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The end of night | Death
Posted 03-25-2017, 03:58 AM |
Divine Beta
Female, 4.50
32 in, 110 lbs
209 ep
© Lou
&& she reaches far beyond the stars

Sunlight begins to fade in sheets of golden as the day slips from her grasp, the sky already darkening to the east in slivers of violet and sapphire. Copper rays wash firefly cove into oblivion, a rich hue that casts a glow across everything that is theirs, everything except her. Haunches bent and curved in towards her swelling belly, the Divine angel sits perched against the crumbling sand of the cove, lowering herself to the ground with a graceful cross of her front paws. She is still, apart from the labored breaths that inflate her lungs too far to be held within her rib cage. The sunset was her time of day, where she could let her mind run blank and watch the sky flash all shades of the rainbow before her very eyes, mirrored perfectly by the ocean that stretches out in front of her. She wasn't used to all the sensations yet, the bloating and the hunger and the emotions that were running wild, but she enjoyed it more than she had bargained for. She was going to be a mother, something that frightened her beyond any means to an end, but also excited her. She'd already been choosing names, wanting to name one of her daughter's after her mother; Amaranthe, it seemed fitting after everything she'd been through, how little time she actually got to spend with her parents, though none would hold her fathers name after his suicide. "I wish you were here mom," sapphire eyes drop to the ocean as she whispers words into the bays' summer breeze, her toes curling to sink into the sand. "But I am glad I have Hotaru to guide me," she smiles fondly as she conjures up an image of her Goddess, and though the celestial babe had not blessed Lypso herself; the Divine angel still felt touched none the less. Life had a way of gifting one with everything they ever needed to get them through their years, to grant the wish of eternity....but it also had the power to take it all away. Lypso rolls backwards to sit on her haunches once more, her lips tilted in a smile as a hum begins thrumming in her throat, a tune she remembers from her earlier days-

and one that turns into a whimpering wail as pain shoots through her abdomen in a downwards spasm. Her front paws dig into the sand as she braces, toes curled as the agony grips at her, it was too early, they were not ready, she was not ready! She collapses sideways, ears pressed to her skull as she tucks her chin to look down at her belly, horrified when she finds blood soaking the inside of her otherwise ivory hind legs. "Kaleddin!" Her screams are gut-wrenching as another tidal wave of pain pulses through her pelvis, and suddenly she is pushing, pushing at her babes that were not ready for the world yet. What had she done, to deserve such pain, such torture? She was still young herself, naive to what should really be happening, what could have been wrong, or right.. Her jaws ache as she feels it, the ripping and the release, of her babe falling to the sand in the cool afternoon air. A whimper takes her as she tries to sit up, but another pulse of pain threatens her, and that same wave hits her again and again until finally; by the end of it, four tiny little pups lay lifeless and blood soaked against the cove. She is exhausted, her lungs battle for life, but still her screams could not be hidden as they erupt from her throat. Her eyes squeeze shut, but the stinging has already started, her body tingles and burns, and blood soaks the sand by her babes, by her legs and tail. She curls inwards, like a fetus, unable to move much further, but she drags herself until she is closer to her stillborns. Tears come freely now, large droplets that roll meekly down her cheeks and onto her babes. She couldn't understand it, couldn't believe it, why such a thing had happened to her and Kale when they were good wolves, perfect by the book. She cries for them, she cries for Kale, she cries for herself and the family that will never be, and in her curled up state she clutches her babes with sobs wracking her broken body.

Her broken soul.
Her broken heart.
And oh how she bleeds for them.

Kaleddin Lunafer Briar - wolves she'd want there, but any Divine wolves or friends of Lypso's may come and mourn with her. D; my poor baby. ;.;

Posted 03-25-2017, 05:43 AM | This post was last modified: 03-25-2017, 05:44 AM by Leiley
Female, 11.25
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© Kiwi

Another soul, so soon ascending to her celestial perch? It did not make Leiley mourn the way it did those mortals; she did not wail and weep to feel the tug at her shoulder that enticed her back down to the mortal plains. But the small part of her that still remained kindred to the earth remembered the pain of loss; the hopelessness that gripped the hearts of those left behind.

