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Into the Night - death
Posted 04-18-2017, 02:40 PM | This post was last modified: 05-05-2017, 09:13 PM by KittyKookiez
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© cat
There was no glorious lead up to her death. No fireworks or sparkles that her pack could oo and awe over. It was mere there. A fact that she could not deny. A coming that she could not turn away. She was absent as of late. As if her very soul had died along with Sabriel. As if the rest of her heart was torn the day she spoke those words against her husband. They had reunited, sure. But it would not heal her. The damage had been done. Her internal walls were crumbling. Her life was leaving. Only a memory to herself and those around her.
She was not sure how she ended up there. In a long hall that lead to the lake. She had not even made it there. To lay in rest with the family she longed for. She had tried though. Tried so desperately that it was clear where she had dragged her old and battered body. Her health had deteriorated while she hid alone, until she was merely flesh and bones. Skin pulled taunt and lifeless over unmoving muscles. Not even a twitch. She had passed with her eyes open. A never ending stare from the cold eyes. Those knowing eyes. he same that had watched so many grow. So many strive and succeed and even fail. No longer would they see. No longer would they graced with the vision of daughters and sons.
Her last thought had ceased to exist. An unfinished thought of regret. Of pain from not being to fix all that she had broken. It fades and leaves nothing. A pure void of where she once was to those of Enigma.

I am ok with being tagged multiple times as reminders if I have failed to post Ramona after 3 days.

Posted 04-18-2017, 03:01 PM |
Enigma Heir
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© Lou
A reminder to get ianthe here~ D;

Posted 04-19-2017, 06:52 AM | This post was last modified: 04-19-2017, 08:13 AM by Tristan
Spirit Wolf
Male, 7.25
30 in, 115 lbs
186 ep
© Xechi


She is... beautiful. Stunning in a way that struck his heart like an arrow. "Why, oh why, would a stranger such as myself- deserve such beauty?" He remembers the first words ever spoken to him, and he, young, stupid, struck dumb by the sight of this ethereal woman dancing freely beneath the falling stars. "Beauty deserves beauty, I saw you dance, dancers deserve flowers and applause, do they not?" Tristan had responded, and he remembers a boy not yet aware of what would come. True love. The type that outlasts loss and heartbreak. The type that surpasses time itself. He thought they were soul-mates, that their current stagnation of relationship would mend with time.

Tristan always was naive. Hopeful. Hopeless. He'd filled Ramona's absence with work, as always, diving head-first into a near full time care assistant for their sickly, distracted grand-daughter. No longer did he hold Kurai's gem, and behaved like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He goes about his day, carefree, unaware of what lay around the corner. Free to indulge in fantasies of better days, of dancing 'neath the stars with his wife, of the first moment he'd looked upon his first begotten daughter and knew exactly where he belonged. Paradise lay in memories of what was.

"G-G-AMMA?!" The echo reaches Tristan as he made his way to the Great Hall, immediately recognizable as his grand-daughter's frantic voice. He thinks little of it at first, unaware of the horror and confusion that would leak from the young girl, enough that her empath of a Mother would easily catch on. (She was, after all, a step behind the child as they made their way to meet with Tristan, a path that converged at the lake.) It was Rue's alarm that would alert the brute to the trouble ahead. "NO!" Followed, abruptly, painfully by a gulping sobs, a scream muffled by the tightness of her throat. Tristan breaks into an immediate run, fear gripping his heart for what could lurk around the corner, for what could strike his stoic daughter so.

He is unprepared for what he sees, though he likely shouldn't have been. The brute skids to a halt as the three figures come into view, and it takes him a moment to discern the scene. Rue stood before the figure, her sea-glass eyes wide and sparkling on the verge of tears, her kurai-kissed maw was extended, breath bated and he need not have Kurai's powers to know her heart was shattering. Young Aster, quaint, confused, was nestled close to the body, nudging the unmoving form with eyes wide with slowly tainting innocence. At last his age-faded vision has nowhere left to roam but the body, and, at first, he does not recognize her. As time moved in slow motion, and his naivete works full-time against him (he can't believe, he couldn't have expected, she was meant to live forever). This could not be his shapely lover, his dancer beneath the stars? He peers, heart-hammering as he nears, eyes seeking eyes, for in them would lay the truth.

