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Doutaini Pre-History
Posted 09-01-2014, 06:15 AM |
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Doutaini Pre-History

Doutaini was not always the same as it is today. Many wolves fought, struggled, and died to shape this world after it was formed by the gods. Below is a record of the founding eras.

Notable Deaths

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Doutaini was a vast expanse of land inhabited by wolves whose purpose wasn't quite different from that of regular wolves. These quaint differences stemmed from the obscure and alien rituals that developed within these lands. Just as it is now, the Stardust Festival held the place of utmost importance as far as religious festivals were concerned. The first official festival was held when the wolves were at the height of their success: Kaiyo, the goddess of forgiveness, vitality and love, wished to award their ability to survive so well with a gift that would actually make living easier. To this end, she sought out the strongest and most virtuous of the pack alphas and told him to go to the circle of Willows, where he would find the truth.

This was how the use of elements began. Unbeknownst to Kaiyo, being the good-willed goddess that she was, she had overlooked the negative aspects of elements. When the wolf (his name unknown and lost after years of passed-down legends) went to the Willows called Doutaini--"Together"--he found necklaces made from the very stardust that had fallen from a previous meteor shower hidden within a hollow willow stump. Each one glowed a different color, which represented a separate power. He returned to his friends and they picked their poison, so to speak, from among the assortment of elemental jewelry.

But the wolves soon became greedy with their god-like new abilities. While earth and water helped each other out naturally, ice and fire clashed. There were too many strengths and not enough to override the abundance of weaknesses. When the normal killing grew to slaughtering, the punisher and destroyer, Jiro, summoned a colossal tornado and storms to ravage the packlands.
None of the reckless element-users survived.

The gods did not ask wolves to come back to their home, and the land of Doutaini began to grow wild and lonely in its vast emptiness.

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Posted 09-01-2014, 06:18 AM |
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The Founding Era

For a few hundred years, Doutaini remained abandoned. But, inevitably, wolves began to flood back when the lands replenished their splendor. The first one was named Kaji. He was also the one who discovered the remainder of the magical necklaces which Kaiyo had snuck into the sacred willow tree purposely for him to find. She was a forgiving goddess, after all. The wolves needed another chance, and she was absolutely convinced such disaster would not ensue once more, and that history would not repeat itself.

When the wolves began to flood back into the lands, the necklaces were shared and the packs began to form again. Kaji became the founder of fire, Crux the founder of ice, Hearth the founder of water, Damek the founder of earth, Tempest the founder of storm and Xandre the founder of spirit.

The wolves established the Willows, where they had found the necklaces, as a sacred place of peace. Each pack respected and honored that rogue wolves could come to these trees and be informed about the various packs that they could join. The peace never could last for very long, and the Kuro Pit was designated as a place of violence where rogues were free game for the first to arrive.

Like all wolf packs, the founders began to mark their territory and created lands that suited their elements. The surrounding lands became neutral territory that was to remain a place of peace.

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The Alberaq & Naibu Era

The beginning of the new era was marked by a bitter hatred. The founders of the fire and ice packs, Kaji and Crux, by default were destined to be enemies. They took this rivalry to an entirely new level.

Although the fire and ice pack may have been at odds, allegiances were not a thing of fiction. Crux went to Damek and proposed a trade. The trade of Silverblood and Mahogany became Doutaini's first. Silverblood was later to die within the earth lands, but not before giving birth to three children. Of these, it was Mochii that Damek allowed Crux to take back to raise in ice. Adena and Tyne were forced to remain with the alpha of earth and complete strangers. Through this mixing of the packs, the allegiance between earth and ice became strong.

The packs began to separate and become independent. Xandre looked to Crux for aide, but the alpha of ice refused to align with the spirit pack. Arguments between Xandre and Kaji eventually put the spirit pack at odds with the others. It wasn't long before the spirit pack was entirely on its own. Water fared no better, and went on to become rivals with storm. The bitter rivals, fire and ice, rose to infamy with their multitudes of members allowing the packs to battle for the largest group in Doutaini. The others fell and became the undertone of Doutaini.

Eventually a different type of violence struck. A plague broke out in Doutaini. The wolves were forced to leave the lands. The stubborn few that remained died of starvation.