She drifted, spiralling inwards, the strength of the signal ever-growing on the approach. As the scene came into focus, she realised it was not one soul, but four. And oh, they were so small - not even born yet. Yes, she had seen this before... they were stillborns. The most innocent of souls.

Between the crumpled limbs of the Divine mother, Leiley could see a glimpse the bloodied half-babes - disfigured little things, ugly and unfinished. But as a Spirit, Leiley saw what no mortal could: the beauty of their souls as they leapt through the air, free and unburdened. They had lived no life at all - but they were not to know that. To them, this was their birth; this was their freedom.

Oh, if only their mother could see them now, instead of the crumbling shells for which she mourned. Leiley drifted down, particles of light falling into place with practised ease, and her voice chimed for Lypso'ru to hear. "I will guide your children home," she promised fondly, pressing a kiss to the woman's forehead, though her lips never touched flesh - it was but an illusion. "They are Hoshiko's own, now."

She would draw back, the imaginary light that cloaked her body now faded to almost nothingness, and she would wait out of sight in the shadows, so they could have a moment alone. The souls of the children could linger here, but only for a few minutes, and not a moment longer. When they were ready, she would guide them.

Posted 03-25-2017, 10:37 AM | This post was last modified: 03-25-2017, 10:38 AM by Kaleddin
Rogue Wolf
Male, 5.25
32 in, 125 lbs
153 ep
© Chad
so he gave her his world;
He had been out hunting small prey, preparing for the day that Ru would have their children, to replenish her energy when the time came for it. Each and every day since they knew they were to be parents he was out hunting rabbit, squirrel, anything he could find. He was ready to be a father, and hoped a good father he would be. Remembering his own childhood, both of his parents were picture-book perfect. They were nice, encouraging, smiles all around for him and his two sisters. He would put their practices to use with his own, and he knew that they would grow to be responsible adults themselves, making him proud as he watched them.

He had once again caught another rabbit, slightly fatter than usual, which made it easy. He had it in his mouth, its head hanging from the side of pearly white chompers, when the next call sent chills up his spine. It was his darling Ru. Something didn't feel quite right, it seemed too soon for the pups to be here. He shook the thought off as he dashed, prey in mouth, over to her, anticipating a smooth, natural moment, introducing new life into this world... but the heavy smell of blood made him nervous to all ends. Something... was definitely not right here. He sped up as his nerves started to wrack him, thoughts going wild as to what the hell is going on. The first thing he sees when he manages to catch sight is...s spirit!? A pure, white, transparent wolf stands among a pile of blood, accompanied by... Ru. A small relief to know that the spirit was not her. He stops, however after hearing her wimpers, sending more shockwaves through his core. He drops the prey on the sand and sprints over to Ru, bloodied from the birthing process, but he heard no little squeals, no dancing of little bodies around. Only a grieving mother, tears spilling down, mourning the loss of her pups. His own tears immediately form as he understands what has happened. Stillborn.

He crumples beneath himself next to the lifeless forms on the ground. Four, four lives, never to have even taken a single breath before expiring. He nuzzles each and every one of them, licking them clean. They were not even fully formed. Eyes glistening, his own fur bloodied, red tears fall onto the ground next to all of them. He cannot take it. The broken heart, broken spirit, the confusion. "Why...why, why??" He leans into Ru, if only for selfish reasons of wanting to be held himself. How could this have happened? To both of them, they had done no wrong, and she was even blessed by Hotaru herself. Then how? He cries uncontrollably, unable to even form words anymore, as the mourning of their loss takes its toll on him as well. The spirit says something, but it is of no relief. Perhaps there can be no relief after this?