"No..." he gasps, and all at once his world is cast into shadows. He knows this pain, and knows he cannot survive it again. (No, this can't be, this can't. But you should have, you should have seen it, damn you. You saw her after Sabriel, you saw her when you came back that night. You saw this coming. No! NO! I was unaware, I was- Like you were with Ophelia? You knew the beast your brother was. You knew her health was fading. You should have been there. You're... right. I am... worthless, useless, needless, I should just-) His mind runs away with him, delving deeper and deeper into the abyss that Ramona left behind. His eyes cannot leave hers, and he gulps his pain and tears. Tristan can not control the way his thoughts slipped towards ending it himself, for how could he possibly go on without her, with his Ramona, his life, his heart, his wife.

Dumbstruck, he does not see his daughter strike, snake-like, from her place, dancer's frame leaping across her deceased Mother and planting her jaws around Tristan's extended neck. There is little pressure, and quickly he recognizes it as a display of dominance than any sort of violence; though Aster's wide-eyes tell him she does not see it that way. "Don't you dare," the woman snarls around the mouthful of flesh, her body pressing against his to push him, dominantly, beneath her. He let's her, tucking his tail and baring his teeth. "leave me." Slowly, she releases him and stares into his aquatic eyes, snarl still on her lips but heartbreaking eyes. Even so, Tristan is... scared. She needs him to wrap his paws around her, comfort her in this loss but he is unable. Tristan wants nothing more than to leave and cower and die.

Ruellia pulls this from him, and her reaction is like a slap. Her eyes grow cold, and though he cannot feel it as he once had, he knows her heart likened to them. "Leave then. Leave the halls you... coward. But don't you dare leave here tonight and die." He knows not what she threatens, only that he believes she would do it, whatever it was. Rue's paws on his chest push him into the stone, roughly, painfully, and he feels her momentarily put her weight on him as she snarls aggressively into his face, but he does not respond, only stares, stupidly, helplessly back. The moment she lifts from him, he scrambles to shaking paws and begins to leave, though he would stop, glancing back at his wife with a look that proved him a broken man. Tail tucked, should none of the others stop him, he begins the slow walk from the Caverns.

Ruffled, the enigmatic queen turns back to Ramona and Aster, her face frozen like porcelain. Her pale daughter, flecked in shadows, still cowered beside her mother's corpse, and though Rue should have seen innocence in those wide eyes, she cannot help but feel the babe is the reaper, lurking over her Mother's soul. The small girl cocks her head, places a small paw on Ramona's breathless flank, and says, "I dun 'fink Gamma is... here, anymore."

Rue collapses on her rump, head hung low and sobs.
OOC:: -weeps silently- feel free to tag anyone else you think should be here T.T
Vaitan Yvaine Mercury Caius Murmura Meralia Nezzera Szymon

Posted 04-19-2017, 01:22 PM | This post was last modified: 04-19-2017, 03:24 PM by Yvaine
Enigma Hunter
Female, 4.50
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© Amber
At first, everything was great. She dreamed of being with all her family again. And she was home. She met Szymon.
Something happened. She didn't know what had happened. She didn't know how she even got where she was! It was all such a blur. Such a painful blur of fright and miserableness. She had ran. Her feet were fast, but her heartbeat was faster. Then she had arrived, and the world turned upside down.
"Mother?" She whined, spotting the lifeless body. She didn't even know how she recognized her at all, she just did. She hoped it was a dream; that she might wake at any moment, all well and happy...
But the nightmare was real.
She felt her voice quiver, and she could do nothing to stop it. She crouched, finding herself unable to stand straight without falling. Her eyes watered, and her vision blurred like her memories. She felt weak, as she could faint at any moment. Her senses were so faded that she didn't even notice the other wolves around her. It was just pain.
Why was she sad? She didn't even get to know her! But she just couldn't help thinking...
She should have been there! How? One, she could have headed home earlier...
Now she faintly sensed somebody at her side. She didn't know who.
But none of this mattered now. All she could do was to crouch before the ivory-colored lifeless body of the wolf she had cherished most in her thoughts.
Her dream could never come true now.
All she could do now was whine and sob.
OOC: Oh. My. Just when I thought everything was going to be alright... poor Ramona. :'(
Ianthe Szymon Mercury Murmura

Posted 04-21-2017, 06:55 PM |
Enigma (Site Helper)
Enigma Sub-Alpha
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© Sylvirr

He is among the last to arrive, though this is due only to allowing some time for the close family to mourn. He had never been very close with Ramona--in fact, he had been disappointed with her, disappointed in her behavior since the day they'd met. And yet, that was unimportant now, and it was only the heavy sobbing of Ruellia as Tristan darted away in fear and shame and regret and tiny Aster, confused, tried to fathom the finality of death.