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The Blessed Era

A year passed and eventually the wolves returned, fortunate to find that the wounds of the plague had been healed in Doutaini. The lands had returned to their previous bounty. Kaji, Crux and Damek returned to their respective packs and their rightful roles as alphas. A new wolf named Galdern entered Doutaini and claimed the water pack as his own. A son from one of Kaji's first litter, Vengeance, went on to take over the storm pack and claim it as his own. Although the wolves searched, Xandre and his beloved spirit pack could not be found. The necklaces could not be found in the Willows. Instead, another empty tree stump produced a new and wondrous necklace, a white necklace for the Wind pack. Bandach took over this new pack and became known as its founder.

Both Crux and Kaji brought their rivalries back with them, and the fire and ice packs returned to their usual feud. The storm pack finally found its place. With Vengeance as one of Kaji's sons, the alliance between storm and fire was strong.

Xandre returns to Doutaini, but has no plan to revive the mysteriously vanished spirit pack. Instead, be blesses Crux with the abilities of the forgotten pack. Xandre informs the Doutaini wolves of his place in the skies with the gods. Although Crux is doubtful, there is no way to ignore the power that the gods have over the wolves. The Stardust Festival is held to commemorate the first blessing.

Bandach disappears from Doutaini without explanation. Auberon steps in to claim the lands of Wind as his own, but the alphas reign is short lived. Rancor challenges Auberon for the alphaship and takes over the pack. Under Rancor's command, Wind grows into a force to be reckoned with. Damek later left Doutaini as well, and though he attempted to pass earth down to his son Daneb, the wolf was not fit to be alpha. Daneb also left Doutaini and the earth pack was now vacant. Pestillence announced his entrance in Doutaini by taking over the earth pack. He was not opposed.

The turmoil of the alphas vanishing from Doutaini did not seem destined to end. Galdern moved on and though he gave his pack to his son, he also moved on and water was left open. Jussi tried his luck and took over the empty lands of water. His inexperience annoyed many of the other alphas, displeasure began to grow. Near the end of the era the goddess Hoshiko returned to Doutaini during the Stardust Festival to bless Oblivion. She was worried that his wayward ways would continue, and hoped to aim him in the right direction with her gifts.

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The War Era

Jussi's reign over water was quickly contested. None of the other alphas believed he was fit to rule. Earth and Wind joined together, along with several random individuals, in a raid against water. The event became catastrophic. It quickly turned into at least 20 wolves against the pitiful numbers of water. Jussi lost the raid and ran away, but would not back down from being alpha. He didn't need to, the other packs returned to a dormant anger.

Vengeance left the storm pack and Akeeo took advantage of the situation by becoming alpha. Jiro Alberaq, an heir of ice at the time, began to develop an attachment to Armande Naibu. They slowly fell in love, despite the feud between their families. Both were careful to keep it from their fathers.

Crux left Doutaini, but not before handing the ice pack down to his son Jiro. Jussi also left, and Lucifer a previous water member moved up in the ranks to become alpha. It didn't take long for a new kind of feud to develop. Pseudo, the Wind alphena but love fancy of the fire beta Oblivion, Oblivion, Jiro, Pestillence and Rancor all confronted a rogue known as Kadden in the Kuro Pit. More than a little cocky and arrogant, Kadden was quick to flare tempers. The event turned violent. Simply for the fun of it, Oblivion took Kadden's side and convinced Pseudo to do so as well. The quick tactic was enough to spare Kadden's life, and the violence eventually died down. Not much later, Rancor left Doutaini, and Aslan took over Wind. He developed an infatuation with Modesto, the current alphena of earth, and a shaky alliance grew between the packs.

It seemed that water was destined to be an unstable pack. Lucifer stepped down from his rank, and the pack was taken on by a stranger named Zoltan. Zoltan was an eager individual and tried to quickly forge alliances and fill up the ranks in his pack to keep stability. The process worked, if only temporarily. The attention soon swayed from water to fire, and the feud between the Alberaq's and the Naibu's was once more ignited.