Posted 03-25-2017, 02:06 PM |
in, lbs
     Evening settles like a blanket over the cove. Darkness edging the eastern horizon, and its inky touch spreads through the heavens. One by one the stars begin to burn into the night's sky. Tonight, like most nights since she had birthed her two daughters, the new mother is curled away in her den. Miya, and Llian, nestle into their mother's robust frame. Makenna is not built in a feminine manner. Her body sturdy, and broad. The thick gossamer coat makes the summer's heat unbearable, but at night it provides warmth, and a nice resting place for her pups.
     While the two whelps sleep Makenna is wide awake. Watching over the two young souls that captured the Valentine beast's heart. She had not wanted them at first, but once she saw them she fell in love. Sensitive ears listen to the low roar of the waves as they crash onto the rocks of the cove, and the surrounding shoreline. It helps soothe the alabaster woman's soul. Right her chin touches the bedding of leaves a scream tears through the beckoning call of the ocean. Lobes snap forward, and her head rises swift. Her stomach twists into uneasy knots, and the beating muscle sinks into the pit of her chest. Whomever that came from isn't terribly far from her den. Carefully Makenna rises to her full height. Shaking off the tendrils of exhaustion. Mommy will be right back. Makenna whispers to the two sleeping pups. With her right paw she scoops some leaves over Miya, and Llian. Covering them in a thin layer to hold in their body heat. They're safe and sound in the cove. She trusts Diving wholly with her daughters. Slipping out of her den she makes with haste across the pack lands.
     Concern is what propels her forward. Worry weighs heavily on her heart, and it feels like a ball of lead has gathered in the bottom of her stomach. Something is wrong, and she intends to find out what. Especially if it involves a pack mate. She had been taken by the Divine king, and given a home among his ranks. His pack, his cove, is now her home. Divine is her family. Paws move her swiftly, and it isn't long until she comes upon the grieving couple. The putrid scent of copper hangs thick in the briny atmosphere. Blood. Ears sink back upon her head, and the large woman approaches the couple with caution. Wine red seas focus on them. Seeing the pain that consumes them both.
     One step closer is all it takes for her to notice why the two are in such gut retching agony. Four lifeless bodies. So tiny, and so fragile, lay upon the earth. Acid stings her tongue now, and it takes all of her resolve to not become physically ill at the thought of losing her own children. Makenna cannot begin to fathom how this young mother, and father, must feel after losing such precious little souls. She thinks back to during her own pregnancy, and how she wasn't terribly fond of becoming a mother so soon in life. What a fool she had been to be so cold toward the idea of having offspring. Before her are two parents in mourning. A couple actually wanting to be something greater together. Not just lovers, but parents. Her heart aches for them, and for their children.
     Is there anything I can do for you both? Makenna finally speaks. Her soft voice rippling through the night. No amount of apologies could mend the damage done to these two. It won't erase their pain. All she can do is offer her support, and allow them to grieve.

speak in tongues til you listen. . .

Posted 03-28-2017, 10:40 AM | This post was last modified: 03-28-2017, 10:42 AM by Briar
Male, 4.50
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© Penn
↣ ♕ ↢
He'd come to visit Lunafer and his children, and of course visit Lypso'ru if she was around. These four held his heart completely and though the distance was great, Briar thought it was well worth it. He arrives at the borders to throw back his head and howl to whoever would listen. Though mostly he called for Lunafer and Lypso'ru. However, it would take a few moments as he waited for the smell to hit him. Briar had smelled that smell recently and it took him awhile to figure out it was the smell of birth. Ok, cool. Puppies! That was none of his business, this was Divine's territory. So he'd wait some more. However, it is Lypso'ru's shriek that sends his heart racing and his hackles rising. He paces, whining and growling before he throws his head back in another panicked howl. It wasn't his right, but Lypso'ru sounded like she needed help, even if she had called for someone else. She was his friend and he'd rather risk his life to try and help her than to just stand here helplessly. He'd surged forward, inhaling the gross birth smell that made him nauseous. Paws would eventually kiss sands and he'd find them, his ears falling as the hint of death stirred in his senses. Oh no, Kaede please.

His head immediately lowers as his stance remains wide and bent slightly. He is defensive, but submissive against the wolves of Hotaru. His eyes catch the spirit and his soul breaks. He couldn't imagine if Lunafer had gone through this because of him. He moves forward warily, "Excuse me....please.", he stresses aiming to get close to Lypso'ru with a nod before he'd focus on one of the lifeless bodies. His eyes are dilated suddenly, intent on the grotesque still body of her child. If they allowed him to of course. Lypso'ru would know what he was doing as the gem against his breast shimmered. The king would tremble on his legs before he aimed to collapse against the floor in his lost energy. Still he would remain focused on the body as his breathing became heavier. His head spun and his stomach clenched as he tried to desperately to breathe life into his friend's child. As he did, blood would trickle down his nostrils, unaware of the extent of Kaede magic, but only trying. I'd give my life for theirs. For Lypso'ru.