Careful, as he is keenly aware of the tumultuous emotions of grieving, he advances forward and ever so gingerly sweeps a forelimb around Aster to draw her to his chest, allowing her fragile form to nestle into the thick cascades of his dark pelt. And in silence, with a careful calm, he lifts his haggard skull and gently rests his maw against Ruellia, urging the mourning queen to let her sobs and tears fall against his shoulder, for among all the things that he was-- Beast, Hunter, Jester, Gamma-- he was, above all, her friend. And he speaks no words, for there is nothing he can say to quell the sorrow in her heart--he offers only his closeness, his presence, his solace-- she was not alone, nor would she ever be.

He knows very little of Yvaine, but her sorrows seem founded as well, true and clean, her own whimpering sobs echoing off the walls, and so with a careful note, a delicate glistening flash of his gem, and a Doppelganger rises from the shadows then to join Yvaine in her mourning, for there is no-one here that deserves to mourn alone, just as he'd spoken to Nezzera on Sabriel's death.

Ruellia Yvaine

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

Posted 04-22-2017, 02:09 AM |
Enigma Heir
Female, 3.25
27 in, 100 lbs
108 ep
© Lou
And just as life came, life left. Death lingered in the backseat of all lives, and in the end; death won over life. It had nothing to do really, it only had to wait for a breath to falter, a heart to give up fighting, skin to rot, and it was there...ready. She felt it, Ianthe, the moment her mother's life began to dwindle, as her breaths grew heavy and her heartbeat slowed. Signs that death would soon be upon her, and Ianthe feels her chest convulse, cave in on itself and her own heartbeat quickened as the organ fought to keep itself together. Sea-foam eyes are lazy as they slide open, ears laying against her skull loosely, and yet this feeling was enough to snap her wide awake. "Ma?" she whispers, denial running thick within her veins, even as she wanders out of her den and blinks slowly into the darkness that was her home. Her paws are rooted to the spot, fur bristling high, hackles frightened to relax, this was wrong, it had to be.

It is Ruellia's voice that drifts to her, or her thoughts rather, so thickly laced with her father's that Ianthe couldn't deny it anymore. Her body begins to shake before she has even darted into the dark tunnels, her heart fluttering within her chest, a bird fighting its restraints. "NO!" and it is as the word bursts from her throat that they all come into sight, family, friends, those who came to mourn the loss of her mother. "Mama..." and Ramona's broken and malnourished body, lifeless and frozen, hits Ianthe harder than anything she thought possible. Eyes flash to Rue, her jaws closed around her father's throat, she can't find it within herself to care, he wanted to leave them too? So be it. Quickly does she fall forwards, her knees cracking as they hit the stone, she feels the bone chip, feels the pain shoot up into her shoulders. But it is the pain in her heart that hurts the most, every facet of her heart fractures and falls apart, and as she buries her face into her mothers scruff- sobs begin to rack her small body, she is only a babe again.

She can't believe it, she just can't. Her body moves closer, pressing her little frame to the sunken form of her mother, clinging for comfort, for reassurance, just as any child would to their mother, but she receives none of it. As the sobs fade, she looks up to find Rue, her eyes wild, like a savage animal- what do we do! what have we done? what didn't we do? There are others there, but Ianthe has no words for them, doesn't even know how to look at them, so she lowers her eyes again and creeps even closer to her mother's body. They would have to pry her free.

They would have to.


