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for kaede !
Posted 05-16-2017, 09:19 AM |
Male, 4.25
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534 ep
© Penn
He stirs in the middle of the night, unable to sleep with his restless mind. He is excited. So as the dark timber man lay there awake conjuring up ideas, he finally decides it is best just to get moving already. So he clambers from his den, jaws parted to release a wild yawn before he shakes himself and he is off. He does not venture from the Gaia, but instead focuses on their land for what was to come. Even before the sun begins to peak through the shrouded forest Briar is set to work hunting for the feast he would host. He couldn't have his guests starve, he needed them to see the glory that was Kaede, his temple, and his people. We are silent, but were are here! Hours tick by and by the time the sun crests the sky in early morning, he finishes. He wobbles to collapse on the cool temple floor. He rests only enough to catch his breath and moves to one of the small babbling brooks that caressed the edge of the temple. Perhaps this is why the temple was always so cool: the intricate water that weaved its way around and danced against the walls. It might have been better to host this on their isle, but Briar wished them to see the mighty temple.

So the king began to arrange what he had caught: several birds, mostly quails, lots of rabbits, a beaver or two, couple raccoons, one large deer. Mostly snacks, nothing extravagant. Briar was no god and he hadn't used his powers yet, saving that for decoration and things. The king would move to the pool near where he'd placed the food out, bathe himself and rid himself of blood from his newly acquired wounds from hunting. He moved then to distance himself from the temple for a moment, standing 40 feet away as he called upon growth and bloom. Sprigs of lavender and jasmine would spring up from the ground and flit fragrance into the air, hoping to create a relaxing and peaceful place as he ran them in a great circle that would mark their meeting place and partially surrounded the temple. A few jasmine vines would curl up against parts of the temple and by the time he was done his head was splitting, his stomach uneasy as he stared at the grotesque food all around him now. His eyes dilated as he waited, sliding onto the cool stone to ease his stomach.

Finally Briar would rise to sing into the heavens, to call forth those who cared and wished to relish in their god today!

This is Kaede's celebration. Come and be merry! After decorating the gaia in food and flowers, Briar is opening his borders to all who wish to partake.

Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

Posted 05-16-2017, 09:44 AM |
in, lbs
     Briar's call doesn't just reach the ears of his faithful followers, but it awakens the unearthly beast from his eternal slumber. Never is the phantom heathen far from the temple, or the Gaia herself, for in life this place was his home for many years. He was her king, her champion against threats, and even in death he cannot pull himself away from the forest. Mostly invisible to the naked eye the fallen king lurks. Watching over the newer generation of Earth, and the woodlands. Gaia's loyal ghostly guardian. A celebration for their beloved deity, Kaede. The one whom made all of this possible. Berlioz had been absent for many of these, and so much time had passed since he last touched the damp soil of the forest, but his love for Kaede has never faded. He could only hope that if the god himself graced his loyal servants with his holy presence that he would not scold, or cast out, the phantom that is Berlioz Ether. Fear does not keep the ghost at bay. He is ready for anything that may possibly happen. Death has a way of altering one's self. Making one more ready to rise to meet the inevitable. Today he will be there to celebrate the god of Earth, and to help in any way that he can.
     Ebony particles glide several inches over the soft fertile soil of the forest. The black spectral pieces creeping through the forest like thick dark fingers stretching outward to grasp something. Like a mist the phantom's soul crawls through the atmosphere with one destination in mind. Emerging through the dense trees the fallen king arrives first at the temple. A show of his loyalty to the new emperor. You have outdone yourself. That whisky voice calls out into the autumn air to Briar. Though he has yet to take shape Berlioz lets his presence be known to Briar. At Briar's right side the beast begins to manifest. Those loose black particles, that float so freely, are sucked in. Pulled together by an unseen force. From the ground up he reconstructs his once physical form.
     A man composed of many scars looms faithfully at the king's side. Haunting silver irises staring down at Briar. Concern lingers on his face, but there is pride in those deep metallic seas. I admire your strength, and devotion, Briar. Try to be more careful though, okay? The Gaia needs her king. Berlioz's voice is gentle, but he comes across as a concerned father giving a stern lecture to his son.