Not much later, Kaji left Doutaini mysteriously and a stranger named Zexion took over the fire pack. Though Zexion was a witty thing, he couldn't stand the pressure and tension that plagued him as alpha of fire. It wasn't long before Zexion simply fled, and Oblivion the previous beta took over. Although Oblivion had always been a very active beta prior to his ruling as alpha, the wolf began to slack. It was then that the other packs took advantage. Ice and Earth rallied together against fire in a raid. Oblivion arrived too late and tried to simply call the matter off, but there were casualties of his loyal followers nevertheless. In the end, Oblivion was forced out of fire. Rkor, a previous earth beta, was given the rank of fire alpha to restore a sense of peace between the packs.

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The Era of Betrayal

The only real difference now was that the violence and thoughts of misdeeds turned into an underground current of Doutaini. No longer was the darkness common knowledge. Like a drug, it slipped beneath the surface but refused to leave the system. The previous gamma of earth, Sachiel left and took over the Wind pack. Wind returned to its prior alliance with earth, and it seemed under Domine reign the earth pack could do little but dominate. Hikitsu took over Wind when Sachiel left, but his departure did not last long. Instead, Sachiel turned and challenged and won over the water pack.

In a final moment of uncertainty, Sachiel turned to his old home for aide. He turned to earth in search of a wolf to lead water, for Sachiel simply couldn't any longer. He found the leader in Atrocity, a scion of earth. This angered Hostile, the current heir of earth, and he stepped down from his role and left the pack. Atrocity was pleased with his new decent into true power. He even dragged his infatuation, Mykelti, into the limelight. Atrocity made Mykelti the first male alphena. Atrocity's joy was short lived though. Mykelti did not share the feeling and abandoned the water alpha.

Tempest, the founder of storm, returned to Doutaini after wandering for years. Upon seeing the state of the storm pack, he was devastated that it had fallen so far. In a moment of mercy, Modesto stepped up and ended his life quickly and smoothly. Tempest's son Aphotic came to avenge his father's pack. He challenged for storm in the ruins and Akeeo stepped down without a fight. Modesto soon began to develop affections for Aphotic, even though she had killed his father, and the alliance between storm and earth remained teetering on the edge. Pestillence was not pleased.

Against her father's wishes, Armande had pups with the alpha of ice. The heir of ice, Amiri, was furious. He detested Armande as she was not his mother. Amiri left ice and fled to storm. Armande soon left Jiro though, claiming she was not interested in the storm alpha Aphotic ironically. Tension grew between storm and ice. The Naibu and Alberaq feud returned with a vengeance.

On the night of the Stardust Festival Armande was blessed and Aphotic asked her to be his mate. Pestillence left Doutaini and placed Ash in charge of the earth pack. As a result Modesto was forced out of the alphena rank against her will. Violent and furious, Modesto threatened Ash's life and caused a ruckus. She fled to storm, but only to find that Aphotic too had turned on her with his newfound love Armande. Turned down by the gods, her love and her infatuation, Modesto and many of the earth wolves left their home and became rogues.

Alone and desperate, Modesto ran into Crux. She was enraptured by the blessed wolf and they flittered about the idea of starting a rebel pack. Hikitsu left Doutaini, and the alpha Nym put her son up as alpha to keep her place of power.

Pestillence returned to Doutaini with hopes of taking back his spot as earth alpha. Modesto would not hear of it. She felt betrayed and alone. In a moment of triumph, Modesto led a rebellion against Pestillence. The storm pack, loyal earth members and the water alpha Atrocity all helped Modesto drive Pestillence out of earth and away from Doutaini. Pestillence ii was given the rank of earth alpha under the supervision of his mother Modesto. The elemental necklaces began to malfunction and harm the wolves. Once again, they fled Doutaini in search of safety.

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The Full Circle Era

Several months passed and once again the wolves began to trickle back into Doutaini. Atrocity returned as the alpha of water, however it seemed that little else was consistent. Auberon once again took over wind, Carlisle took over fire, Ohanzee claimed earth and Iencha took storm. A new wolf Talon claimed to lead a group called the rebel pack. These wolves supposedly did not believe in elements or the use of them, but relied rather on their bodies. Talon stayed in the background however, as beta male, and waited for a rightful wolf to take over alphaship. Rebel was not alone in its wonder. A new land had been discovered and along with it the necklace of Enigma. Zexion, the prior fire alpha, led this mysterious pack built around the power of the mind. It was a new beginning for Doutaini, a chance to start once again.

