didn't want to move away. As everyone began to gather, she figured she would need to get out of the way soon. Mainly when she saw the Alphas of Earth and Storm attend this meeting as well. She knew instantly this wasn't her place. She sighed slightly and lifted herself up, grunting slightly at the amount of effort that was needed to do so. She tried to make as little noise as possible so she wouldn't disturb the meeting that was underway. But, as she lifted herself off the ground she saw a quail and lavender dropped in front of her paws. Silver eyes looked up to him as he spoke, words loving but firm.

She hesitated slightly, knowing good and well she wasn't meant to be up here but hearing his words and seeing the look in his eyes, she nodded and laid back down, having to roll onto her side with her growing belly in the way. She remained quiet, reaching down to munch on the quail before her eyes darted up to see the earth king stumble. She knew enough about each pack from her years of exploring to know that using simple grow on a wolf as experienced as he would have been, wouldn't have made him stumble that much. She made a point to talk to him later, intent on going to his pack to make sure he was alright if she had to. Her eyes glanced down at the half eaten quail in front of her and glanced back up at the earth male. Something wasn't right and her motherly instincts were doubled with the little lives that were growing inside of her. Slowly she would lift herself up once more, slowly getting to her feet before picking up the prey in her jaws. Her steps were soft as to not interrupt the meeting that was taking place. Walking around the now complete circle of wolves she would head over to stand in front of the earth man, placing the bird in front of him. Her voice was soft as she spoke. "You need to keep your strength." Her eyes would look up to him, it was clear she saw the stumble and though she didn't know him, she was worried. "Please meet me afterwards." Her last sentence was a whisper for only him to hear before turning and making her way back to Bhaltair.

She had made it back to Bhalt and moved behind him when she heard the words of Vodka. Looking over she thought for a moment before stepping forward and finally addressing everyone though her eyes were on the man beside her. "I can offer my abilities in healing at the festival." She grunted slightly as she felt a small movement inside her belly, something that she hadn't felt in so long. Turning to Zinna she cocked her head to the side for a moment before speaking. "Also, Bhaltair, Zinna has been learning under me as a healer." She turned her head back to him, bright eyes shining. "She will soon have the ability to take over in my place once I'm gone if you see her fit for that role." Once her words were spoke she would back away once more, sitting down behind her love and off to the side as to try and distance herself from the area where she knew only Alpha's would stand. But, as she did so she would whisper softly in his ear so no one else would hear her words. "Do you wish to tell them about out pups?" She didn't mind either way but she wanted her pack to be kept up to date about things that were happening. But in the long run, it was all up to him.


Accepts the herbs and the food before spotting Briar stumble.
Heads over to give him the other half of the quail.
Quietly request his presence after the meeting.

Offers her healing assistance at the festival

Tells Bhaltair about Zinna's learning of herbs
Requests for her to take over as healer once she's gone.

Quietly asks Bhalt if he wants to tell the pack about her pregnancy.

Posted 06-18-2017, 07:53 PM | This post was last modified: 06-18-2017, 07:53 PM by Song
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He was still buzzing with the pull and emotion of unspoken words upon seeing Venus, yet he forced his focus on Bhaltair. His leader would begin by introducing their guests and Song would nod to each leader, recognizing the king of Earth much more than the queen of Storm, yet showing equal respect for each.

His emerald eyes make out the form of Acidalia in the crowd and he offers her a soft smile, though her eyes are glued to her mother. A sharp pang threatens to prick at his heart and he pushes it down, raising his voice to a soft yip to summon her near before turning his attention back to Bhaltair.

So Storm would also be an ally...this was good news. His sister was a part of Storm; knowing that he wouldn't be likely to meet her in battle was a small comfort that was appreciated. And so Bhaltair continues and Song finds himself pleasantly surprised - he was to be named Beta alongside Lypso?!?

Warmth filled his stiff joints and he found himself lowering his head in reverence to Hotaru before addressing Bhaltair. "It would be my honor! I will not disappoint Divine." His head would turn towards Lypso with a boyish grin, unable to hide his reaction. "Congratulations!" He would whisper fiercely to the alabaster woman and make a mental note to seek council with her later. His eyes met each wolf who congratulated him as well, nodding in thanks.