Posted 05-17-2017, 02:20 PM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 2.50
36" in, 132 lbs
204 ep
© Violetta
Briar's call rings through her ears and summoning her eyes to open in a show of wildfire. A burning pull tugged at her heart, ushering the Earth wolf to rise and present herself in front of the loyalists that dare call themselves top dog. Rise and be the best she could for Earth! Fill the ranks with scions that would one day rule an empire, and challenge for Queen in hopes that she would do it well. The Warrior-to-be rises, coat scented floral ashes and painted in the hues of Akako & Kurai. But this wasn't about them -- it was about her steadfast God that represents all she wanted in life. Theo prowled between the tangling roots and prickly bushes, eyes narrowed silently as she thinks over the purpose of this meeting. For prayer or a show of utmost loyalty? Theodosia bowed to no one except her Fire God, and hoped that would never have to change.

The Temple has never looked so glorious water running through the cracks and cooling the air with it's presence. The atmosphere smelt ridiculously damp, but it wasn't something that surprised the teen in the least. Lips peeled into a frisky smile, that pulled effortlessly at her lips. "Briar.." She hums, careful eyes scanning her brother's being. With pride she glides to his side, taking care not to crush any of the fragrant plants he conjured up. "Amazing. Perfect. You did amazing!" Her head bowed to him in respect, Kaede had this man's heart in it's iron grasp. Theodosia's tail curled slightly, tongue touching her canines lightly. If he allowed she'd sit at his left side, leaving his right for the Sub-Alpha, Beta or Gamma who she hasn't met yet.

Let's see who really cared for their Earth god.

Posted 05-18-2017, 03:33 PM |
Female, 4.50
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© Loretta

..he came for you..

a lump in her throat, whispy hair.

she is quiet.

as if a shy young woman who came bearing a gift basket against her hip to the local fraternity group. an apology gift, something of thanking. it was only a smoothed piece of bark. a curve in it from the windswept trees of Haruko's mountainside. something briar could probably use. (she could have just brought him some liquor of her father's but she just couldn't disrupt the dust that sat in his office)

there is silence as she weasels her way through the dense brush of the gaia, overtime in her visits she had grown aware. how to push against the large ferns and what occasional flowers that would stick her and leave burrs all throughout her uncapped hair. some had beat her, with little surprise and the babe stood among the edges of the cleared temple. observing, with those sea-foam eyes that questioned the black heathen who formed her lips to pucker slightly. drifting thoughts of her father crease her brow, furrow it infact in his recent disappearance. part of her started to just think that she was imagining it, as a child. she remembered his face, but didnt.

her tongue would roll her in mouth for the curved trunk of a tree had begun to truly dry out the roof of her jaw. gently placing it to her feet, a smile pointed in the direction of briar and the feast he had presented for those all around in honour of his god. and she would not interrupt the excitement babbling from a young girl, but stand quiet and aways some.

Posted 05-18-2017, 09:19 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
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© Julie
From an early age, he used to recite the names of the gods when company seemed scarce. Keston had always began with Kei, the keeper of his heart, before making his way through the names of her brothers and sisters, ending with great devotion to the main gods of Doutaini. His soul was bound to their lessons, bound to their influence as he weathered the difficult storms of his life. Despite all the tribulations he faced, the young king found sanctuary under their protection. Once the names had been committed to memory, he moved on to connecting their names with cyclic pattern in which their days of celebration fell. He had been absent for Haruko’s celebration, a notion that broke his heart—how could he have been too preoccupied with his newfound duties as alpha, to set aside a moment of his time? It pained him greatly, and knowing that Kaede’s season would follow soon, he vowed to not fall into the same excuse.