Jokull stepped up from obscurity and challenged Talon for the rebel pack. He won the alpha position and would become known as its first true leader. Still furious as usual, Modesto returned to Doutaini in search of her beloved home in the earth pack. The past alphena was outraged to find that Ohanzee now led it. Modesto led another riot against the earth alpha, many of her family members and friends standing up against Ohanzee and they drove him away. Pestillence returned and Modesto temporarily forgave her love, if only so that they could share power as alpha and alphena of earth once again.

During the next Stardust Festival, Atrocity was chosen to be blessed by the gods. Vexx challenged for the rebel pack, but Jokull surprised everyone by handing the pack over to him without a fight. Very few of the rebel wolves had respected Jokull and he no longer was interested in holding the alpha position. Once again Zexion left Doutaini. He handed the pack down to Nym, who gave the alpha position to her mate Damien. It wasn't long before Damien went missing, and Nym turned to her old flame Phantom in search of support. He stepped up and became Enigma alpha so that once again, Nym could hold her rank as alphena.

Carlisle left Doutaini and the ever faithful Gambit took over the alpha position. Vengeance returned shortly and Gambit did not make a fuss about stepping down, but rather returned peacefully to his place as fire gamma. Vengeance's return was short lived, and Carlisle returned to take over the pack.

After a cat and mouse game of trying to steal a storm wolf Astucia, Pestillence injured the storm alpha. Armande was furious and challenged Pestillence to a deathmatch that she won. Once again Modesto was left alone. She crumpled under the pressure and turned to Jokull, an old friend. Whilst she dealt with the loss, he led earth as the alpha and she kept her customary role as alphena. Feeling the pain of his father's death, Atrocity felt more alone than ever. He simply did not feel sane and strong enough to lead water, so he gave the pack to his younger brother Truant. Together Doutaini wolves dealt with their losses and looked to the stars for a new era of hope.

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The Rebellion Era

Vexx left Doutaini briefly and a son of Talon, Keane, took over the alpha position. Vexx soon returned and the rebel heir Rat drove Keane out of rebel and told him to never return. As always, tension increased between the rebel pack and the elementals. Storm, fire and ice banded together in a raid against rebel. The rebel pack lost and were wounded with the death of two members, one being a beloved scion. Soon after the raid, Damien returned to enigma during a pack meeting and insulted Phantom. He left with Nym and the pair committed suicide by poison so that they could be together forever. Devastated and confused, Phantom stepped down from the rank of enigma alpha. A new wolf, Revnik took over enigma.

Alexi moved up in the ranks and took over the wind pack. Modesto fell in love with Bete Noire and gave him the earth alpha rank. Jokull returned to rebel, and Bete was greeted with a violent 'welcome' from the Domine wolves in earth. Several accepted Modesto's choice, but others believed that love had blinded her. Jiro finally left the ice pack and gave it to the heir Amiri. Together Modesto and Amiri murdered Armande. Modesto had never gotten over the death of her love and Amiri had hated his ex step mother for the majority of his life. For the pair, it was almost closure.

Truant passed the water pack down to Riddle, a previous loyal member. His sister Malevolent reigned as alphena temporarily, but soon stepped down from the attention. Iencha went missing and his mate Vanice was forced to rule storm alone. Eventually she lost power, and Mercutio took over the pack.

After feeling at odds with Vanice, Astucia found herself confused and near helpless. The gods took pity on her and blessed the wolf at the next Stardust Festival. Pestillence ii left the earth pack and decided to start his own legacy, challenging Alexi for wind and winning the pack. After a long feud, Jokull challenged Rat to a deathmatch. Jokull won, but took pity on Rat and spared his life. Rat fled from his Valentine background and went into the ice pack, where he eventually fell in love with the alpha Amiri and became beta.

Modesto hit her head against a rock and lost her memory, only to wander away from the earth pack and leave Bete Noire alone to take the heat for her disappearance. Leighton takes over the fire pack. Vexx once again leaves Doutaini, leaving his daughter, Avril, as the sole alphena of the Rebel Pack; she eventually promotes Keane to be her 'puppet alpha', though the two formed a partnership after some time. Revnik also leaves his alpha spot, and Vaitan claims the pack. Pestillence ii slips and falls off a cliff to his death, leaving Morbid as the sole ruler of wind. Finally, Mercutio steps down and gives the pack to his father Sin.The rebellion in Doutaini has come to an end, but can that be said for its violence?

