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Posted 03-09-2017, 12:05 AM |
Earth Beta
Female, 4.00
33 in, 110 lbs
225 ep
© Intricate

All had seemed quiet for a long while, she sensed that any potential danger had subsided. She stretched and her legs tingled as the blood flowed back into them. Her stomach growled hungrily, urging her black paws forward towards the magnificent feast. Even though much of it had been eaten, there was still plenty. Asceo glanced up at the stars shooting overhead, breathing a quiet thanks to the gods for the feast they had provided. She really didn't understand what Satan was raving about. How could you doubt their existence when so much magic filled these lands, when bountiful loads of prey seemingly appeared during a festival that no one in particular seemed to run?

She started towards the piles of prey and marveled at their diversity. Snakes, rabbits, elk, and countless others, even a few strange looking animals that she had never seen before. Cautiously, she poked at a very round creature who looked to be covered in brown hide, like armor. Its dead little face was pointed like a weasels with tiny beady eyes. It was almost cute. Rolling it around between her paws, she made a face at it, unsure of how to eat it. Maybe she should stick with something that she recognized.

// @Tag

Asceo wanders over to the prey pile and plays around with an armadillo. She is open to interacting with other characters.

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Posted 03-09-2017, 01:25 AM |
Fire Beta
Female, 4.25
30 in, 110 lbs
104 ep
© Lou

The fire princess wasn't one of the first to arrive, but she wouldn't be the last either. Her dark fur flashes under the copper hue that the sun bestows upon the valley, a coat that is already flecked with the stardust that floats freely from the heavens. She wouldn't consider herself a religious girl, but these festivals brought out the better, more youthful side to her otherwise maniacal nature. Steel-grey, her mohawk twitches across her back magnificently as makes her entrance, neither grand nor boring, though chartreuse eyes that are both of mother and father; dart about the crowds with a venomous urgency. From her jaws hangs the limp wings of an eagle, its large chest protruding from the right side of her mouth, and in silence she strides across the feast to deposit it on the rest of their declarations. Food that was piling up in the blink of an eye, she wasn't yet hungry though, so she turns her back on it in resignation and the realization that she would in fact, have to talk to someone here today. She notices her mother, conversing with others of the same age, and the former beta of fire (Rykerri) who stood next to a woman who was scarily similar to Lyo and Singer, though taller and much scrawnier. She grins, if her mother was so to look her way, before she catches sight of the two children leaving the 'group.' No doubt on an adventure. A flick of her tail and Lyonesse trots over to meet them, her head lowering so she may meet their line of sight. "Hey! I'm Lyonesse, of Fire. What are you two up to?" The two storm girls receive her most potent smile, a wag of her tail as her ears flick forwards. Oh, how she hopes they are up to no good.

Lyo arrives, drops her kill on the pile of food, notices Singer and the group she is with, then goes to talk to Hydra and Vendetta.

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Posted 03-09-2017, 12:58 PM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.25
x in, x lbs
0 ep
© Divinity
It was a flash of graveyard fog and holiday mist that he was fashioned from. A violent twist of stars and snowflakes from the sky-ridden earth below his gilded thrown and he was there. It was as if a meteor struck the ground, emerald grass a haloed circle about him. God made physical in the from of a glimmering stag. Soft antlers that appeared fuzzy and still new with the springs turnover hung heavy with silver moss, dripping mercury water with every small tilt of his head. Hot steam puffed from slitted nostrils, and Keitaro was seen again as a work of art, a golden statue able to move and prance and judge. Cosmic eyes dazzled and danced between shades of trembling violet and abysmal onyx. Large coned ears flicked among the gathered crowd, searching for not but the voice of ignorance in the bliss. His broad neck gave a quick turn, razor jaw cutting the air in a silent point of a honey-milk nose. The crown of babys breath upon his brow was sharp, stems were silver wire, rusting and cold while the flowers withered away in the cold. Narrowed eyes were unfathomably deep, lost in a higher plain of immortality as he looked upon the man who had dared question the existence of him and his kin. What magnificence was there not to be held? What beauty and grace could be looked upon and not be compared to him? Long, graceful legs carried him forth in fluid steps. The halting and cautious nature of an animal of prey was not captured by Keitaro, he was rather the king of the forest, bold and striking. Star-dusted moths flit and flicker about him as he moves, kissing his antlers and shoulders with every beat of their wings. Sharp hooves dig deep tracks into the earth, heavy and large as he takes stance before the wolf known as Satan. Lips curl into a feature between amusement and disgust, before parting in a pause of silence. He regretted mortals above all else, those who preached and boasted, betrayed and mocked. Their love was certainly not lost on him, but oh how shallow streams make most din. Flickering eyes cut from hackled spine to hackled spine. At least a few still held respect and loyalty in high regard. "You wish to push me aside mortal?" His laugh is hearty and mocking in its entirety. Front feet reel into a stallions rear, striking like lightning into the air before plummeting to earth in a clap of thunder. Wide antlers dip before the ground, shaking back and forth in a display of power and dignity. "I would win, and you would die." A curt glance is thrown to the enigmatic man with the skeletal smile. A shark-toothed smile is presented, sparkling in the bright winters daylight. "It is unwise not to fear the gods wrath, shadow-man. I intend to make this... interesting." The last word was a curl of steam as his eyes sparkled sky blue and gunpowder grey. A bat of his lash and Keitaro's magic had lashed out and struck upon Satans tongue, a pair of black antlers burned onto the surface for all to see if he should ever try to speak. "May you feel the burning of your throat if you ever utter another word. May every call, every cry, every whisper bring you pain. May you speak no more, for I shall hear no more of you." It was a rare moment for Keitaro to act in complete seriousness. But lately he had given a blessing unto the gunmetal girl. A curse to counteract that had been the next logical step. He stepped back, eyes scanning the crowd as if asking for someone else to challenge him. For now he would let the celebration continue, and let the blessing be done. But not by his hand.