Posted 04-22-2017, 02:24 AM |
Earth Scion
Female, 4.50
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© tig
as alibhe.

the soft, stifled moment between breaths, lulling in the air like the heaviest pressure upon earth -- this is her portal, the demarcation into which she is spat into being like a candle relighting, cast and shifting against the crag'd wall like a figure who steps from a doorway obscured only by a trick of the eye. she is hulking, anonymous and goliath in the darkness that swallows the reach of her cranium and drapes shadows across a dusty hide of blonde and fox-bronze. the spectre is war-carved: she is structured sinew beneath a barding of wiry tress, draped in a shade of gore more vivid than daylight. the face, hidden by lingering will only, is a mask of bare bone and warped skin that hangs precariously about the stark hole between two glistening eyes of phosphor.

it has been a while -- a sorry, brooding while -- since she has found herself upon this side of the veil. but dead is dead is dead. life only lasted for so long; corpsehood was forever.

she does not intrude among them, though it would be so easy to slip in and through warm bodies, but waits patiently. there is a thread in the air, unusual, a slight snag of something that brushes against her being where have you gone? she wonders if she will feel hoshiko pluck the soul from earthly existence or if, like her, the spirit was decreed to roam between forevermore.

Posted 04-25-2017, 10:03 PM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 2.75
34 [a] in, 121 [a] lbs
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© Mkohy
The sorrowful calls filled her mind, causing a rush in the new mother. A rush which she refused to ignore. Murmura's pups were about a month old by now as she held them close. The journey to the sorrow is slow with the four babes circling her feet as she kept at a pace which they could clearly follow. She regretted bringing them along. Their little minds wouldn't be able to understand the quick pain that filled Murmura's chest as she looked forward through the crowd to see Ramona. Murmura froze, heart seeming to stop as she skipped forward, though still staying away from the main crowd. How could this have happened?
Terrible just to get her here.

Posted 04-26-2017, 05:58 PM | This post was last modified: 04-26-2017, 06:00 PM by Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
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© Divinity
god of enigma

Death. It was common among the dark and winding corridors and the crystalline labyrinth that housed his followers.

And while there are spirits that linger and ghost around the hallowed halls, there is but one that calls his attention--fresh and new. And so her final breath leaves her ragged lungs--a death rattle. The walls tremble and quake with the departure of the fallen queen and his presence is then carved from the blackened stone, a shadow of tangible thickness, viscous and fluid. A serenade of hisses, rumbles and groans as the caverns shift and quake with his appearance and yet so simple it is, simple and all-encompassing. A serpent of immeasurable size, nigrescent and slick, with jagged scales of ebony stone rises from the abyss, the dark chasm where Enigma's dead lay eternally, and with eyes of amethyst and ink, the two-headed Enigma God casts his gaze to those gathered.

His blessed woman, crumpled in mourning over the hollow husk of the woman who was once, and the progeny was stretched out before her. Hooded and cloaked, the cobra-like being snakes his way towards them, closing the distance as massive heads rear back and hoods flare, shadows upon shadows would melt and mingle into advanced darkness. Enigma's Queens have forever ruled the darkness, ironclad, and now Ramona lays shattered and paper-thin. Silent, he does not speak-- Enigma's silence is golden, and deafening. A single head, lowering to peer at her empty shell, and in death, she is a frail thing. But this will not do, not for his queens. With an ink-black breath, youthfulness is returned to her fallen form. In death she is as she was in life--a spectral beauty clad in stardust and moonlight, and now she lays as if asleep amongst a sea of loved ones.

It is sudden and violent, the ground beneath Ramona's form crumbles and cracks, swallowing up her earthy corpse, though in its stead there rises a monolith, Onyx stone and marbled sugilite in spidering veins, Enigma's swirl engrained in a relief carved of an amethyst geode.

Ramona's spirit, free to wander as she sees fit, released into the world as Kurai himself claims her. 'Look upon it and be reminded of your glory. Let the dead have the immortality of fame, but the living the immortality of my love.' And it is not words that reverberates through the halls, but thoughts, for his brood are his and his alone and they alone are worthy of his presence and of his voice and of his countenance. 'My Queens remain immortal.' And Ramona's spirit is given form, carved from the shed tears of her family and just as fragile and frail, for it will fade with the barest of breaths, but she is granted the eternal gift of spiritual awakening.

↠ ☦ ↞
Coded by Sabrina. Background from mercurycode

Kurai shows up as a giant two headed snake, gives Ramona's dead body youth so she looks pretty in death, makes her spirit visible so everybody can see her, takes her body, and erects a monolith, then leaves.

