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Posted 05-03-2017, 11:47 AM | This post was last modified: 05-19-2017, 07:18 PM by KittyKookiez
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Staff update (May 4th)

The site has spoken! Our most recent member polls have all ended. When archiving threads, any threads that have gone more than 45 days without posts will be archived. We will also be making two small changes for Rogues:
  • Lower fertility rate when conceiving
  • Lower health in spars

Another reminder that some new sub-forums have been added. There are two new sub-acrhives: Contests, as part of the OOC archives, and Site Events in the main archives. There is also a new sub-forum in the Questions board, called Member Consultations. This is for staff to get input from members.

The activity check is ending in a few days! Make sure all your characters and OOC accounts are NOT on the list. If they’re on the list on the 8th May, they will be deleted.

The new monthly writing prompts contest is live! Make sure to finish up your challenges and get some points in the bank. We’ll announce prizes you can exchange your points for at a later date.

Alpha quotas have now been changed so they follow fixed two-week periods, making them easier to log. Quota requests will remain on the board until the end of the period, when they will all be stored in one go. Following the vote, Alphas will also now need three posts per period, but these can be on any thread, old or new (that is, it no longer needs to be your first post in that thread for it to count).

The ‘Healing and Herbs’ page is getting a spring clean, and some new additions for herbs that can be found around Doutaini! The prey page is also next in line, with the addition of a predator section.

We’ve opened a vote to change Doutaini’s time zone! Get your preferences in now. There is also a vote about layout contest entry rules.

Gender section on profiles: There will now be two sections on your profile for this. The current field will be renamed ‘Biological sex’, and will have the same options - Female, Male, Intersex - with a fourth option, ’N/A’ for OOC accounts only. Then there will be a customisable field for ‘Gender Identity’, which can be used for both IC and OOC. We’re just getting this coded now.

EP Review: We’re conducting a review of the EP system that was introduced in 2016, to fix a couple of issues that were discovered with the new system. We hope to reduce the ‘EP inflation’ that’s been going on, which is why a lot of the point values will be lowered, but we think they are still fair for the work required. Members will get a chance to see this before it’s finally put in place.

We are actively working through past suggestions! Some of these will have been small things that have been combined with other project, and some of them are things you’re currently seeing go through as votes or member consultations. The suggestions board is still closed for a bit longer, but we encourage you to send ideas to staff members if you’d really like to see them discussed sooner!

We wish you all a happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you.