He had observed the cursing with a glee that hadn’t unnoticed between his fellow gods, as they observed in a silent, unseen manner. There is a wealth of love within the feast, but for one unseen God, it is too much. He is a creature born of darkness and washed in shadows. A trickster, mischievous and deep of plot. He stirs in the shadows of the wolves he sees, often granting them an additional head or two within those flowing shapes upon the ground. It is as a dragon that he appears before his Queen, first turning to face the boy who dared mock the gods. His laughter is boisterous and the gods would rear his great heads, "And I shall not have your mind taint my wolves, shall you ever join enigma your headaches will be ten times worse than any. Any of my wolves who read more than snippets of your filth will experience intense migraines and immediate fatigue." He cackles mischievously and he is done with the boy as he turns back to his queen with pride. "Ruellia." Kurai’s darkness is awash with his movements, his steps all silent as he moved forward and stepped through her, dim as a spirit yet Ruellia would feel a wash of cavern-like cold as he offered his blessings to the woman bordered by wolves of flames and his brother’s own chosen. It was fitting, that the pallid bone-woman of secrets would be met with almost all those blessed wolves in Doutaini. She would have guidance, were she able to seek them. It is with a kiss of darkness upon her cheek, a darkening against her cheekbone that he offers her a sign of his trust – before dissipating at her feet. Not a word would have passed between the dragon-god and his chosen, but he trusted she’d know what he meant.

Satan is cursed by Keitaro & Kurai to feel extreme pain when he tries to speak, if he were to ever join Enigma the side effects of utilizing the powers would be intensified. Enigma wolves that try to read more than occasional snippets of Satan's mind will experience immediate fatigue and a severe migraine. Ruellia is blessed by Kurai.

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Posted 03-09-2017, 03:22 PM |
Enigma Heir
Female, 3.25
27 in, 100 lbs
108 ep
© Lou
She is late, but to her undying loyalty; she is right on time. The serene engulfs her as she arrives, paws sinking in the snow as she prances through the crowds. Of course; Kurai is the one she stares at, an adoration curling her features upwards in a smile. Magnificent, and she feels blessed just having seen him, just having been in his presence. The other being she is unsure of, but still as she wanders passed them she bows her head, unlike the cursed soul she would be forever faithful. "Ruellia!" Ianthe joins the group, though the crowd is large so she remains in the outskirts, not wanting to push in or seem ignorant. "You deserve it all," she whispers to her sister, a grin forming on darkened lips. Hovering is not her thing though; and as soon as the Gods have disappeared; she moves to the pile of food to pluck free a small offering, only enough for herself. It was the beginning of a long day ahead.

Ianthe arrives and congratulates Rue. Then eats. XD

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Posted 03-09-2017, 04:23 PM | This post was last modified: 03-09-2017, 04:24 PM by Murmura
Wind Alpha
Female, 2.75
34 [a] in, 121 [a] lbs
124 ep
© Mkohy
Murmura's head bolted up as sound floaded her ears. Her eyes wide she looked to the god who addressed the foolen man named Satan. In awe, she slowly unfurled her body and stood up. Maw agape but silence was it's ruling as she watched stunned, though ehr attention quickly changed.

She saw him! He was looking to her mother and Murmura's heart soared with pride as her tail wagged, her early shock replaced with love and lust. What did she wish to do more? Hug her mother or kiss the ground which Kurai stood? She didn't know and didn't care as she watched. He was magnificent, a dragon, a giant beast which she adored. She remained silent, and in her place as he vanished into the air. Oh, she had taken too much time, but It didn't matter, not then, as she ran up to her mother, moving through the crowd as best she could. "Mama! Mama! It was Kurai! Kurai kissed you! Wasn't he beautiful?!"

Murmura wakes to see Keitaro curse satan,
then watches Kurai bless Ruellia before running to Ruellia to talk.