background from Harbard1

didn't mean to skip, but wanted to get him here.
Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

Posted 03-28-2017, 08:08 PM | This post was last modified: 04-03-2017, 02:25 PM by Bhaltair
Storm Wolf
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© Sabrina
you missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye
when the earth folded in on itself

  Discordant cries echoed overhead, calamitous in the extreme, sounds that instantly gutted the tranquility of Firefly Cove. Immediately, Bhaltair found himself set on high alert, his heart rushing to lodge itself firmly inside of his throat, where it beat wildly in a vicious attempt at choking him; what unimaginable trauma could have befallen his wolves? The masked king set off at a sprint, abandoning any prevalent ideas he might have had of watching a peaceful sunset from the heart of the meadow - he had promised to lead them, guide them, protect them; could a tragedy have truly stricken them from within the defensive embrace of the cove? Bhaltair's mind swam with agonizing possibilities, each one more disturbing than the last, their very conceptualization driving glacial needles down the length of his spine. The fresh, offensive stench of blood met his nose, wrapped around the familiar scent of Lypso'ru, and his pace tripled, driven by urgency - of them all, it was clear that her presence in Divine was a very necessary stabilizer - losing the woman could cost them all cohesion in the pack.
  Briar's inquisitive howls had, in their origins, only interested him - he'd considered answering the inquiry when Lypso'ru's screams struck the silence - but now, at his incessant baying, Bhaltair understood his desperation. He slowed for only a moment, chin flung high, and answered the call: come at once! Though he remained unfamiliar with Earth's blessed healing powers, any and all aid would be appreciated in this endeavor - should they be under attack, Briar's presence would be beyond all welcome imaginable. Without further hesitation, Bhaltair returned to his wild-eyed race across the meadow, damning himself twiceover for the extensive time it took to traverse the heart of the cove. Worry and panic gnawed at his gut, twisting his insides until nausea followed him in hot pursuit; by the time he fell through the seaside cave separating him from his subjects, his eyes had glazed over with hysteria. With their safety threatened, their composed king seemed ready to fall apart at the seams, distraught by this first taste of a leader's frenzied obligation to protect at all costs ... but there were a great many things he had no control over; he could not protect them from this.
  Panting violently, Bhaltair searched the coast for evidence of Lypso'ru, lingering for but a moment at the cavemouth; a plethora of scents preceded him, indicating a handful of Divine wolves and Briar had come before him, and a twinge of relief flooded his soul. She was not alone, she was safe, she was ... awash with blood, streaking down her thighs, painting the shore. When his eyes found her, the scene was alarmingly familiar, dragging him back to the frigid wastes of his homeland: when he'd kissed his dear Moranis as she labored - when he'd begged the gods endlessly to have her back as the life fled her eyes - when he'd clutched her body and those of the stillborn babes that had stolen her from him. He trembled, frozen fast to the ground, and he cracked. His breath was somewhere far away - surely not lodged in his lungs, where he needed it. Time and space spun wildly around the grieving crowd, alongside of which Leiley's spirit juxtaposed a modicum of serenity in the face of an unimaginable catastrophe; the sobbing forms of Lypso'ru and Kaleddin drew him from his nightmare, for his was a memory and theirs, a heart wrenching reality. Bhaltair stumbled forward, searching for some hint of life in the bedraggled babes, but there was none.
  As Briar fell upon them, his gem alight with intent, Bhaltair followed him - he watched expectantly, scouring their tiny bodies with his eyes, desperation eating away at his heart and soul. Please... please... save them from this pain, gods, save them from this tragedy! The king knelt at his side, wary only in that he knew such closeness would surely agitate the parents; they deserved space, air to breathe, and yet he clamored nearer, frantic to find something he could do to help them. Warmth and love pooled in his belly - they spread exponentially, reaching out from his core in an effort to thoroughly saturate his being; he knew not the grace of Hotaru as it swam through him and flooded every inch of his soul. When his jaws parted, he expected an anguished cry, but his goddess had different plans. Alongside Briar, Bhaltair loosed a perfectly spherical mouthful of effulgent light. It hovered before his maw while anxiety, fear, and heartache warred for prominence in those rubicund eyes - unbeknownst to him, born of defiant misery, he'd procured an orb of rejuvenation. "Hotaru, help us," he whispered as it drifted gently toward the single child Briar's efforts were focused around - and in the blink of an eye, it enveloped the babe, seeping into the child's tiny, broken body. A choking, wracking sob erupted from him, then, as he jerked away and cried out - for Lypso'ru, for her mate and their lost children, for their goddess; he begged of her mercy for their broken family, for her children. He could not protect them from this.

using one of my DI passes here!

