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May 21, 2017
Posted 05-20-2017, 03:46 PM |
in, lbs

Hey guys!

The timezone vote has come to a close! We are excited to announce that Doutaini's new time zone is UTC-6. This will begin on June 1st, when we will ask everyone to change their forum timezone in their user settings, to match the clock in the sidebar. Also, Doutaini's time will not be changing to account for daylight savings, so there will be no unexpected changes in the middle of the year (but if you are converting from your own timezone to Dout's, make sure you're aware of when daylight savings occurs in your country). The vote about layout contests has also closed: entries will be limited to 1 per person, but there won't be any wait in between contests if you win. We'll also try to introduce some new themes to spice things up a bit!

We apologise for the complications with the Festival of Spring, and we'll be looking at better ways to approach this in future years. For now, all participants have received a reward that should help them burn off that pent-up hunting energy their characters have!

The EP review is coming to a close, and we'll be implementing the updated EP system on June 1st. The switchover will work as follows:
- The '2016 points' page will remain up, and any threads started before June 1st will be eligible for precisely the points stated on the '2016' page.
- Threads started on or after June 1st will be eligible for points in the new system, and only those points.
- When posting an update on the Elemental Updates board, please split points into two sections (before and after June 1st) to make it easier for us to log, and write sub-totals for each of the two sections. (For subsequent updates, where all points come after June 1st, there is no need to have a pre-June section.)
- This means that the exact date you log your points won't have any effect on the amount you earn (the only factor that will change this is the start date of the thread). However, we urge you to log your pre-June points in good time, so we can eventually take down the old thread.

We've added a pregnancy section to the biology page so that might be worth checking out and per the vote on the SDF, staff have decided that the SDF will now occur on March 20th & September 22nd (Equinox Parties?).

The rules review is ongoing, and we'd like some volunteers to help with that, so please head on over to the member consultations area and contribute what you can. The Spirits consultation is also an ongoing discussion, and Spirit Island is on the horizon! Finally, you can also suggest new herbs to be added to our compendium.

Thank you,
Doutaini Staff