The man of golden timbers moves from the reach of Cerulean Waters, where his clearwater eyes take a final, longing glance at the vast ocean before he bids his goodbyes. It was a temporary separation, yet Keston always felt most at ease when he was beside the restless waters of the sea. When he was landlocked in the innermost portions of Doutaini, he was often overcome with the trembling of asphyxiation. Today, however, was more important than himself and he gladly sets aside his own fears to overcome this challenge. Keston does not come towards Gaia Temple for Kaede alone—he is eager to see Asceo and their children again, eager to see how much they have grown. The two kings of earth and sea had yet to discuss particular terms of the arrangement—would Briar allow Keston to visit often, or would he seek to limit the leonine knight’s access? Briar had not given him the impression of the latter, yet Keston knew so little of the man—something he hoped would be rescinded in the near future.

The steward of salt and stone brings forth a gift for Kaede, though what could one truly give to a god of unlimited means? The items would be of more use to the wolves of Earth than they would be to the god, but Keston totes them all the same. Between his jaws, he clutched a medium-sized turtle shell abandoned by its owner at the hand of death. Within the shallow basin were a triplet of raw sea sponges, harvested from the shallow ocean floor. Keston had used the pair of instruments in bestowing a blessing upon a hunting party of Water, using the sponge to carry the ocean water over a farther distance and the turtle shell as a basin to hold the holy water. He figured those of Earth would find equal use out of the items in their own way, though he imagined they would be well suited for their expertise in healing. A final item rests within the shell, though the small collection is more novelty than purpose like the other two. Brilliant shards of seaglass made smooth by the restless waters of the sea, brought the comfort of Shoshana Sea with him as he moved further inland. The stones of seaglass encompassed a vast range of oceanic colors, from seafoam green to a rich, deep and fathomless blue. Their meaning was less practical and more symbolic, for it was his hope to cultivate a deeper relationship with the wolves of Earth in due time. After all, in order to flourish, the Earth often required the presence of water.

Two of the sea-worn pebbles, he reserved for his own children—a token for each of them, marking that while distance separated them, the seaglass might always keep them connected. Keston hopes that when they look at the stones, Amelia and Absinthe might think of him—and it was by no coincidence that he uncovered two pieces of seaglass that seemed to match his eyes to a degree of perfect duplicity. The leonine king smiles at the thought and realizes he had passed by Kuro Pit and was nearing Gaia Temple, based on the narrowing scents that resembled notes he had picked off Asceo and Briar in prior meetings. Keston hesitates as the scents grow stronger, setting the turtle shell and its contents on the ground before he would send out a call that was aimed to alert those within of his arrival. Briar’s call had welcomed him to cross the perimeter of their home without issue, yet Keston felt uneasy to simply waltz over the invisible space without so much as making his presence known.

After a few moments had passed, he picks up the turtle shell once more and journeys deeper into the surrounding forest where a gradation of darkness welcomes him. It was caused by the lush canopy overhead, feeding the sense of being suffocated compared to the openness of Cerulean Waters that he was use to. Yet Keston swallows his unease, moving forward at an easy pace and inquisitive nostrils flare, flooding the receptors in his nose with the familiarity of Briar’s scent. Choosing to follow it, he soon uncovered the gathering for Kaede with a feast of varied bounty. They were surrounded by stalks of lavender and jasmine sprouting up from the earth, filling the area with aromatic tranquility and offering a pleasing aesthetic. Keston finds Briar among the few wolves, and with a smile resting across his features, the seafaring man ambles forward to meet him. Extending his gifts, with the exception of the two pieces of seaglass he set aside for his children, Keston places the shell and its contents beside the feast. “A small token of Water’s appreciation for the brother of Kei.” The king of water muses gently, tipping his head in a bow to Briar and those present. Yet it was those who were absent that drew his immediate thoughts, for he was eager to see and speak with Asceo and their children.
( ahh, i'm not sure where this monster came from lol )

Posted 05-18-2017, 10:21 PM | This post was last modified: 05-19-2017, 12:23 AM by Asceo
Earth Beta
Female, 3.75
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© Intricate

It was a beautiful autumn day; the birds were chirping gleefully, small rodents scurried about in the leaves working tirelessly to plenish their winter food caches, scarlet and yellow leaves cast the Gaia in golden tones, tempered cool by the thin light of the sun that peeked through the canopy. She had been out gathering the herbs that would die off in the winter, to begin drying later in the afternoon.