Posted 03-31-2017, 08:48 PM | This post was last modified: 03-31-2017, 08:50 PM by Lunafer
Divine (Site Helper)
Divine Alpha
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© Sylvirr

He was nowhere near as fast as he wanted to be. He was still recovering himself, and found that he was pained in picking up his pace--especially from his distance on the other side of the cove. But he made it. And it was not his intention to disregard Bhaltair or any others, though Lypso's pain was all-encompassing. But if there was anything-- ANYTHING-- That Lunafer knew more intimately than anything else... it was death.

Death could be violent, harsh and bloody-- it could cause gut-wrenching howls of pain.... of so many sorts. And now, that pain was theirs, all theirs, and nobody had the right to take it from them. However...there was something else.

The gentle Death. The quiet Death. The Death that came on the softest flutters of wings to steal away the labored breaths of those in pain, to bring them peace and relief and warmth in chilled limbs. And these babes-- the little children who had not yet lived, did not know the pain of life. Not the pain of fluid in their lungs at first breath, the struggle of dirt on untouched paws. They knew nothing but the breath of the gods, nothing but the celestial wind, nothing but the fields of stardust. He watched in silence for a long moment before speaking, his voice soft an unobtrusive-- and yet, perhaps the most steady of those speaking..besides Leiley.

"Briar, Bhaltair, stop, or we will have more bodies to mourn." he stated. It was not sharp, but there was a gentleness-- a strength to his words that left little room for argument, even with the tenderness of his voice... But there was truth in it, as judged by the blood dipping freely from Briar. "Bhaltair, sit down..... You cannot save everybody, and you cannot protect everybody from pain." Not that he MEANT to command his king, but he was ALSO likely to end up killing himself if the both of them kept using powers like that, and not only would they be extra bodies-- their deaths would be on Lypso's conscience, and he couldn't have that. And he spoke as much, letting them know the reason for his words. "We may be gifted with powers from the gods.... but we cannot revive the dead. And it is far easier for us to add to the body count right now in our grief, but not beneficial to anybody-- to Lypso, to the pups, or to the gods..... So if you would all, please. Kaleddin and Lypso need some time. And care. If it is at all possible, we need a healer to tend to Lypso'ru." She was, after all, still bleeding. And while they sat and mourned over the lives that never were, Lypso was still a life that could be lost along with them.

Perhaps the gods would come down and reward their efforts.... but they were the only ones that could breathe life into the dead, and to try-- as touching as their desperation was-- would only bring more pain.
"Excuse me," he moved to step past them, towards Lypso, to gently rest his head against hers-- white and white mingling into a gentle snowfall, it seemed.

And while it was hard-- perhaps the hardest thing Lypso and Kale could imagine-- he knew, they could not stay here. "Lypso.... you must say goodbye." Leiley would guide them-- the patron spirit of the Cove, it seemed-- and perhaps their little souls would return another time. He knew it would be hard-- but he knew something else.

She was strong. Perhaps stronger than any other he'd met. He turned and his gaze caught Bhaltair and Briar, and in a silent gesture for them to follow-- and to give Lypso and Kale their space, with Leiley. If Makenna wished to remain to work as a nurse, maid or otherwise for the grieving couple, so be it. But there was work to be done and time could not be wasted.

The cove was a place of life-- just as the ocean was. But death was not unknown to the white sands and lapping waves, and he spent little time-- though he was exceedingly careful in his actions-- gathering driftwood, and setting them down at the water's edge..... large enough for their little bodies to be laid out upon it, when the time came.

They may not have had a chance to breathe life, but they would be given the full rites of any adult. A proper Priest he was, it seemed, taking dedicated time and care in each and every aspect of this. Little bodies, but not-so-little responses to them. Perhaps the gods themselves WOULD come down, and breathe life into one of them-- or even all of them. But in the more realistic even that this was not the case, full funerary rites were now in order.