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Posted 03-09-2017, 07:23 PM |
in, lbs

at the start, i had been filled with such passion to respond to the man's outburst, that I had given him one of my own. I had not realized that by doing so, I might drawn attention to myself. It was perhaps times like these where my blindness left me feeling more confident, unable to see the eyes of strangers that would train upon me, curious and eager to see what would happen next. It is entertainment, they do not judge me. I whispered in my mind words of encouragement, to keep my limbs strong and unwavering. It is not until I felt fur brush my side that I began to falter. My ears twitched at the touch, sniffing to see who it was that had taken up a stand by my side. No scent that I could recognize, but I could tell it was a young girl, much younger than even I was. While I was alone, Rava came to stand by my side, and for that I was relieved, i was thankful beyond words, I was moved to my very heart, but even more so, I was afraid for her. While some might find further empowerment when standing together, I found an added sense of responsibility. Perhaps it was her age that made me so eager to protect her well being, her age that made me rethink my outburst. It was because of my actions that she had joined me. I had been reckless, willing to put my life on the line to defend what I believed in. That had been fine, in my mind. But when another, so young, was influenced and tried to do the same thing? No... no no, sweet child. I looked to the girl's direction as she stood beside me, tall and proud and passionate, just as I had been, and I felt regret. I would learn a lesson today. There could always be someone impressionable nearby. I could not do things without thinking of the consequences, because my actions could affect more than just myself. They could affect many. They could effect the young, and the innocent, and it was not my wish to see harm done to this child, or any. I could not let my emotions overrule my judgement again.

I moved my head slowly, until my wet nose touched the girl's crown. I would place a lick there, upon her forehead just between her brows. It would speak words that I could not find. In the gesture, she would hopefully find my thanks, but in my expression would be worry. It didn't take long before more joined us. A woman, Vodka who I recognized faintly from the pack meeting, who also held the scent of home thick in her coat. She tried to move us along, to turn us away from the wolf she deemed not mentally fit for conversation. I didn't argue, perhaps he was sick, and I did want to go back to the feast and festivities. I caught the approach of Mercury in my nostrils, and turned towards him. It would be his words that would hit closest to home, that would border upon the thoughts that I had already had, reminding me of Rava and the proper way to deal with situations. "To let yourself be tainted and easily moved by the fleeting whims of others is to be weak, and you are not weak." "I know... you're right." It is soft spoken, under my breath as I lowered my head shamefully, ears taken aback. I wasn't sure if I would be able to discern which situations should warrant my response, and which shouldn't, like this one. I could not help but feel that even a leaf floating down a river might need to be plucked out. If enough debris were let passed, it might dam up the entire river, and flood the plain it ran through. It was this desire to right every wrong, to fix even things which did not have anything to do with me, that might make it difficult to know which things i should turn a blind eye to. It is for others that I would watch myself, but not because I felt it right to ignore anything.

My ears perked as Mercury continued speaking, drawing the conversation onto something more interesting. Snake hunting? I was already intrigued, eager for a chance to work on my skills, and snakes seemed like something that would amp my adrenaline. I was excited, even if his mention of snake crowns left me perplexed. I smiled, feeling the weight of guilt and regret start to drip from my shoulders, my eyes lighting up with anticipation. "Alright." Another approached, casting a shadow across my front, blocking my 'view' of the man that had shouted such things about the gods. Bhaltair's voice accompanied the silhouette, mirroring the same concern and advice that the other adults had given to us. I did not think my actions would draw the attention of the king. I hadn't gotten to know him very well. He was not as approachable as Asher had seemed to be. Not bad, just different, and so my reaction to his words was more respectful and guarded than casual. I gave him a dip of my head, somewhere between a bow and a nod. "yes, I am hungry." I turned to touch the girl, Rava, with my nose again, smiling at her with blank eyes. "Would you like to share food with me? I scented meat earlier that I have never smelled before. I wanted to taste it, but its too big for me alone." I was speaking about the seal I had been sniffing around until Satan had spoken and I felt the need to react.

For now, I would go back to the feast and enjoy what the gods had given to us. I tried to politely excuse myself from the growing crowd, the thought of hunting for snakes afterward still fresh in my mind. If Rava agreed, then I would try to usher her out with me, using the shuffling around to try and work on honing my echolocation. I had been so caught up in the moment earlier, that I had forgotten to concentrate on it, instead falling back to my old ways of following the sounds of people's voices. I could still hear others, voices rising up, threatening the man that had spoken out. It seemed i was not the only one to feel the need to try and grab the leaf out of the river as it floated by. I started to wonder if the gods would give their own response, as I had threatened him they might. My ears flicked as I heard one woman praying to the gods to forgive him. kaede. the name felt like the epitome of divine grace. I wondered what they might look like, or if my eyes would have even be able to behold such radiance. Did not those that gaze upon the glory of the gods go blind?