The king continued to speak, announcing the rest of his appointed councilmembers. Vodka and Makenna as gamma pair - Song would raise his voice in praise to the two strong-willed women. He did not know Vodka very well, but he had known Makenna to be a fierce and strong mother, and Vodka had a reputation for her will. Bhaltair knew what he was doing. Next he would appoint Zinna and Kaleddin to the position of scout, and Song would praise their selection as well. Zinna had been the sweet girl who treated his wounds after the sub-alpha challenge, and urged him to push onward in light of his defeat - she was a good egg. As was Kaleddin, Lypso's faithful mate. He was standing now in support of his fellow packmates. Orestes was appointed to leader of the Divine Guard...Divine was improving more and more with every word Bhaltair spoke. Song spoke his congratulations.

A question was asked of Divine - one that did not have a simple answer. Who of their ranks would give themselves wholly in defense of Hotaru? To play Jiro's cruel games in wielding Hotaru's light? Again, Song would raise his voice, feeling adrenaline rush once more through his veins. "If I might be so bold, my king," He would begin, testing the weight of his words behind his teeth before allowing them to escape. "I would lay down my life for Hotaru and her light, whether that means as her champion or as her soldier, as you may see fit." He would declare, his chin rising in defiance to the gods who may challenge his loyalty to the goddess of light. His eyes shone like emerald fires straight into Bhaltair's gaze - not in a look of disrespect, but as a show of strength and honor. Given the opportunity to train and re-limber himself, Song felt that he stood a fighting chance.

Venus Acidalia Lypso'ru Vodka Makenna Zinna Kaleddin Orestes Bhaltair

Song approves of the alliance with Earth and Storm.
He accepts his appointment to Beta and congratulates Lypso.
Congratulates Vodka, Makenna, Zinna, Kaleddin, Orestes.
Song tells Bhaltair that he would fight for Hotaru.

Posted 06-18-2017, 09:50 PM |
Rogue Wolf
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So many had arrived after him and so much would happen all at once, it nearly confused him to take it all in. But all he knew was that his beloved was near the top-ranking within Divine, and he was given a humble role as Scout. He was happy to be given a job in Divine, and he was grateful to have obtained it. He agrees to take on the job alongside Zinna, and gives a bow to Bhaltair before looking to his dear Lypso'ru, trembling with excitement for her as his tail swishes the air behind him. "Ru! This is amazing! Congratulations, you more than deserve to be beta!" He would land a kiss to her cheek if she accepts it, before turning his attention to his beloved daughter, Amy. "So, what do you think about mommy and daddy's new jobs? Pretty cool, huh?" He smiles brightly, nuzzling his daughter with as much love as he can muster. Hopefully she too will have a rank within the amazing Divine pack, star-studded and all! It would only make sense, right? His top two loves in the whole world were not only blessed by Hotaru herself, but he was a major player in both their lives and he could not be happier to be alive!

After all the excitement had died, Lunafer had extended an invitation to join him in traveling to Hakai, whatever that meant. "I'd love to, Luna! I could bring Amy along and even perhaps Ru if she isn't too busy doing Beta things! ha ha!" He jests. But, thinking on it, he hadn't really spent a whole lot of time with his family since Amy was born, and it tore at his heart a little bit, causing his face to show some sadness. Was he a good father? Was he doing a good job at being a dad? He would have to prove it with the next journey, prove he was worthy to be mate and father to two of Horatu's blessed wolves.

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&& she is forever faithful

it takes her longer than usual to relax after she arrives, even when amaranthe presses against her skin, white fur to white fur, mingling as mother and daughter could. she breathes, letting go of the events of late, and the negative thoughts that had plagued her mind with poisonous berries. finally though, does she look around to acknowledge those who had arrived before her, orestes, the kings daughter and heir- a wolf lypso had not warmed to, and didn't think she ever would. then there was mystery, a wolf who always seemed to pull attention for selfish reasons, and yet lypso couldn't dislike the old healer even if she tried, she wouldn't be here forever. she'd nod her head if the healer looked her way, sapphire eyes softening around the edges. the pup llian, and her mother Makenna were there as well, lypso had arrived in time to hear the girls words, and though she knew bhaltair could take care of it himself; she couldn't help the snarl that twisted her lips, and the bark of laughter that spat through tight teeth. foolish. but she was right. amaranthe, uneasy by lypso's side, gets to her feet as Kaleddin arrives, dancing towards her father with a happy yip and bark, an enthusiastic wag of her tail as bodies collide and she nuzzles into her father brightly. "daddy!" she coos, a grin pressing her lips apart as she follows his figure back to lypso, and takes her place between them. "sorry I didn't wait for you," lypso whispers, sapphire eyes sliding sideways to regard her partner as he nuzzles her, though she does not return the favour (and hopes he doesn't notice), but she spares him a smile quickly afterward.