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Era of Desperation

The era started with a surprise, four mysterious eggs appeared along the Shoshana Shore only to be found by a group of 28 wolves. With a little warmth and love, the eggs hatched into a small chicken, finch, turtle and corn snake. The new beginning of life within Doutaini seemed to start a trend. Modesto returned to her place as the alphena of earth with a face of scars to show for her disappearance. Vexx followed suit and also returned to Doutaini. Darcy, Jokull, and Darby forced Morbid out of the Alphena rank, and Darby took the pack for himself. But not too long after, Darby handed the pack over to Roman and left. It wasn't long before Atrocity tried to make history. Whilst wandering in the Doutaini cemetery he accidentally noticed an empty setting in the distance. It was here that he discovered the spirit packlands and became the reviver of an ancient pack. Astucia joined Atrocity in his quest to return the spirit pack to its past glory.

Carlisle returned to Doutaini and claimed the fire pack, but Vengeance would have none of it. He challenged his old rival to a deathmatch and won. Although it seemed that Vengeance would fight against his rival, he couldn't find himself able to fight for fire and become its alpha. Instead, Vexx stepped forward and declared himself a hypocrite as the previous rebel alpha became a fire alpha. Unfortunately whilst fire had been without an alpha, not everyone had played fair. Roman had stolen a female member of the helpless pack whilst Modesto had arrived too late to defend the allied pack member. The queen of earth found another way to stick up for fire. She rallied the earth pack, her old ally Jokull, her step son Stigmata and the fire pack to step up against the injustice. A large group of wolves (including water members) joined the fight in a raid against wind, where Roman was ultimately forced to back down when the death blow was administered by water alpha Riddle. In the end the wind members were scattered as slaves to the other lands.

After several weeks of turmoil, Modesto decided to leave Doutaini once again. The love of her life, Bete Noire, had raped their adopted daughter. Although she yearned to be the death of him, she couldn't bring herself to kill him just yet. Jokull took advantage of the opportunity that an episode of Vexx's insanity posed; and killed him, ripped out his throat. Riddle left to search for his mother. The packs were left in desperation as they were slowly abandoned. Leander stepped up to fill in his father's footsteps and took over water, whilst a barely known Stigmata tried to take over fire without much luck. Gambit rallied against the stranger and started a fight over his homelands.

The stars fell from the skies, as scheduled, announcing the tri annual stardust festival. A superlatives contest was held, as well as the usual story telling and feast. Unfortunately Atrocity left Doutaini before the end of the celebrations, unable to cope with his deepening depression. Hoshiko blessed a few frogs to lighten the mood, and most importantly blessed veteran member Vengeance with the gift of the gods.

Stigmata backed away from the Fire throne and left the dejected and shaken pack to Gambit Moon. With so few members left, it seemed the pack would have to start anew with very few resources. Auberon reclaimed the Wind Pack, bringing about its triumphant return with the help of Lirael, Amoroso, Zephyr, Galen and Xenres. With the failings of the raid behind them, they looked to a brighter future for a pack so undeserving of its decay. Rat was not long in returning, removing Keane from his position of power and declaring himself the Rebel Alpha once more. He kept his sister, Avril, as his counterpart.

A great sickness swept over Doutaini's great lands; Canine Distemper, but the name was not known by many of it's desperate victims. Wolf after wolf fell to it, hopeless, the list including Leander and Gin Eins, Lateralus Iscariot, Mercutio Delouse, Faline Domine, Sierra Alberaq, Windsor Valentine Domine, Crass, Morganne Ra'Lafyette, and Rhea Aeneas Domine. Those that survived suffered severe fever, bloodied crevices, and swollen limbs. However... in the wake of this horrible plague, with loved ones left mourning, the structure of Doutaini would begin to rebuild and flourish once more.

But how much would Doutaini recover from this ill-fated epidemic?

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Rebirth of War Era

With Riddle gone and Leander dead, the Water Pack seemed to be without a leader. Darcy and Dorian Eins, the remaining sons of Riddle, watched as a relatively unknown female stormed their home and pronounced herself queen. Outraged, Dorian and his family fought back against this unexpected twist; Riddle made his triumphant return, reclaimed the throne, cast Pirate out and declared Enigma an enemy of the Water Pack. Convinced it was just a matter of misunderstanding, Pirate returned to Vaitan.