I sniffed about a seal carcass cautiously, wrapping my teeth around a flipper to drag it away from the pile some. I would have returned to the crowd that had gathered around Rava and myself, but I had been standing directly beside the piles of food when I had heard the brute speak, and thought it might be rude to stay so close by any longer. Though, I explained this to no one, and merely dipped from the scene to meander off on my own with a small seal clutched between my jaws. It was almost easier to see the silhouettes with the added, bouncing noise that came from the carcass as it dragged through the snowy grass. The meat was interesting to taste. I was just getting started into my meal when... I didn't understand what was happening. A feeling came over me. No, came over everyone. The air changed. There was a loud crack of noise that drew back my ears. With my clouded gaze, I could find a source of light, the silhouette of a stag standing in the middle. The first word that came to my mind was kaede, though I had this feeling that it was not the right word, the right name, for this celestial deer. His words hold my attention as he speaks to the blasphemer. The only thing that could have drawn me away from the splendor before me would have had to of been another god. Another presence pressing against my side, this one darker, so much darker. When I looked in the direction of the feeling, there was nothing but shadow. Even my ears felt muted, as if my sonar did not work, swallowed by the mouth of kurai, much like the mouth of the crystalline cavern that led to his home. He, too, would spit his piece, before speaking a word (a name?) and taking off in a flair. "Mama! It was Kurai! Kurai kissed you!" Kissed... by a god? My heart fluttered in my chest. I did not know if this was a good thing or not. Kissed by the darkness... what sort of gifts would that bestow? It was as mercury had told me before, perhaps there was no need to be afraid of the shadows.

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Posted 03-09-2017, 08:59 PM |
Enigma Alpha
Female, 5.25
33 in, 115 lbs
371 ep
© Xechi
She relaxes, a look of bemusement as her sea-foam gaze catches the fire omega grab her "treat", though she remained in place, snuggled warmly against Fire's Queen. The growing crowd doesn't bother her, nor does she mind the snickers that slip from her lips as Mercury danced in her peripheral. She lets out a soft sigh as Akako's heat flits from Singer's muscled frame to her own, and eyes would flutter shut for a half-breath's second, indulging in the warmth as toes tucked beneath her black-tipped tail. Her fellow Queen's question causes a lowered aud to flick side-ways, eyes opening as she grinned widely. Nodding, Ruellia would further tuck herself, toes curling as warmth slowly flooded her. And then, his scent. Arid desert spices mixed with the softer tones of damp moss and bitter Black Cohosh. A secretive smiles takes her lips as a shiver runs down her spine (a flash of feeling, of want and need, of a love as timeless as it was mad) and she need not look to know he made his way through the bustling crowd to her. Yet, when he was near, there was no force in the world that could keep her from looking his way. Hooded eyes would swivel towards her lover, and lips would quirk playfully at his words, petulance dancing across her pout. "Mm, yes, but you weren't around." She shivers dramatically, her chest puffing as she heaved a melodramatic sigh. "A girl has needs. I need to be warm." Her eyes glitter with mischief, and that same attitude that had been present the last few days.

Despite her words, however, with a final appreciative glance towards Singer, Rue would scrape herself from the warmth, and into her lover's. She eyes the Valentine man with a raised brow, and exchanged a glance with Vaitan that held a question behind them; for she'd noted a rise in Vaitan's emotional state that did not stem from her closeness. Should he not turn her away (and let us be honest, how could he) her form would press comfortably against his, reclining beside him in that same regal, controlled manner. Coyly, she would glance up to him, and the words are written on her face, 'Better?' And indeed it was, he need not even stoke the fire of Akako for Rue to feel warm within her soul.

The enigmatic queen would relax here, keeping Meteora ever in her peripheral as the young woman tore into the ill-gotten meal. Yet it is the wolves around Singer that intrigue her the most. Everything she knew of the Fire Matriarch told her she was a being of power, and of respect. Loyalty, too, for such a trait seemed important for one who commanded her lover. Even her Father swooned over Singer, not in love, per say, but in that lovely fashion of respect. It seemed this was an effect the aging Queen had on many, and Rue was not immune. She was aware, and she watched the woman with an air of intrigue, as though through a watchful gaze she could learn a modicum of what it took to command such power. For now, Ruellia would make due with being the woman's friend.

Ruellia gave little recognition towards the satanic fool who began spouting rebel nonsense, though her meso-fighter frame did tense, and hackles prickled with distaste. She would cast a baleful glare in the brute's direction, wishing he would lock eyes with her own through the crowd so that she might command his feeble mind away. He is but a sheep in a crowd of wolves, screaming it's dying words to the sky. With this certainty in mind, she leaves him be. After all, peace be upon them tonight. Charlotte's arrival serves as a wanted distraction, and the young queen nods deeply towards the woman. She wasn't certain, but she believed her to hold rank in Rebel. With a wink, she promises personal time. Anyone in the Cartel was, after all, family, and besides, it never hurt to have wolves wrapped around your paw. Ruellia allows her thoughts to drift, the sounds of the crowd becoming faint murmurs as she watched.