Luna appears next, followed by his two angels, and lypso appears genuinely more chipper as he takes a seat beside her. she leans over, nipping softly at luna's cheek before she shares a smile with the children, noticing amaranthe move towards them instantly with a swish of her tail. lypso had told her all about her 'cousins', and though she'd only met them a few times when they were much younger; she still remembers them fondly; "oi, is this your first meeting too? how cool, but nah I don't wanna trade...who made you though, if you have a heart?" and she names them 'sam' and 'joe' in sweet honey tones, even as she questions them. lypso chuckles, sapphire eyes finding luna with a dip of her silken nose; "we must catch up lune, I've missed you terribly." and she is overwhelmed by just how much. the next to arrive is svana, the storm commander, and lypso would spare her a single glance and tilt of her head if their eyes at some point, met. alliances had been invited to this meeting, she wondered what exactly they had been called for. honeysuckle and thyme, memories flood her as she closes her eyes and sucks them in, and with the curve of her neck she peers behind her shoulder to glance the incoming figure of venus. the girl was not a girl, but a woman, brilliant and in perfect connection with her mother, lypso feels her chest give a pull at the very image; "venus.." she whispers, for it was no secret for divine to know that the two had not been the greatest of friends- so much had changed; "welcome home.."

Panik, song and vodka are next, along with a child that lypso had seen only a handful of times around the cove; venus' daughter, she watches them silently, listening to all they have to offer (though somehow she keeps a guarded eye on panik always, never to trust!). Zinna arrives, and lypso casts her a large grin, but quickly do sapphire eyes slip to briar as he arrives, and guilt punches her in the gut, sending her spine stiffening, a rigid lift to her hackles obvious as she eyes the earth king. before she can stop her, amaranthe notices him too; "briar! yay, I get to see briar again!" lypso ushers her silence, and instantly amaranthe complies, but not before her voice had already rung out across the meeting. she is ashamed, most of these wolves with hotaru's pendant by their necks...she does not know them. she has not been apart of this pack in some time, though her love for hotaru would always be the strongest of her emotions; she doesn't know how she can remain here, chained; to a place that doesn't belong to her anymore. Alas; the meeting begins as bhaltair's voice rings into the crowd, and her sapphire eyes find him, as he finds her, and there is that familiar feeling of ignition that fills her chest.

He announces alliances with storm and earth, and lypso glances at both briar and svana, eyes narrowing in retaliation to this news. how could she leave hotaru for earth, when they were joined in alliance? But quickly do her eyes jerk towards bhaltair as he speaks of council, and in unison; her name is spoken and the rank of beta is handed to her. at first, she must admit; she is shocked. why now, after so long, did he want her to become is left hand? afterwards; she is angry, that he chooses now to confuse her heart more. vodka and Makenna are named gammas, but lypso can't bring herself to thank their king, or to congratulate any of them. it is amaranthe that pipes up after the ranks have been given, nuzzling at her father first to congratulate him on his own promotion; "what 'bout me, your majesty?" she shouts, "I'm old enough fer a rank, aren't I!" for all she truly wanted to do, was please. lypso sits, staring off into the distance by her side; and she remains that way, no matter who speaks to her, until bhaltair mentions the championships.

