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Rebel Pack Page
Posted 04-16-2017, 11:32 PM | This post was last modified: 01-15-2018, 05:33 PM by Charlotte
Doutaini Staff
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long live the overmen


alpha // charlotte
sub alpha // roswell
heir // --

scion // --
beta // --
gamma // famine

warrior // bjorn
healer // verona
hunter // althea
scout // kynaios & nicharion
pupsitter // --

the tribe // elivra, tarot, titania, roswell, scorpius, valerian, elsinor, gorgon, badr, ryu & dagernice
cubs // praelia, reiner, alexander, rikke, vahagn, valeraine & otto

omega // --


001. Charlotte has claimed alpha once again
002. Roswell has secured the spot as sub-alpha after Bjorn fails to arrive for a challenge.
003. laksdjfkljdsl

alliance information here


Placeholder for a Member who is both active and a 'rolemodel' for Rebel.


I. Rebels don’t pray. Worship no God but the Red God; our redrock. But to be ignorant to a god's influence is to be vulnerable to prejudice. We do not rebel the gods, alone. We rebel life’s absurdity, values, and cages. We search to reign, within and without their blessing. Serving ourselves, above all else.

II. We have no king except the law. Everything is considered on a scale by council members, by a vote of the pack or trial by combat. Champions can be named. Jeopardizing the well-being of the pack, or killing a Rebel without the council’s permission, is considered treason. This can lead to exile, or worse, death.

III. We dominate what does not join us. While wisdom and skill in all areas is honored, it is important that baser skills must flourish. The body is a vehicle, a privilege of nature. Each holds a high regard for physical and mental finesse, including diet and conditioning. Teeth are tools to serve the pack, to hunt and protect and survive the world that forbid their existence.

IV. From the Clay we were made, to the Clay we will return. It is not blood that gives honor, but the legacy it leaves behind. It is important to pass down the values of our bond so that after we are dust - future generations will harvest what we sow.

V. We honor strength, we do not honor blood. Everyone is family, houses and titles are not a part of the hierarchy. All that matters is duty and what your struggles have achieved for the clan as a whole.

VI. Wardons of the Ridge trust no trespasser. Newcomers, rogues, even allied members are dealt with an acute level of skepticism. Trust and loyalty must be earned among our ranks to ensure a well-balanced ecosystem.

VII. Redmen, red hearts, red teeth. Cross one Rebel means to spur them all. Retaliation will be calculated and all-pervading, our unit acts as a virus to eradicate the enemy. Tread carefully.


Rites of Passage, Philosophy, & Scales of Justice
"May you accept this earth and rock
So that you are reminded you serve our land, united with nature."

Under Construction

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