Without Atrocity to help her, Astucia abandoned her nightmarish island and returned to Doutaini proper, a visit from Amaterasu sparking this homesick desire. She was made Storm Alphena after a sweet reunion with Sin.

Morbid Black was slain by her mate, Vaitan, for questionable reasons. The rest of Doutaini was kept in the dark as to whether it was simply by his own designs or by Pirate’s nagging influence that she was killed after the two seemed so resolutely in love. Vaitan quickly fled the scene, leaving Doutaini for what many believed to be the last time. Pirate was quickly promoted to Enigma Alphena before he left, leaving her as the sole ruler of the pack.

Feelings of great unrest seemed to seep through Doutaini with the many changes in power. Pirate made no effort to hide this growing sense of unease: she sought out various other alphas and offered them alliances in return for her own. Riddle and Ceira, knowledgeable of Pirate’s actions, rallied against her in a similar fashion. Bete Noire, Earth Alpha, attached himself to Pirate; the Rebels, too, seemed keen to join Enigma’s side. Ceira came to Lightning Valley, seeking an audience with Sin and Astucia; feeling she had a debt to pay to Ceira’s father, Iencha, Astucia was keen to hold onto the tight alliance.

The scenes to unfold in the Lightning Valley turned ugly. Bete Noire, an ex-Storm member and friend of Sin and Astucia, came to celebrate the pair’s rekindled love. However, Pirate shortly showed up much to the dismay of Astucia, bringing the stench of politics to the once-friendly scene. It was not long until Amiri Alberaq, Auberon Delinquent and Ceira Hareiam showed up, leaders of the Ice, Wind and Water Packs respectively. Feeling betrayed, Sin abolished Storm’s ties with Earth; the great alliance established by Mercutio, Riddle and Amiri between the Storm, Water and Ice Packs was confirmed once more; and Wind proclaimed its neutrality, offering sanctuary for those who did not, or could not, fight in this hypothetical war.

Under the lurking clouds of this great war, having remained somewhat quiet about publics issues; Amiri Alberaq was challenged for his throne over the Ice Pack. Amoroso Nione fought and beat the Ice Prince, suspending if not completely ending the long, legendary Alberaq Dynasty. History unfolded, as no male but an Alberaq had ever served as Alpha in Doutaini's written past. He took Lirael Noire as his mate, and his Alphena.

In addition, Restuai Falean challenged Gambit for the Fire Throne after a long period of training and building his alliances; he won, as Gambit never showed up. But not too long after, Restuai was challenged by Havoc Iscariot, and after ripping part of Restuai's neck out and leaving him for dead, Havoc took the Fire throne. Restuai managed to make his way to the forest, calling for help, and Bete Noire happened upon the dying wolf. Bete Noire used the power of life, and Restuai Fallean was healed successfully, and Bete Noire invited him into the ranks of Earth, knowing full well that he would be harboring a 'fugitive' of Fire.

Riddle Eins, with his loyal army, finally launched an attack on the Enigma Pack. He initiated the raid by flooding the caverns; and thus, the clash of fang and claw began. Allies on either side poured in, but perhaps the most noticeable was the considerable amount of help the Water Side received from the Rebel Pack. Under their punishing blows, Enigma fell, leaving the packlands deserted. Enigma wolves were packaged as slaves, and the participating Earth wolves and rogues who fell behind Enigma were also chained as slaves.

What lay in store for Enigma though? And could Earth pick it's self up after such a defeating blow?

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Era of Return

Earth now found itself without an alpha, as Bete Noire Nirvan was sent of to Rebel lands as a slave. Amaterasu Alberaq Nirvan took up the responsibility of Earth, but when she announced this, she was met with defiance. Meth Domine demanded the throne, and he took rank beside her, allowing her only to stay alphena until he found a replacement.

