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Rain Upon the Earth [Kesceo Birth!]
Posted 08-01-2017, 08:42 PM |
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m y s t e r y

The woman would stand back, letting the two men speak to the woman. As the pups came out, Mystery would walk over, slowly licking them as they came out before nuzzling them towards their mother before letting her take over. It was then that she noticed two weren't moving. Instantly her heart dropped and she backed away, not wanting to be the one to say anything. When she noticed though, Mystery lifted her head, though the earth man was the first to say something. So, the dark woman would stay quiet, sitting down and curling her tail around her body. There was nothing more she needed to do now and would turn to leave unless she was called back for something.
"Briar Asceo Keston"

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Posted 08-12-2017, 10:56 PM |
Water Alpha
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He must remind himself to breathe as they await the arrival of the pups, stealing closer to Asceo when Mystery makes no further requests from him to help ease the process. His eyes are trained to Asceo’s face, there to comfort her in the final moments before soft whines break the silence. Keston had not realized he was holding his breath again, but relief washed over him with the arrival of the first pup. “You are so beautiful, Asceo, and you are doing wonderful.” The Lioncourt whispers fondly, leaning down to press his muzzle to her cheek, should she allow. The next moments were held with anticipation as another pup followed the pup, and then two others would enter the world. While the first two wriggled with newborn vigor and yelped mewed softly as they fed, the last two struggled before he realized the truth. The lion moves to help massage the backs of the pups, hoping their response was a mere delay from fluid lingering in their lungs—yet no matter how desperately he tried to breathe life into them, they remained still. Several moments passed, but he would not accept defeat—not even when Briar suggested to lay them beneath Kaede’s tree did he hesitate in his efforts. Keston was meant to protect all of them, but how could he if he was never given the chance? Tears welled along the rim of his cerulean eyes, and after several long, agonizing moments, he stopped—collapsing beside them in defeat as silence embraced him. Despair steals from the happiness of the moment, leeching away the lion’s smile as he lay there. The silence is only broken so that he may utter his farewell. “May Kaede and Kei watch over them as they play amongst the stars.” Keston would remain opposite of Asceo with their pups in between, eyes fixed on the two dark bundles of stillness, before his eyes would lift to meet Asceo. “They will need names—all of them.” A name would give them something more concrete to grieve and remember them by, the missed chance at life they would never get to know. Though despite the sorrow, they had two seemingly healthy pups to celebrate and Keston was eternally grateful for that. As he awaited the new mother’s reply, he caught the Divine woman from the corner of his eye. “Thank you, for your patience and help.” He called out softly as to not disturb the pups, taking a deep breath to help steady his words among emotions that were running high.

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Posted 08-14-2017, 04:53 AM |
Earth ( Staff )
Earth Healer
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"Oh Asceo…" Briar whined, "they were liked too much…Kaede..Kei wanted them for themselves."

"What are you say–" Asceo's snapped, she didn't understand why he was so sullen.

"We can lay them beneath Kaede's great willow if you'd like…"

She looked down at her two still black pups as his words sunk in and her breath left her in a hiss as if she had been struck.

"No…no!" she cried. "They can't be!"

Keston was suddenly beside her, massaging the backs of their pups, and she joined in to lick them, urging, begging them to wake. But her children were cold and still, the warmth from her belly could not warm their deathly chill. She hovered over them, in shock.

"May Kaede and Kei watch over them as they play amongst the stars," Keston murmured. "They will need names–all of them."

Asceo barely looked at her living pups. She choked out, "Amelia and Roscoe". She grieved over her lost newborns, the only pups to bear her own pelt, and quietly sobbed over them. Exhaustion overwhelmed her and she rested her head beside them and pushed her nose into the tiny bundles of black fur. As she closed her eyes to rest, she whimpered, "How do I name that which never breathed? They are nameless to me–I must focus on those who remain."

She sighed as she fell into sleep, "You may name them. I cannot. I have failed as a mother and they are dead because of my negligence."

It was then that she finally succumbed to sleep as she lay in the bloodied sands, with her children and their father, and despair drowned her into the darkness.

for Keston Briar. 278 words. "speech".

notes: Asceo falls asleep, unless prodded awake. I think it's a good spot to end the thread, 3 months later lmao. Thanks for sticking this one out!

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Posted 08-17-2017, 05:02 PM |
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It is heartbreaking to see his beloved wolf in so much pain. He wonders if Kaede or Kei will appear to breathe life into them as they had Kaleddin. However, Asceo had living children, perhaps they had only wished to take a few of them. She wants almost nothing to do with them and he sighs, he'd name them...but they were not his and he did not wish to offend Keston. Briar settles himself in the sand, finding them pleasantly warm. He wouldn't leave her, even if she wished to be alone. He'd keep silent if she wanted him to, but she was vulnerable. He folds himself neatly and begins to hum, eyes fluttering as his ears flicked every now and then as he drifted off.


Mystery, figured we could close this one out?

Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

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