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[GUIDEBOOK] Rules review consultation
Posted 04-26-2017, 02:52 PM | This post was last modified: 07-14-2017, 09:06 AM by Kiwi
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Consultation: Rules review

As you all know, the rules review is a big topic. It's going to take a lot of work to get our rules to the most accurate, up-to-date and concise version they can be. That's why we definitely want your help in getting this sorted.

However, this also needs to be a very organised, co-ordinated effort. Some additions will be added ASAP as a priority, for example the ones which affect the site frequently and are currently confusing to new members. In the long run, the less urgent topics might be ongoing for quite some time, to make sure we don't rush it. However, this consultation is going to allow you guys to know exactly what progress is going on.

Let's start with some background information:
  • There's a rough draft put together by some members, which consists of unwritten/unspoken rules that members thing of off the top of their heads. This can be found here: http://doutaini.net/showthread.php?tid=28887
    Keep adding to this, it's a great resource and a great place for us to start once we've looked carefully at the current written rules.
  • At some point, the rules were majorly condensed. However, experience has shown that some of the things that were initially deemed obvious or obsolete, were in fact needed. We have two older versions of the rules page; I hope to be able to share these with you all once I've had a little look myself, and we can use that to start building the rules back up.
  • All the rules that have been added over time should be mentioned in staff updates through the ages. Many of these are still on the 'Staff Updates' board; some are in the OOC archives (but fret not - they're not as deeply buried as you might think). More still (the ones that were posted in the news 'box' instead of as a thread) are accessible by staff, so I'll be able to dredge those up as well.

So those are the 3 places that rule changes can be found! Staff updates, old rules pages, and our own heads. Of course, we need a little order to make sure we don't all overlap. So here's the next important part: What can members do?

No one should feel obliged to help! We now have a large enough staff team that we can do this just with our own (wo)manpower. However, I know a lot of people seemed keen to help, so we're giving you that chance. Here's the plan:

  1. Post here if you'd like to be included in some of the deeper, hard-grind kind of jobs. You don't have to 'volunteer' if you just want to contribute the odd comment - you can just post those as they happen. But if you'd like to do some of the jobs such as sorting through the resources mentioned above, let me know, and I'll include you as I organise the roles.
  2. Contribute to the Google doc above. I'll make some more organised documents as we go along, for particular sections, but that's a great place to draft your thoughts.
  3. You can also post below with pretty much any contributions. Remember that these are for the official rules of Doutaini, so this needs to be kept really on topic. If a decision needs to be made about any particular rule, you can post your opinion once only. After that, let the discussion pass to staff. If you need to say anything further you can PM me and I'll consider it. This thread shouldn't have multiple debates on it. The vast majority of the rules we add in should be ones that already existed in the past and just aren't written clearly yet.

There's a lot of organisation still to happen, and unfortunately I'm pretty busy for the next few weeks with finals. But I thought I'd get this underway so we can start really working on it.

Posted 04-27-2017, 03:21 AM |
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I've got no problem going through the current and old versions of the rules. NS I'd be so keep on going through forums as I don't have that kind of time, but as I said, side by side rule comparison would be alright !


Posted 05-11-2017, 04:03 PM | This post was last modified: 05-19-2017, 07:19 PM by KittyKookiez
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I could look through those three sections and post by date, oldest to new, on here, with a link to it! Afterwards, either I or someone else can implement them into the Guidebook/Rules, and the ones they added can be crossed out on my list.

When I make the list, I'll look through it to see if the rules on that update have already been implemented. If so, I'll cross it out. NC - "Not Checked"

1) [April 22nd, 2015] Spar Rule Update - NC
2) [May 22nd, 2015] User Tagging Feature - NC
3) [September 10th, 2015] Keeping Busy (2nd paragraph) - NC
4) [January 1st, 2016] Holidays and Rule Changes! - NC
5) [February 1st, 2016] Bucket O'Updates! - NC
6) [April 12st, 2016] Important Changes - NC
7) [September 5th, 2016] BIG UPDATE - NC
8) [November 18th, 2016] Lot of stuff - NC
9) [January 1st, 2017] HAPPY NEW YEAR! - NC
10) [May 4th, 2017] - NC


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Posted 05-28-2017, 09:42 AM |
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I added a few comments on the google document~

Posted 07-14-2017, 09:06 AM |
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Okay guys, we're still working on the main body of the rules, but the guidebook is complete and ready to be implemented! For the most part, we'll be going with what you see here, but you are welcome to comment on anything. There are two formats you can see it in:

1. Google doc
2. Doutaini Page

(Also, we may well change the layout of the guide/rule books as a whole, so we are open to suggestions for that!)