Then Briar's familiar howl sounded from the Temple at the heart of their territory, proud and clear, to deliver his message to all it reached. Excitement blossomed in her chest. He was calling the start of Kaede's celebration! Asceo quickly gathered the leaves and stems that she had already collected into neat packets wrapped in large maple leaves and ferns. She wanted to bring a gift to the festivities to honor their god, but unprocessed herbs would not do, so she trotted back to her newly chosen supply den. It was near the temple, but far enough to be unable to see it through the thick forest. An overturned tree with a blackened trunk, once felled by lightning long ago, had fallen and created an overhang of gnarled roots. Ivy that she had grown herself hung down from them, protecting the hollowed out trunk from prying eyes. A quiet stream shuffled along around the sunny clearing that the fallen tree had created in its empty space. She stepped lightly over it and trotted through the vines and into her den. There she set the packets down in a shallow dip with a few other herbs that she had gathered for safekeeping. But what to bring to the gathering? There was nothing in her den suitable for offering. Asceo backed out of the den and opened her jaws to try to trace a prey-scent.

She frowned as the simple smells of little rodents and birds passed over her scent glands. Those were too small for a gift worthy of a celebration. Asceo would look, but first she needed to retrieve her pups from her nesting den. She hadn't left them for very long, they should still be fast asleep when she arrived. Conveniently, her nesting den wasn't far off from her medicine supplies. Asceo broke into a light run to reach them and smiled as they were sleeping peacefully in the hollow protected by bushes against a stone outcropping. Little Roscoe and Amelia, their pelts so close in color to Keston's, complained as she nudged them awake.

"Come, little ones. We must be going."

They grumbled, discontent, but followed her. It was slower going with her cubs, and she arrived later than she was used to. Before she became a mother, Asceo was often the first to arrive at Briar's call, and gladly. She found much purpose and even enjoyment in serving her pack, more so than she ever thought possible. The wanderer, nomad, and loner–a pack wolf through and through. Even settling down with a litter of pups however unexpected they were; they weren't any less loved and wanted for it. She thought guiltily back to the two children that she had lost because of her ignorance. Asceo would protect Amelia and Roscose all the more fiercely to redeem herself, although whether she would forgive herself was another matter entirely.

The tranquil scent of lavender and jasmine wafted over her as she reached the temple, immediately calming, though her pups both looked more alert as they took in the new sights and smells. In a wide circle of fragrant herbs gathered the party that she had arrived late to. A neatly arranged pile of caught prey lay in offering to the guests in honor of Kaede. She looked down at her children and hoped that the gift of new life to the pack they would meet today would please their god. Asceo kept her pups close to her as she surveyed the clearing. A Wind she-wolf that she did not recognize had just arrived, along with Mercury and Theodosia. However, she noted with interest, Theodosia no longer had Fire's emblem emblazoned on the gem against her chest, but Earth's. She would ask Briar about her sudden shift in alliance later, for now it was a time for peace and festivity.

She gave a polite nod to Briar as she walked up to him. "Absolutely wonderful, it's beautiful," she said, though she frowned as he lay on the stone, his sickness only betrayed by dilated pupils. "I'm glad to see you resting before the celebration begins. I've brought Amelia and Roscoe with me, I hope that their presence pleases Kaede. They have yet to meet their packmates," Asceo said as her eyes slid questioningly to Theodosia. "I see that I too, have yet to meet one of them."

She fell silent as she waited for an explanation from Briar, should he offer one.

It was then that Keston's sea-salted scent reached her. Her ears pricked up excitedly as she caught sight of him. He stood next to an upturned turtle shell as he looked about, no doubt searching for her and their pups.

"Keston, over here!" she yipped, delighted to see him. Asceo sat patiently by Briar's side knowing that Keston would come to her.

for Keston Briar Amelia @[Roscoe] Theodosia. 878 words. "speech".

notes: Asceo was gathering herbs, puts them in her supply den, retrieves her pups and brings them to the celebration. This will be their first time meeting any of their pack. She speaks to Briar and mentions Theodosia (likely within earshot, up to Theo's rper), but doesn't address her directly. Spots Keston and calls him over.