"No hope, no harm."

OOC: Sorry Woona's gonna maybe be the bad guy for a little whoops

Briar Bhaltair Lypso'ru Makenna Kaleddin Divine Intervention Leiley

Posted 04-07-2017, 11:08 AM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.25
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© Divinity

A small bout of laughter could be heard in the distance, for what reason was unknown. The giggles grew closer and closer up until some gathered fireflies began to swarm in a single area, hovering, darting, swirling and dancing in random directions. After a moment or two, a flash of divine light appeared, and once it diminished there stood Hotaru, in the shape of a wolf covered in starlight and simply glowing. Her fur would seem almost iridescent, shimmering and ever changing A bright and wonderful smile was placed upon her lips, and another giggle would fall from them until her gaze would rest on those gathered. Awestruck by what it was she was seeing, her smile faded into a frown, and a simple "Oh," slipped from her tongue, her eyes bright and round with innocence and playfulness.

Momentarily her gaze would drift in the direction of Leiley, offering her a faint smile, both of welcome and gratitude before her attention would return to the situation at hand. Her ears would twitch as she watched both the King of her land and the King of another both try to revive the lifeless beings at their feet, but to no avail. Lunafer came then, valiant and whimsical in his words, and she couldn't help but to be proud of him in that moment. Stepping closer, she weaved around those gathered, and trailing behind her were the fireflies that had swarmed just before her arrival, streaking through the air like shooting stars upon Earth. "Briar. Bhaltair." She would coo their names, a soft touch to their cheek in a loving embrace. The sensation warm and divine. "You both show promise and that you are both very caring in nature, if only there were more of you within these lands." A giggle would escape her then, and within seconds a golden blonde hare with golden, irredescent eyes would hop up and snuggle up next to Bhaltair, and it was evident he had found a new companion. This hare would never leave the Cove, but would always be by his side while he was within it, easily distinguishable from any mortal hare in all of Doutaini.

"Lypso'ru," She began, focusing on their blessed child, and no one else. "This is not something you should have to suffer," She paused, only for a moment, to glance towards the father of the lifeless pups, before turning back to Lypso. "and because of this, I am presenting you with a gift. With that being said, she lowered enough to place a kiss upon her cheek before pulling away giggling, and in her wake sparkles began to form near the stomach of Lypso, tight-knit and shimmering before they would disappear, leaving a breathing and healthy pup in their wake. This pup resembled Lypso in appearance, but would have Kaleddin's eyes, and between the eyes is a bright blonde/yellow glimmering mark that resembles a star. A mark of their goddess Hotaru, blessed by her to live and breathe as a wolf.

"When you're ready, I shall escort the others to join Hoshiko." She would then move to place a kiss upon each lifeless form that laid at their side before bouncing off to the side herself, moving to stand near Leiley as she remained in the shadows, yet no words escaped her to reveal her presence amongst them. "I'm so excited to get to play with them!", she's squeal with a wave of her tail and a shake of her body, "Don't worry, they'll be safe with me!" She nodded as if it would help reassure her beloved child, eyes glimmering joyously.

( the gender of the pup is up to you two to decide )

wolf © dawnthieves
image © ellie

Posted 04-10-2017, 02:46 PM |
Divine Beta
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© Lou
&& she reaches far beyond the stars

A whisper in her ear, a jingle by the cove, and absentmindedly Lypso lifts her head to meet the gaze of whoever it was; Leiley. Her throat is sore from the screams, and she hasn't the energy to sob anymore, so silently she stares through the ghost with large eyes that are unseeing. But she knows who it is, and the words register with her somewhere; "thank you," she manages, in a voice that is a harsh whisper. A warmth brushes her side, and before she even looks she knows it is Kale, and now that her body has given up; she is ashamed that she called for her family. She should have hidden this, kept it to herself, now it was Kale's heartbreak as well. "I'm so sorry, love.." she moans, and her skull presses to his. Perhaps she had been too young to make life, perhaps she had not looked after them properly. Another wolf comes, and Lypso leans forwards over her babes, the woman held a divine necklace against her throat, but to Lypso she is a stranger. She is kind though, offering help, offering condolence, and Lypso relaxes only slightly. She can't feel her limbs where they lay crumpled beneath her, she worries she will not be able to get up, to protect the babes that had never been. That is when the howls in the distance shatter her, Briar. He doesn't wait, she can feel him coming, even as another howl is sent up from somewhere in the cove, that one Bhaltair. They are safe. And as if her body knows, her eyes begin to cloud over and exhaustion embraces her, she leans into Kale for comfort, her ears laying back on her crown. The King of Earth arrives, and Lypso tries to stay awake for him, a smile allowing her lips to tilt tiredly. But his necklace shimmers to life, and his focus holds strong to one of her babes, and before she can protest Bhaltair is there as well. She knows what they are doing, and somewhere inside her heart breaks more, for as much as she wants to see if it would work, she couldn't afford to lose either of them.

