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Brain waves and the sea's a dream.
Posted 07-29-2017, 04:13 PM |
Water Alpha
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© Julie
With the details to be worked out at a later time, the beginning of a promising alliance lay before the two packs at the shared intent of hunt and after party. Keston smiled when a decision was made, bowing his head approvingly as he shared in anticipation of the coming event. “It will be an event to remember—I look forward to the chance of seeing our packs come together. Until then, I bid you safe travels.” The Lioncourt replies, tilting his head into another bow as Vaitan begins his retreat towards the demands from his place as alpha. “Take care, Lyonesse.” He adds then with a handsome grin, before turning to watch Sullivan take his leave as well. Keston would hold back, seeing that all the members of their small council found their paths to wherever they were headed next, before he too would retreat back towards the demands of his position—perhaps after a quick meal, that was.
Lyonesse (this is poop, but just to get things wrapped up!)

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Posted 08-02-2017, 07:33 PM |
Fire Sub-Alpha
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So they'd agreed, a hunt, and a bonfire, it would be a wonderful spring day for them all to share. She glances at Vaitan as he nudges her, his smirk speaking louder than any words he could have managed. Was she being that obvious? Chartreuse orbs drift to Keston, a smile curling at the corner of her ashen lips, and she supposes her small crush was rather full in way of her body language. Her cheeks would have been bright red if not for the fur that lines them. "Sounds perfect," she says finally, dipping her head to Sullivan, and to Vaitan as they both leave. There is a brief moment where her eyes meet Keston's, where her ears bow as her body freezes below her. Take care, Lyonesse, it shatters the moment and her smirk lifts and curves contagiously, "I hope to see you soon, Keston." she purrs, and with a flick of her tail and the wave of her Mohawk; she turns and trots after Vaitan.

tags; XD

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