Soon after this meeting, Modesto made a miraculous and frightening appearance in Earth again upon the desire to finish what she once swore: to kill Bete Noire for the rape of her daughter and the abuse of her love. She was met by Restuai, Meth, Amaterasu, and a newly joined Earth wolf, Lexion. Modesto was filled in with Bete Noire's rule of Earth, and the raid that had occurred. But Amaterasu defended Bete Noire against the word of Restuai and Meth, as did Lexion. As Lexion and Restuai pulled apart from the group to clash, Modesto, Amaterasu, and Meth found themselves hooked by tooth and claw. Modesto swallowed Amaterasu's necklace, leaving her defenseless, and with the help of Meth, Modesto killed Amaterasu, leaving Meth the sole ruler of Earth; Lexion managed to escape with a minor wound. Modesto requested that she be allowed into earth as a simple wolf, and Meth allowed it, and with that, the three wolves went on their way.

As earth was falling into conflict, so too was Rebel beginning to see an assortment of chaos. So does their name imply, the Rebel pack was having a taste of their own rebellion. The rebel alpha, Rat Valentine, fell deathly ill shortly after he and Axila had their litter of Fracture, Static and Rhaze. Axila, being the newly appointed Alphena of the Rebels, called a pack meeting to inform them of this turn of events. The Rebels did not accept her easily, feeling she had not yet earned her worth in the pack; she was only Rat's toy. Just as an angry Alceme challenged her to a dominance fight, Rat appeared to save his mate and whisk her away, immensely angry at the treatment towards Axila. He ironically left the throne to Talon Shae, the founder of the Rebel pack, and Alceme. The harassed pair left the meeting, and the pack. Upon their departure, so too did Rat take his children, Calanta, Fracture, Rhaze, Static and Kaeoji.

It seemed that the packs of Doutaini were being reshaped. Even the Wind pack was experiencing a shift of power. After many years, the bloodline of Rancor, former Wind Alpha, had returned to Doutaini in the form of Akilles the Second, who quickly rifled his way through the ranks of the Wind pack and began attempting to restore it to it's once glorious stature. Akilles decided to voice his concerns about the neutral and quite silent pack to his uncle Auberon, who was alpha at the time. This simple "chat" turned into a challenge for leadership, from which Akilles emerged victorious. He began to immediately reform the pack, keeping the former alpha around for assistance in politics between other packs and changing the ranks of many wolves.

In the light of all this, Doutaini was slowly coming to the time of the SDF once again. The stars fell with all their beauty and grace, and amongst them, wolves- for at least one night- tried to forget their petty differences and come together. The night held the traditional alpha convening; controversial and rather tense, the meeting hosted by the god Ryo became a sort of therapy session when Ryo inquired if the alpha's wanted to share their 'feelings'. However, the alpha convening wasn't the main event of the night. Once more, the time came for Hoshiko to bless a wolf at the feast. It was no surprise that she chose Xenres Iolurr, a kind wolf with a generous heart. The night ended on a note of happiness and joy for some, though for others, the SDF was but a break in the routine of tension that had settled in Doutaini.

Trailing back to issue of political change, Wind was not the only pack experiencing shifts within their ranks following the prestigious Festival. Enigma, the pack that had fallen to ruins after their decay from Rebel and Water's deadly blow, was seeing light. Dinin Eins and Sabbath Domine claimed Enigma, despite how unexpected their arrival may have been. However, this didn't sit well with those that once dwelled within the caverns. Following Vatican's release from slavery he ventured back to the pack lands and challenged Dinin for the rank of Alpha. But they came to an agreement instead: Vatican was was to have the pack, and Sabbath would remain Alphena. In the first meeting held, though, Sabbath was stripped of power and she, along with her children, left, leaving Vatican with Enigma in his sole hold. Enigma flourished and members began pouring in under the new, more welcoming light of the pack. However, trouble lay riddled within the history of Vatican's encounter with the Eins family. After producing children and gaining a mate, while bringing the pack to more solid grounds, the Enigma Alpha's life was cut short by an brutal attack from the Water Heir, Darcy Eins. It was both an act of revenge, due to Vatican's abuse of his mother, and a claim of dominance. It seemed as if the pack may fall, but Vatican's Beta, Kachiri Heidi, stepped to the plate and took rule. What would this new Alpha bring for this pack in such turmoil?