Posted 04-30-2017, 11:57 AM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 6.50
36 in, 125 lbs
551 ep
© Jamie
The beast belonged to two worlds: the one above, graced by light and warmth, and the fateful world below, shrouded in cold shadow. He knew not whether the Torrid was his true home anymore, or the winding Halls where he spent his first days in the stardust-spattered lands of Doutaini. His heart, still yearning for adventure and fire, belonged back in the desert…but his family, his soul, was here. And so, he was not far when the mourning din of yells and sobs reached his keen ears. There was turmoil stirring through the tunnels, weaving its way through the hearts and minds of each Enigma wolf; he didn’t have to wear the necklace to sense it. He was starkly aware, as any wolf would be, that something was wrong. Quickly he dashed through the labyrinthine maze which connected the Crystalline Caverns to the Caliginous—it was a well-worn path by now, and the beast was more than willing to abandon nefarious duties to tend to the needs of his family. He appeared later than the rest, the sound of voices reaching him before all else: the sound of Ruellia’s anger, of her sister’s sorrow. But then, all went still, and silent. He slowed his pace, creeping toward the hall where the devoted pack circled around their lost queen’s remains. And, with shock and awe flashing to life across his rugged features, he realized why they’d all gone silent.

Kurai. It must have been Kurai.

The beast witnessed the approach of the massive, two-headed cobra, its eerie purple glow hauntingly familiar. He watched from the sidelines as all eyes turned to the demi-god, as Ramona’s body was replaced by a beautiful, ageless spirit and the monument was erected in her honor. Kurai said nothing…but he didn’t have to, did he? They could all communicate mentally, and Vaitan had a feeling the serpent was speaking to them now, whispering his cold words to pious, longing souls. Vaitan’s amber gaze was drastically misplaced among the cool, dark colors of the rest; they simmered like fires in his skull as he looked to his daughter, Murmura. He wondered if she would attempt leap into his scaly embrace, give herself to him fully…as she had when she prematurely bore children. Vaitan’s lip curled uncomfortably, and his gaze averted to Ruellia—his poor love, his little ghost. But the sight he witnessed there was no more comforting than the presence of his firstborn daughter. Mercury, sleek and handsome (and ever-present), leaned assuringly against his Queen with Aster in his arms.

Instantly, Vaitan’s eyes narrowed. The sick, writhing monster Jealousy rose from the pit of his gut, escaping from behind his fangs in the form of a subdued snarl. Who do you think you are? he questioned furiously, deep in the fortification of his brain, where he practiced long and hard to shield his thoughts from the wolves of Enigma. But whether he aimed the question at Mercury, or himself, Vaitan did not know. He could not fault Mercury for loving Ruellia. They were friends, nothing more. It was the same love he felt for Charlotte, so he understood…he did. But in that moment, the picture he saw was inexcusable. Mercury was bordering a line which Vaitan surely did not want crossed, and he could not deny the taste of bile that bubbled at the back of his throat.

Without another moment to waste, Vaitan strode forward, his body language calm despite the vicious curl at the corner of his lips. He made a line straight for Ruellia, denying anyone to block his path. And when he managed to regain his senses, he would reach for his lover soothingly, ready to hold her long into the night. “My love…” was all he whispered, in a voice so low only she would hear. He didn’t have to wear Enigma’s gem to understand the emotions which tormented her now. Ruellia had loved her mother, more than almost anyone, and her relationship with her father was complicated. This tragedy was going to test her resolve as Alpha, but he would do anything, anything, to help her stand strong.


[Image: nm68E3I.png]

Posted 05-03-2017, 04:50 PM |
Male, 5.25
35 in, 122 lbs
465 ep
© KittyKookiez
He is so far away when it all happens. So far away, that by the time he does arrive, Ramona's body is already going into the ground, and the monument has been formed. He glances wearily at Kurai, remembering the day when he had called out to the Demi-God and received no answer. Well, it is nice to know Kurai still cares of Enigma. Selectively.

His heart is sunken, just as Ramona's body had sunken to the ground. He feels void, entirely void. And before he can even embrace the sadness -- before it can even rattle his body and make the grown man sob -- it turns to rage. Rage that is pointed at no one, rage that is just there. He feels volatile, feels the need to hurt and maim. And as much as he wants to stay and say his final words to Ramona with his family to surround him, he doesn't want to hurt anybody, or distract him with his negative thoughts. Almost as fast as he had came, he leaves; to return on a day when the rage and hate is gone.

Arrives, then departs in anger.

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