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Posted 05-18-2017, 11:34 PM |
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If we only die once, I wanna die with you, The Valley was silent when she took it. It was quiet with the long shadows of a coming winter, hurried winds rattling the dry husks of dead leaves still clinging to the branches and twisted fingers of their tree-home. No storms stirred the brisk air. No thunder harried the limestone peaks standing still and foreboding over their charge. For a few drawn out moments, lingering and blurred at the edges, there was only the catch of her breath on her teeth as she struck the thin limb of Haya's tree. Her teeth ached at the jarring contact between tooth and branch and the corners of her mouth bristled with shards of wood prickling their sensitive skin. A growl vibrated through her chest and rushed from her open mouth as she let loose the taste of her agitation and momentary discomfort. Her eyes narrowed as Svana applied more force to the branch, wincing at the immediate crack! of splintered wood. A final tug freed the branch, still heavy with leaves that never lost their luxurious, golden hue. Victory curled the tip of her tail upwards over her hips as a sense of satisfaction flooded the carmine woman. And though her mouth ached and her teeth protested at the feel of bark scraping against their enamel, Svana was pleased. The branch was meant to be a gift, a tithing of a piece of her Valley's heart to the ever loyal Jungle King. The aquatic eyes cast a worried glance at the golden tree. Haya, forgive me, she thinks, eyes squeezing shut, it's for the good of our people.

Moments earlier, the faint, lilting notes of Briar's voice had wound themselves through her ears and stirred the silt of affection hidden at the bottom of her heart. It was that same affection that inspired the idea to gift a slice of her valley to the jungle; to promise Briar that Svana stood with him from now until the Haya kissed her last breath away. With pride lacing every step, Svana began the long, winding journey from Haya to Kaede.

The world around her consists of blurred peripheral glances at long grasses long bleached gold by the sun and rolling hillsides gone brown and barren with the impending winter. It rolls by in a whirlwind of blended colors until the brown is slowly leeched away by vibrant, dense greens and the bite of cold loosens its hold. The air grows thick and humid. The forest grows thick around her and the world dark with the thick jungle canopy. Moisture beads on the on the surface of the golden leaves, trembling and falling away with the rhythmic push and pull of her steps through the underbrush. The leaves remained bright and vibrant despite the distance they'd overcome and the gruff manner in which they'd been harvested. Even now, dragged against the constant press of a jungle alive with the blood of the gods, the leaves are whole and unblemished. Here and there, in the brief patches of sunlight that dapple the forest floor in patterns of light, the leaves spark and gleam like the flashes of lightning bottled in Haya's gem. It, too, is alive.

A crowd has grown by the time she arrives, sides heaving and eyes bright with the excitement of attending such a celebration. Briar sits at the heart of the faces swimming about him and it is he that first governs her attention. Shrewd eyes slip over his body, looking for the same tells of exhaustion he'd shown the day they'd rescued the two boys from the pits. Concern tightens the corners of her eyes as she notes the dilation of his pupils. He overextended himself too often. If Earth was to flourish, he needed to learn to conserve his energy. A grunt punctuates her entrance as the storm woman strides into their midst, stopping only when she is directly before Briar. Gently, reverently, Svana lays the branch at his paws before aiming to press her nose to his left cheek. "A piece of Haya's heart." There's no denying the hum of pride thrumming through her voice or the upwards tilt of her chin. She is confidence incarnate. "I hope She grows as well beside her brother as she does in Her valley."

Briar this is poop.

Posted 05-20-2017, 06:16 PM |
Earth Scion
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© tig
like the world is still, dark water. and she, some strange oddity of the deep, does not leave a single ripple in her wake, besides for the soft folds left by the boy who lopes so casually at her side. As they close in, his form departs to deeper shadows to observe, to be her eyes and ears and to learn for himself how the machine of society shifted and bulged.