Her muzzle wrinkles, ears pressed flat to her skull, even as words from Lunafer tumble over her, she leans forwards, her jaws opening and snapping towards the two Kings with a gigantic clap. "Don't be ridiculous Bri," she scolds him, paws reaching out to bring her dead babes closer to her chest, "what is done, is done." And again, somehow, tears fill her eyes. Fireflies begin to swarm, and she knows what it means. Sapphires lift to the horizon, where a divine light begins to form and glow like the sun, she doesn't turn her eyes away, afraid to blink, to miss her. "Hotaru," she whispers, and eyes that are full of shock watch as a hare bounces free from the light and into Bhalt, it is almost enough to bring a smile to her lips, but perhaps another day. It is her turn, and Lypso regards her Goddess with adoration, shocked that she had shown on a day that could have been her last, a new found hope lingered beneath her flesh. I am presenting you with a gift, and the Goddess kisses her cheek, breathing life back into Lypso. And by her stomach a pup is made. Purest of whites, with a star knitted into her forehead with golden thread. A sob rattles her, and she leans down to kiss the babes head. A beautiful little girl. "thank you," she ushers, eyes swinging back to the Goddess, "I love you," and her voice barely makes it out. She is Divine.

But it was time to say goodbye, and subconsciously she had watched Luna prepare their burial. Tears curl at her eyes and run silently down her face as she leans down to kiss each four of her lifeless children, a sob caught in her throat as she says her goodbyes; my children, I will love you forever, be happy in the next.. And slowly she pushes herself up onto legs that shake and stumble, but she remains upright. She eyes Kale and silently she pushes their daughter towards him, her little yelps and groans reverberating off her heart, soothing something rotten. Turning back to Luna, Bhaltair and Briar, she pleads with them, deep in the sapphire of her eyes. It was time to send off her children. She leans down, almost toppling over, to grab one of the small bundles in her mouth, and she has to try with all her might not to spit it back out, how does a mother say goodbye? Her eyes close, and with a large sigh, she makes her way to the raft that Luna had put together for them, and with the others (had they grabbed one too), she places the pup on the board by the ocean. She turns to her Goddess, to Leiley, with a tear stricken face and a bloodied body, "take care of my babies for me," she tells them, "they are pure of heart.." And with a final kiss to each of their heads, she would step back..

and let them go.

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Before her very eyes, magic was happening. The Alphas of both the healing packs had come together, offering everything they had to try to save the half-formed babes. Leiley - at the back of the cave, in the shadows - shook her head, her face the embodiment of a mother's disappointment. It was futile, the half-lives were not real children, and they never would be. There was only one thing that could create life where there was none-

-and here she was, now! Their prayers were never in vain, not so long as Hotaru watched over the Cove. Leiley shone back at the Goddess, her smile lovely and doting. She watched as a child was formed from starlight (a true child of Divine), and beamed to Hotaru as she came to stand beside her. "Me too," she whispered back.

"Come along now, little ones," she whispered to the four souls, careful not to be loud enough to distract the gathered mortals - her calmness at reaping four tiny souls may have unnerved them; but her aura served a purpose: to calm the souls of the unborn babes so they could leave this world in peace. They seemed sad, however; a little confused about the sibling they’d left behind. "Don’t worry now," Leiley urged, "She’ll get to play and have lots of fun too. She won’t miss out, I promise. She’s just in a different place to you." The souls continued their bubbling of childish delight. They had no physical form - they were not ‘spirits’ in that sense - merely balls of light, chattering with indescribable sounds and darting about as they ascended. The heavens would forever be their dwelling place.