"I nominate Panik," she says, and though her voice is not cold, it is not kind either. "I think no other wolf here, deserves the opportunity, to solidify their claims to serve hotaru.. I think it would give our goddess much pleasure, to have our queen fight for her honour." lypso turns, her tail giving a flick as sapphires pierce panik sharply, her chin lifting as she lets her gaze linger perhaps a little too long. say no, I beg you. and finally, does her gaze slip to bhaltair and with a dip of her muzzle she thanks him silently for her own opportunity- no matter if she'd keep it or not.

okay, lypso is salty af right now. anyway.
lypso nods to mystery, orestes and Makenna, but snarls at llian in retaliation to the girls rudeness. amaranthe bounces around kaleddin, before sitting between her parents. lypso and amaranthe both interact with luna and the kids. lypso welcomes venus home, and keeps a close eye on panik.
amaranthe yells out to briar.
lypso gets salty because earth is allied with divine, and goes silent.
amaranthe asks Bhaltair for a rank ;3

Lypso nominates Panik for the champion of hotaru.
thanks bhaltair silently for beta.

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Orestes is unamused as they gathered, golden eyes lurking at each wolf. They lingered on the grotesque form of Mystery and her pregnant bodice and she noted Makenna. These were faces she had met before. Though her interest is keen and seething as she notes Bhaltair's actions to the pregnant wolf. What? She growls lowly, eyes narrowing but she remains. Sometimes she knew she had to behave. The next girl saunters in and immediately Orestes is on her feet, weight shifted onto coiled hind legs—at the ready. Orestes cared not if the wolf was a day old or a million days old, she'd shut a bitch down. I will show you lazy! She lurches forward in the instant Bhaltair speaks and this is what stills the heir. Her hackles are furrowed and her feet pound the ground, but Orestes has already promised herself to deal with this child. If their mother would not control them, she would. Orestes was far less forgiving than any mother was. Lypso'ru's arrival stirs her from her feral desires and she snorts, forcing her eyes off Lilan, prying them off with all she could muster. Lunafer came, a weird one that guy. However it is Svana's presence that stirs her heart—for she had been the first to give her life. Orestes loved Haya, there was no denying that. Her only regret was not having told her of her departure. So Orestes would dip her muzzle to the red queen of the valley.

Orestes hawk gaze finds Venus and her hackles flare again. It's the one who abandoned them, the coward and the worthless. Lips peel to reveal teeth as she stares at her, before yet another worthless creature finds her vision. The great Panik. More irrelevant people sauntered in, the Earth King finished it up after growing some odd smelling plants for them. Yay. Then Bhaltair began. Orestes quickly registered that Briar was allowed in the cove. She is quick to take in all those Bhaltair named higher now, excited to have a council and hoping they were active and not "lazy". Her name is called and her ears turn, teeth flashing with a growl. Though her commander's words do nothing more than stir her heart and soul and she is alive again. Bhaltair moves to announce Jiro's tournament and Orestes hackles stand on end. It would be a lie to say she did not wish to immediately jump on that. Song presents himself and Orestes nose wrinkles: No. Lypso'ru nominates Panik. Ugh. No. Maybe. Orestes moves immediately forward, tail raising slightly as she snarls, "I nominate Bhaltair. Who else to fight for Hotaru's honor twice?", she says firmly. Bhaltair had championed Hotaru and won against their old alpha, why not in a tournament. "Anyone else who wants to will be tested by me." Her eyes narrow as if daring them to say anything else. She was the leader of the Divine Guard, it was her duty.


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crossed ankles -- she is nonchalant as she may ever be, jaw crook'd across her throat as the meeting is obseved. an affirming grunt meets lypso's announcement. war! she will fight for the living and breathing, but never those who have neither bled nor died. it is an effort to disguise the sentiment, though she raises her voice a moment to express her thoughts upon the subject. 'i have fought for king and kingdom in jiro's tourney. i know the way around.' the lifted brow, the serpentine switch of her tail at her hips, beckons for others to rally about her, or for them to set roadblocks in her way.

the gaze that turns to orestes is inquisitive, cooled by her natural aloofness to the ill tempered princess. 'surely, if your father had intended to place such limits on hotaru's people, he wouldn't have treated the matter so democratically.' i see your flaws. for that has always been a source of her -- that family and love should come above capability or, indeed, democracy. treasuring shared blood above those who would shed was an intrinsic flaw in their society. nepotism. for the girl that came from nowhere and was raised by her own tenacious will, there was no greater insult.

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