In a flash of smoke, the mortals are joined by the divine, and Rue's immediate twist towards Satan betrays her concerns. The Queen is struck in awe as the antler'd beast formed from mists that hadn't been there moments before. Keitaro, she whispers to herself, to her lover, to them all in a revered prayer. Without reaction, she watches as the God's eternal eyes find Satan's, as the beast called the ground to tremor and the skies to rumble in an infinitesimal show of celestial power. So the man was to be smited, then? Rue can feel only a sense of pride and vanity. Let all the wolves know that the gods are real, the gods are here. The curse is created, and the young Queen shivers at the thought. To have your voice be turned towards self-mutilation, a curse that seemed rightful on a blasphemous tongue. She nods in righteousness, her eyes holding to the divine form until the very last second, where, she notes a shifting shadow in her peripheral. Ruellia knows before she turns, can feel him there, like the madness in the back of her mind.


Dark, twisted, and mad. The pale Queen is lost in the shadows as they form, nearing and nearing until they amass before her; a beast of shadows, a diabolic dragon. She does not look away as her many-headed god reared towards the cursed man. Her eyes watch with awe the way he banishes his words from them all, and the Queen glares at the further cursed brute in utter disgust, lips curling as she snarled. Kurai need only say it, and she would leap through the shadows, find the man's throat and deliver the tongue to him in sacrificial offering. Yet the gods deem the curse enough, and her god's words find pause. The world moves as if in slow motion as he turns back to her, and a sort of pleased shock brightens the smile on her face as she realized what was about to happen. 'A blessing! My blessing!' The Queen stands, her black-tipped tail brushed against her ankles as she took a deep breath. Eyes would flutter shut as the shadow-beast slipped into her pale form, and oh, OH, how badly she wished to hold him there, awash in the gloom of soft cavern cold with darkness covering the ice of her age-old soul. Ruellia could have spent an eternity there, feeling the miasmic power of this dark deity, but she can feel him slipping from the edges of her body until the last feeling of icey electricity lingers smartly against her cheekbone.

A kiss from Kurai. Though no words were shared, Rue knew. I am your chosen. He leaves and takes her breath with him, the air in her lungs wooshing forward like she expelled toxins. Her rump would find the ground against her will as her heart hammered against her chest. The congratulations of her kin come on deaf ears, for she is still held rapt by her god's deliverance.

[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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Posted 03-11-2017, 05:18 AM |
in, lbs


i've been doing fine. there wasn't even a hint of honesty captured in the words, the words hidden beneath a breathless cry and a wordless apology. after all, it was still her fault. the blurred image of guilt washed over her for a mere second, evident in the sudden disposal of a smile on her face. but, she quickly realised her misstep and, instead, decided to answer the question properly. enigma is fine, too. i'm, eh, happy. she was caught in a lie, words sown together with a bright tone to appear the happiest she had ever been. she decided not to tell seacca about yoljunrahgol; she did not need to know about the once-warrior that had slipped through her fingers before she could even pay for it.
the sudden change in atmosphere worried her, and in a change of game, there were no longer only mortals in the fields of tinuviel lavender. she knew the rules already, though she had forgotten how to play. she attempted to look relaxed, wondering whom the divine had in mind. it didn't come as a shock that enigma's one and only would be the gods' warrior. the presence of kurai caused her anxiety, balanced by the weight of guilt that came with the missing sildunah. she had let her party be ruined.

ooc;; lol this is too shitty (& short ??) for words help
tags;; Seacca


hover over words for translations

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Posted 03-11-2017, 06:43 AM |
in, lbs
He waits with patient silence as more wolves come to add their piece to the man who spoke so boldly. It earns him a few good minutes were he chuckles as the scene unfolds, no wolf going unnoticed. He keeps his observations in check and waits, but not before glancing toward Vodka and grinning back at her. He returns her wink with one of his own, his toothy grin spreading slightly as he watches her guarding the young children. Such an admirable trait, yet his observation of her would be disrupted by the growing crowd. He did not move from his comfortable position, holding his ground as suddenly the main event arrives. His mind is cast toward the scene, the grand stag that appears. Egypt falters his eyes growing wide in awe at this majestic creation. He listens, so the beautiful deer was a god? How marvelous, how extravagant. Egypt was left breathless at the scene, his eyes not dropping from the god.

There was a movement of shadows, but Egypt was too amazed by the stag to witness the blessing, so these were the gods. The gods of doutaini, he kept his position so he could watch more and take in everything there was to behold. How he wished to be a god capable of cursing the ruinous creations. How he desired to have that same power, but alas he was but a mortal - an incomplete creation. Yet the alabaster man would not let his path to perfection be deterred, the gods were a true inspiration and he found himself quite enraptured by the stag that had appeared.

continues to watch the scene with Satan in amused silence. Grins and winks at Vodka before being inspired by Keitaro.