But she, she herself, continues. Her wild heart claws, fights for a moment before leveling out into an even canto beneath her breastbone. Meliae, princess of ruins, empress of herself, and a creature unto none. She has eyes only for one, and knows that her prescense will satisfy no-one besides him. and perhaps, the bearking, if he still smiles upon the name of my mother. but that is stolen love, stolen fame. A light that had slanted from the fruit of Endymion to flutter about her own small shoot.

With a quiet pensiveness, she would settle underneath the wide spread of a tree. Against that gnarled trunk, the woman leans and weaves her spell.

Tentively, a tendrid of will snakes away and combs among the ground. She teases at magic, weaves and shifts and concentrates until, gently, the earth would tremble. A sudden growth would sprout between Briar's feet, gentle pansies that are too easily trampled -- those small tokens that he had grown for show, a very long time ago. The weakness that drains through her is penance enough for that flimsy gift of herself, pressed up among other growths as if they had always been.

Posted 05-20-2017, 11:44 PM |
Storm ( Admin )
Storm Wolf
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© Julie
Through the tangles of Doutaini’s secret garden, young artemis navigates her way with eager eyes of rose. She admires the foliage and cannot contain the beating of her heart as it is lifted in raptures, flitting with a joy that abound as it overtakes her senses, and Philippa cannot help but wonder after how different life would be had she followed primal desires to stand beside the wolves of Kaede. Instead, she chose family—a choice she held with no regrets, for in trying to imagine a life without Tyrus or Niyole, it was impossible. The list of those who she held dear to her heart had once been longer, but life was cruel and fate predetermined. A small frown would trace the deep-colored hue of her muzzle as she journeyed deeper into the heart of the forest, stray twigs snagging at the Grecian and leaves catching within the spindly hairs of her curls. It is of her father that her thoughts chose to resonate on—the mighty bearslayer, what would he say should he face the bear-god, Kaede? Something wise, Philippa thought, for Kolzak had been a man of reverence and forgiveness—a man who only took on the title of bearslayer to save her life. At this thought, the frown would dissipate, only to be replaced by a gentle smile as the huntress moved onward.

Further inward, the trill of distant voices would guide her towards the gather where morganite eyes were found dancing across the features of those assembled—it is a quick glance before Philippa devours the surroundings with her sights, her nostrils flooded with scent of lavender and jasmine that reminded her of the calming notes she always kept within her den. Turning on svelte limbs, the dancer hears the woman of Storm speak of her gift—a piece of Haya’s tree, fitted with the legendary leaves that were impervious to the seasons. The history of her family was tethered to that tree, for it first appeared under the leadership of her grandfather and grandmother—whose bodies were buried beneath its vast shade when death came to steal them away. Entranced by the connection, Philippa finds her sights resonating on the limb for several moments while excitement pricks at her heart—could it be regrown here? If any pack were able, she imagined Earth would have the most success and yet the Wind beta merely knew a smattering of the potential for their abilities. Tearing herself away from the curiosity, her attention lifts to the king of Earth with a polite nod. “You’ve outdone yourself, Briar—many blessings to you and your pack, and of course, to Kaede.” Philippa offers in sweet tones, punctuating her greeting with a smile before she fell back to the growing crowd.

Posted 05-21-2017, 12:05 AM |
Divine Alpha
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© Sylvirr
He'd not miss this for the world. He does arrive a bit later than he wishes, though that is to be expected, for he brings with him little paws. Anteros, he has asked to join him for this excursion-- perhaps because Briar could never get enough of seeing them, the little family that they were. He isn't as exuberant in his greeting as Briar tends to be, though it doesn't at all stop him from mattering a series of light and pleasant kisses to both of Briar's cheeks in a display of affection that is significantly rare, coming from the pallid wolf.

He recognizes few faces in the crowd, but Loretta and Phillippa from the training of Divine and Wind, besides Briar, and in truth, while Lunafer is not an anti-social creature, he is not the best at approaching others to make friends--in fact, he couldn't recall a time where it had ever been he who had approached first. Perhaps because he was so used to being The Observer, the one who sat behind the curtain and pushed and pulled the strings to ease the lives of those around him, and often he was nameless and faceless and how rare it was for him now to be in a crowd!