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Posted 03-11-2017, 07:28 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 6.50
36 in, 125 lbs
551 ep
© Jamie

Vaitan cared little for the doings of other wolves; for once, he was not concerned with surveying the crowds, eyes devouring sights like fire in the underbrush. No, the beast was concerned only with one; she tilted toward him with a heavily-lidded gaze, the luscious pout of her lips drawing him nearer. Her scent—familiar and spiced and lingering with remnants of him—was the intoxicating perfume electrifying the contours of his brain. Vaitan could only chuckle at her words, his shoulders bobbing with amusement as he stared lovingly at his temperamental lover. It was she that stoked the flames of his soul, burning brilliantly through amber orbs, simmering in volcanic hues. Smoke furled from the fur of the fire beast, heat pervading his limbs and spreading from his scorching core. Akako was his god, but Ruellia was his goddess: divine and commanding, eternal and ageless. As she pressed against him, casting her coy, yet provoking glance up into his yearning visage, the beast could only laugh once more. He offered her a simple nod before reaching down to nip her cheek—a brief and tender kiss, but laced with the promise of rigor. The night was young, and despite the harsh weather, Vaitan had a feeling they would experience numerable and pleasurable adventures.

Now that they were comfortable, Vaitan lifted his chin, glancing at those gathered around Singer. She was popular, wasn’t she? In all truth, the beast paid very little attention to their exchanges. However, his ears did perk when Charlotte arrived, an instant smile overtaking his handsome maw. A glimmer ran across his gaze as he replied, “Well, hello there, Shadow.” Vaitan winked: a promise they would meet again beneath the falling stars. It was practically a tradition for the dear friends to find one another on the eve of the Festival, enjoying each other’s company in privacy. And yet, there was nothing amorous about it—although the potential had been there, if Vaitan hadn’t already been claimed by Ruellia, heart and soul. There was something…grounding, comforting, about Charlotte’s presence that Vaitan could not deny. Finally, he looked away, following everyone’s gaze to the scene unfolding in the distance. Some pale wolf, spouting angry nonsense about the gods. Vaitan quirked a brow, finding his drivel quite useless; hadn’t he been to the Festival before? Hadn’t he seen the gods in all their splendor? Mercury was there to chide the fool, as many others jumped in to express their distaste, but Vaitan merely frowned.

Suddenly, something happened which Vaitan—somehow—did not expect. The sky tore asunder, unleashing violence, fury and thunder. The ground shook beneath their paws, vibrations trembling throughout Vaitan’s entire skeleton—the force was more powerful than anything he’d ever experienced. And then, in a flash of awareness, Vaitan recalled the memory which Ruellia had so graciously shared with him. The vision, the sensation, of Akako’s might. The gods. Vaitan was right—they were here, or at least, one god appeared, bearing the form of a sun-glazed stag with cosmic eyes and star-dusted antlers. Vaitan’s eyes widened, his body turning toward the scene akin to a magnet’s pull. It was as though the world was reduced to slow-motion; his eyes captured every detail, every feathered wing of each sparkling moth, every drip of silver water pooling from Keitaro’s crown. The beast rose to his feet, though he did not leave Ruellia’s side. He wanted to share this moment with her, but he was engrossed in the god-given words as Keitaro smote the piteous non-believer. That hapless wretch…with one ill-begotten act of defiance and a clap of thunder, he was cursed for the rest of his life. Vaitan could not pull his gaze away from the powerful aura of the deity, a hunger growing in his soul. I want to know you… His tongue ran mindlessly over the top row of his fangs, the manifestation of his desire to be among them…to understand.

The beast was insatiable.

From a burgeoning shadow, a second form appeared, his darkness and power surging through the air. Vaitan could finally tear his gaze from Keitaro, only to be stunned by the presence of…Kurai. The mischievous deity delivered a second curse—and a warning to all Enigma wolves: the unworthy are not to be touched. Vaitan was still, frozen in time though his heart pounded against his chest. He would never be used to this, to the wondrous reality in which he lived. More stunning yet, Kurai’s two heads, plated in the armor of a dragon, turned his direction. But Vaitan understood immediately. He glanced at Ruellia, his lover, his lips parted in astonishment. It was then that the god descended upon the Enigma Queen’s mortal body, filling her with his influence and placing an ashen kiss upon her cheek. The god was so terribly close, but all he could do was watch as he mate stepped forward, embracing the blessing of her idol. Conflicted feelings surged in his fiery heart, a stark contrast to the cold demeanor of his partner. Is this…jealousy? But not that his lover was blessed; no, no he was beside himself with joy—she deserved recognition above all! Of course, he yearned to know the gods…but he was not jealous of another god’s kiss. No…it was that Kurai touched her in ways he never could. Kurai reached the depths of her soul and gave her the ultimate gift. And Kurai marked her…forever Enigma’s, forever Kurai’s. Vaitan never possessed disillusions of Ruellia leaving the Cavern, and yet, this permanency—a physical mark left on her flesh—it was…

It was jealousy. He wanted all of her, and now he realized he let others taste her.