"My apologies for the late arrival..."


Posted 05-21-2017, 12:28 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 5.75
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© Sylvirr
Perhaps it is a shock to see him--but to those that knew him well--how few and far betweeh they were--they knew that his love for Kurai was not just a formality, but a way of life. But they knew also that it was not simply Kurai that earned his prayers, for it was not simply Kurai who gave life to the world it was they currently inhabited.
And so it is that the dark wraith appears along the outskirts of the happy gathering, though it is only a brief time that he stands and waits for he soon ghosts a shoulder against Meliae-- if ever there was a woman he longed to unlock!-- and comes to rest beside @[Phillipa], giving the ex-alphess and wink from a blind eye,"Pleasure to see you again....Or. Well. It would be, had I ever seen you at all."

Perhaps it could have even been seen as too bold, for an Enigmite to arrive upon Earth terrain. And yet, never had he been one to care of the consequences, and after his brief greeting, he makes his way towards Briar and the white wolf, and with him, he brings something from the catacombs that sprawl beneath the land-- a glistening jewel. It's onyx sheen, tainted slightly with a violet gleam when turned and tilted, is a marvel in its beauty, and how carefully it has been carved and rubbed and cracked and broken until it's jagged and faceted edges dazzle brilliantly and its shine catches every ray of light to refract in it brilliant rainbows across the faces of all who look upon it, and its shape-- the skull of a bear, imprecise but artistically perfect-- is set before Briar, "Let it be known that not all of us are heathens and heretics..... Just most of us." He couldn't help it, okay?!

But on a note more serious, he dips his head lightly before moving settle along the sidelines, far more content to listen than to revel, but for the ceremony, he would remain.

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

Posted 05-22-2017, 12:52 AM | This post was last modified: 05-22-2017, 12:54 AM by Balian
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It was interesting what ties time created, and where devotion and camaraderie came in unexpected places. The earth King had come when summoned, albeit it had not been his call that had been answered – still, on behalf of the whimsical Fallen he felt as though he owed something in return. Of course, it was not only this that brought him into the jungle. His curiosity burned for knowledge of the divine, even that which he did not directly serve, and he yearned for reassurance that Waernyss was both happy and safe. The air mage arrived later into the event despite his extraordinary agility, but still early enough to witness others trickle in behind him. A quick survey of the hidden temple and it's fruit revealed that he was rather empty-handed, having come without the forethought of a gift for either the God or the King. Experience had sharpened, or softened, depending on the angle, his tongue but not his natural reluctance toward the frivolous – and even as he searched through the unique objects of devotion, it was hard for him to imagine what he could bring or show worth more than what lie inside of him. Tyrus nodded politely or inclined his muzzle in ways of greeting as he passed those he did not know or held the gaze of those that he did, navigating toward Briar until a flicker of a shadow caught his eye. Mercury made his way toward the curly-haired Grecian, and the looming gargoyle watched hawkishly at a distance until the creature picked his way toward the Gaian in demand. Even the heretic produced a gift, a cleverly crafted obsidian skull. It was hard to deny the beauty of its impossibility, and the deep violet hue. The blind wolf eventually departed, which seemed to insinuate that it was 'his turn' in the order of ritual. “Busy,” he commented with a mild quirk of one sculpted brow, then tilted his head with a pause of consideration. Inspiration suddenly loosened his tongue, and he softly he added, “I am in your debt.” Honesty rang within his bitter-sweet cocoa baritone, as it was nothing but truth. At the very least, he could offer himself. “Praise Kaede, and may He bless you.” After all, the celebration was one almost grander than the Stardust Festival, itself.

Rather than open the discussion to any wayward ears, or minds, for that matter, Tyrus drifted away to inspect the rare tokens from the water-land and the extraordinary, sparking golden limb. The scent of electricity wafted from the branch, urging him toward the lightning woman that had brought it. Inevitably, he would reach the Grecian's side later when he left to accompany her on their journey home. “Hello,” he said within speaking distance of the Queen. “I am Tyrus.” With a gesturing glance toward the gift she had given, he inquired, “What is it that you have brought? I have never seen a tree such as that.” He spoke somewhat cautiously, quite aware of his ignorance and loathe to step callously on the Divine.