‘Mama! Mama!’ Vaitan shook out of his stupor, blinking and swiveling his head into Murmura’s direction. Kurai had vanished; now they stood there, a small family surrounded by almost all of Doutaini. Murmura, of course, was ecstatic, and a huff of laughter escaped the beast once more. He took another moment to compose himself, then watched his lover closely, his eyes narrowing gently. This…was everything she had ever wanted. And Ruellia deserved it. She led her followers with grace and wisdom; she fought to reside in the Cavern’s great halls, spilling blood and sacrificing her own innocence for Kurai’s gem; she exemplified everything which Kurai—and Vaitan—admired. Slowly, the beast’s shock was replaced with the warm and subtle smile of a man in love. ‘Congratulations’ shone in his features as he moved forward, lowering his head to align with Ruellia’s. He glanced once more at their daughter, aiming an affectionate nudge if she would allow, before he leaned in close to the Shadow Queen. He wouldn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. His tender, questioning gaze would say it all.

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Something large blasted into existence nearby, lurching her off balance, the earth shaking beneath her. As she hit the ground, adrenaline rushed through her as she rolled and leapt to her paws. Her jaw hung from her mouth. An absolutely breathtaking sight held her captive, rooting her paws into the dirt.

A glimmering golden stag stood in the clearing, a dazzling emerald halo encircling the magnificent beast. His antlers were soft with spring's influence, and heavy silver moss draped over them, water gleamed throughout the soaked moss, constantly dripping like liquid metal. His hot breath steamed from his nostrils, almost obscuring his deep, ancient eyes. Regal violets intertwined with a black that only the heavens could match on the darkest of nights. The wolves around her whispered his name in shock and reverance: Keitaro.

His fury was a sight to behold as his voice boomed at Satan with mocking laughter; he reminded them all of their delicate mortality. With merely a blink, his enflamed eyes spiked blue and gray, and magic whipped Satan's tongue, black antler's forever burned into the seared flesh. Her lips curled in distaste as the scent of burnt flesh struck her nose.

"May you feel the burning of your throat if you ever utter another word. May every call, every cry, every whisper bring you pain. May you speak no more, for I shall hear no more of you."

But she didn't have time to dwell on his fate, for another god struck the ground, a shining dragon, and the name Kurai was murmured throughout the clearing. He appeared before an intimidating looking female, who carried the presence of an alpha, though he glared at the freshly cursed wolf instead, and his voice was boisterous as he cackled at Satan.

"And I shall not have your mind taint my wolves, shall you ever join Enigma your headaches will be ten times worse than any. Any of my wolves who read more than snippets of your filth will experience intense migraines and immediate fatigue."

He turned his scaly back on the wolf, as if he had never existed and faced the proud she-wolf before him. He whispered only her name, Ruelia, before falling silent as he stepped through her. Kurai blessed her cheek with a kiss that left her fur darkened by his touch. He left much more calmly than he had arrived, seeping into the ground before her, leaving no trace of his presence. In the commotion Keitaro, too, had disappeared.

Asceo crouched in stunned silence. So this was the power of the gods. The wretched creature had been a fool for even questioning them. The punishment was just and well-deserved. She nervously looked around, every hair on her cedar pelt standing on end with the unnatural electricity that seemed to permeate the air itself. As wolves bombarded Ruelia in congratulations, she finally understood that Kurai was Enigma's god. He had blessed the alpha of his pack.

Feeling shaken, she hurriedly nabbed a plump rabbit from the pile, but not before sending her first prayer of gratitude to the gods, and to Kaede, for blessing her with the stone around her neck. Asceo had not yet tried out the powers that had been granted to her, she had been too afraid to, in spite of herself. But seeing the strength and magnificence of the celestial creatures that gave the gift of the elements to Doutaini, she felt it would be wrong to waste their generosity. As she left the feast, she resolved to start training and flexing her Earthen element with the rise of the next sun.

OOC: Asceo witnesses both the curse and the blessing, affirming her choice to put her faith in the strength of the gods. She sends a silent prayer to them and Kaede, takes a rabbit, and exits.

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Little snowflake-

Young dainty limbs remained unwavering against the berserk man and his devilish gaze. There was a surge of newfound courage as she poised with calm confidence near the taller girl with mystic eyes. A duet of mismatched orbs curiously trained the girl, searching for a reaction or perhaps even approval. The little owlet caught her hesitation and attempted to assess the situation once more as doubts clotted her mind. So far, none of the other here gathered seemed moved or angered by the man's words, the crowd merely continued with the festivities.Did they even care?

She blinked, tinged with confusion. Nuru'ul responded by arcing her cranium to Rava's direction until the girl's soft snout met the child's forehead and a lick was gently placed just between her brows. There was no sound waves emitted from the alabaster girl but her small gestures portrayed a thousand words. She seemed grateful, which made the owlet smile. But crystalline honey and rain pools peeked up at a facade that spoke of profound worry, for her? No. No no no no no. This was my choice. I have to do what is right. This, is right?

It was unbeknownst to the babe that the duo would attract as much attention, and soon enough wolves affiliated with various packs originating from other realms she only heard and dreamed of hovered around them. First, came a woman drenched in the colours of night. Her chords were loud and it took the girl by surprise. "Move along now darlings; Your Alpha's wouldn't be happy with you giving that deranged and clearly mentally ill man a single drop of your attention. Please, go enjoy the celebrations." Small cranium shifted back at Satan whom the child assumed is the 'ill man' the woman spoke of. "He is sick?" For one of her youth, the owlet couldn't quite catch on at the insult. Her words were that of genuine sympathy. "Poor man, did he forget to take his medicine?" And what or who are we celebrating? She was never presented with the opportunity to ask about these festivities that were still a mystery to the child.

Before she could speak any further, another, dark, obsidian figure made his, no, their presence known. There were two of the same man. Perhaps, twins? And unlike the angelic ochroid hued pendant that the ebony woman and the girl with mystic eyes possessed, the obsidian man's broad chest displayed a mesmerising amethyst gem. One twin placed himself close to Nuru and Rava, while the other swiftly slithered towards the 'ill' man. Like a snake, he hissed words but were muffled from distance and noise for the child of ice to decipher. What bewildered her most was that the second twin had melted to the snow covered ground. The now, shadow, retreated to the original dark lupine that stood close to the girls. That had to be the magic that Artemis spoke of.

"Nuru" What a pretty name. Though the peculiar man's words were clearly directed to the taller girl, the white feathered owlet decided to take those words of wisdom and hold them close. The child of ice, young as she was had learned her own lesson. Attentive as she is, the babe will no longer be easily swayed by the actions of others. She couldn't help but notice the relationship between the obsidian man and Nuru, much that of a mentor and friend to his student. The pup was stroked with a pinch of envy, for she craved to have a teacher of her own.

Two more join shortly afterwards, a large brute of platinum blonde, dipped in ink takes a protective stance in front of the girls. His demeanor and words echo that of Vodka's. The mannerisms in which he carries himself hint the pup that he is of a higher tier.

She is as fast as lightning, a streak of silver dashing through the crowd with a thirst for blood. Mismatched gems cautiously observed the intimidating woman's every movement, even though it was thankfully not her that she sought but Satan. Despite having wanted to apologise to the adults for her brash behaviour, the ice pup did not utter a single syllable. She felt partially defeated for the child's own actions but decided to take it as experience, for out of all the possible occurrences, she had no idea she would be heralded in such a mess. It was both thrilling but terrifying. Rava only hoped that she had not upset Kiyoshi.

Occuli of two polar opposites scanned the crowd once again, laced with uncertainty of her next move. The pup still couldn't find sight of Artemis. It was another gentle touch from Nuru that brought comfort to the babe. "Would you like to share food with me? I scented meat earlier that I've never smelled before. I wanted to taste it, but it's too big for me alone."Food! Of course! With all that happened that was the least that concerned the child. A loud rumble in the stomach and a bashful nod confirmed her hunger and desire to taste the tempting meat Nuru had scented earlier. Similarly as the taller girl did, the pup would excuse herself from the group and follow suit. It was as they made their way to the buffet that the owlet took note of the manner in which older wolf found her way amongst the crowd that made the ice child realise one of the taller girl's senses were missing. Though the girl moved quite well, her blindness was noticeable. Rav was struck with sympathy but mostly admiration, despite the fact that this girl could not see, she was still determined to stand up to the brute who defied the gods.

Eyes dilate as she gazes upon the carcass that may be quite small for taller girl, it was overly large for the pup who thought that maybe it would be the seal that would eat her (if it were not dead).
"This is huge!" the babe exclaimed as small ivories aimed for the fat and chunky neck.

She too had noticed the sudden change in atmosphere. A flash of mist and the heavens opened, as a celestial stag, a piece of the cosmos itself, descended onto the realm of mortals. The ice girl spoke no longer. She was in awe and bewilderment, caught in the rapture of the moment. She watched as he cursed the man who denied their very existence. Now, now you know they're real. Her attention shifted to another dark, dragon-like form that materialised before the crowd. He too would bane Satan of his deeds. To her surprise the entity of shadows and darkness stepped before a woman of stark bone in the crowd and kissed her? And just as they arrived the two would vanish from sight in mere moments. What was the meaning of this? The child had so many questions but she was still caught in a spell mesmerised by what had just occurred. Perplexed, the pup's eyes searched Nuru's hoping she perhaps knew something.

OOC: really apologise for the terrible post but I didn't want to delay this any longer for anyonne else. >.<

Summary:Speaks to Vodka. Acknowledges Mercury, Balthair and Panik(intimidated by her). Leaves Satan be. Eats the seal wit Nuru'l. Acknowledges the gods but is really confused about the sdf as a whole. Wonders
if Nuru could talk to her about it, but doesn't say anything cx

Note: Rav is nearly to months at the time of the sdf

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