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How she enjoyed celebrating the gods no matter which it were! Hotaru's celebration comes to mind. Grand, large in number, it had held the uplifting aura which her soul curled around, soaking up the joyful energy. Celebrations only fortified her optimism, reviving positive feelings lost to the more recent goings on of Wind.

Drawn towards the Earth gathering with her peers, she brings a wild turkey - a female from the looks of it - that hangs plump and limp from her jaws. It isn't much, but it's an offering to the Earth alpha for his generosity in coming to Loretta's call as well as a show of faith that their packs would align through such a friendship. Laying the bird next to the quail she nods politely to Briar after setting the bird down. "Blessed be Kaede." Before she glides away to brush companionably against her sister, vivid eyes locking onto Philippa with a cheery nature. No matter tragedies fallen on Wind, she still kept a positive outlook on the future. The sand brushed grays of her coat ripple away as she floats passed.

Paws stepped away from her half-sister, drifting away towards the alpha of Water. She remembered the cordial manner in which he'd said goodbye. There had been an invitation to visit the Cerulean as she recalled, an offer she wished to acknowledge at some point. Perhaps not long after this grand occasion. "Hello Keston." Demure, the smile smudges the gray lips upward, those vivid peach eyes appreciating the alpha's form with a flirtatious edge of innocent flattery. The shores did attract rather handsome wolves. "It's nice to see you again." A party was no place to discuss possibilities of pack relations and so she kept the politics to the shadows while she mused on the idea of glimpsing further into the type of man Keston was while enjoying the festivities.


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Intensive training had lead him to tussle with the Earth king. Not something he was overly proud of after his loss and mangled foot. Only, the other man had been kind enough to heal the injury instead of letting him hobble home defeated. The bones still ached within, knit together but not quite healed completely. He was hopeful that his skills would progress beyond that of student with enough effort. Past attempts mattered not, for what drew him to the Gaia was the promise of festivity in the name of Kaede.

Scholar-like visions of knowing the gods and writing philosophical pieces drew him to learn how Kaede's people celebrated his existence. A god, he thought, provoked life with the powers bestowed upon the wolves of this territory. With a purposeful jog he crossed the borders, following various scents to the center point of celebration. Flowers were strewn around, their scents wafting heavy across the promenade. Wrinkled nose displays a dislike for the sickly sweet perfume as he slips into the crowd.

Only a single face looked vaguely familiar. Someone he'd met in passing at the last rain of stardust. With a polite nod in Meliae's direction he routes himself towards Briar's immediate vicinity. "Nice to see you again Briar." Partial truth shudders from his vocal cords in the same hushed tone he always uses. Quiet tongues are more his style. There's a soft tug to his lips, nothing severe, that dissipates as quickly as it came before he moves off to the side lines to enjoy watching those gathered interact.

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Mars was trotting along the Earth Borders; paws trembling slightly as his mind raced with thoughts before he heard the call of Briar for Kaede. His ears perked as he trotted into the borders; eyes wide and wary as he entered the Earth kingdom for the first time. The humidity of the forest beat and pushed at his fur but nonetheless; he pushed on. His mouth dipped as he picked up flowers into his mouth- not wanting to come empty-handed to the kingdom. His eyes flickered as he listened for the murmuring of wolves. Once he heard it; he followed the voices. His tail swished with excitement as many wolves had come to celebrate the God.

Mars trotted to where people had placed their gifts for the celebration, he bowed his head before dropping the flowers that were various colors. “For Kaede, I apologize for not bringing anything more special to the God, for I was not aware.” His eyes met Briar’s with a soft smile. “He would be proud of you, you have done a magnificent job.”

The young wolf’s nose twitched to the scent of food before bowing his head once more and travelling to where the food laid; eyes still wary as he snacked on what was brought for the celebration. His eyes travelled among the wolves; noticing ones he had not met and some he had met at the Kuro Pits multiple times.

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