Upon Kachiri holding his first meeting, a new member breached the borders, having been lead there by the now entitled Heir, Vice Criptic. This male, Sabazius, found himself disgusted with Kachiri's rulings and challenged him to a death match. His reasoning was in the belief he held that he was ridding Enigma of a bad ruler and as a gift to Enigma's goddess, he sacrificed the kill when he conquered the Alpha. At the sudden fall of rule, two males of the pack stepped up in hopes of taking over. Vermillion was backed by few, and Constantine proved to have many followers. In an effort to clear Constantine's path for Enigma, Sabazius challenged Vermillion to a death match. It was void, because Vermillion promised to never bother Enigma again, should Sabazius not continue in pursuit of his death. Constantine solidified the pack's goals of creating alliances and ridding Enigma of the public's distasteful outlook of its members. Now, it seemed, hope was beginning to finally flourish for this troubled and misunderstood pack.

In the shadow of return, will this tension ever settle? Or will the packs of Doutaini be doomed to linger in the past of the raid, betrayal, and the loss of faith?

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Notable Deaths in Doutaini Pre-History

  • Eudocia Cabota » Suicide by Fire » Engulfed her body in flames and slowly burned to death.
    Dankehl » Suicide » n/a

    Scenario » Suicide » Found her brother dead and commited suicide using his necklace.
    Mercutio Delouse » Suicide » Summoned lightning to incinerate his body before the illness of Doutaini's plague could kill him.
    Kassidy Talus » Suicide » Burns herself alive, and Vengeance's body, after she finds him dead in the Desert.
    Ceresia Valentine » Suicide » She couldn't bear the thought of living life with a scarred face and so walked off the edge of a cliff in Styx Heights.
    Aceso Varella » Suicide » She was cornered by Venom and Chryseis, and while trying to back away and reason with them she accidentally slipped off the edge of the cliff in Styx Heights.
    Modesto Aeneas » Suicide » Used her earth powers to create and command a tree to grow up, strait through her own body. Committed Suicide in Kuro Pit.
    Lawliet Levarre » Suicide » Stabbed himself against a shard of crystal after believing he had murdered Kaeoji in revenge of Rat killing his daughter Antoinette.
    Symphony Della Vega » Suicide » She threw herself into Vexx's Magma Manciple during the war between Rebel and Fire. She did not want to live without him.
    Nero Domine » Suicide » Jumped into Venom's elemental attack to keep him from killing Nero with his own fangs.
    Azazel Cherubim » Suicide » Committed suicide.
    Sabazius Aresite » Suicide » In an attempt to bring down the Enigma Willow tree with the use of his Storm powers, Sabazius over exerted himself purposefully, dying from the extreme utilization of his element.
    Vincent Law » Assisted Suicide » Strangled with vines by his sister Clairborne, in an old Law family ritual
    Ragnarok Black » Suicide » Digested a poisonous yew plant before falling into the ocean from atop the grave summit.
    Tethys Aresite » Suicide » Died of a "broken heart", after exhausting his body by casting an illusion all about him of being surrounded by his loved ones, thus dying with a smile.
    Riddle Eins » Suicide » Plagued by a life full of loss, he died a beautiful death. By liquefying his body, Riddle Eins gave himself to the sea.
    Ragzinek Skidicz » Suicide » Committed suicide with Raisa, so he could be with his mate forever undisturbed.
    Raisa Lyall » Suicide » Committed suicide with Ragzinek, to keep from being murdered by the Rebels.
    Reizo Shae » Suicide » Killed himself after sustaining serious wounds from a fight with Hallen II, specifying with his last words that he was all for change and moving on.
    Cygne Lebeau » Suicide » Threw her heavily pregnant body off the Ridge and committed suicide to free herself and her unborn children, under the influence of a broken heart.

  • Silver Blood » Childbirth » Died while giving birth.
    Trevor » Natural Causes » His brain tumor finally did him in.
    Nym Sae la Flurr & Damien Delores » Suicide by Poison » Committed suicide together by poison, so they could be together forever as equals.
    Lana » Childbirth » Died during childbirth so her two children, Meth and Cocaine, could live.
    Traver » Disease » Died from an unknown disease.
    Amala » Disease » Got bitten by Morbid, got sick, and died.
    Hinc » Disease/Nat. Causes » Attacked by a mountain lion and died of his wounds.
    Cocaine » Childbirth » Died while giving birth to her pups.
    Vault » Illness » Died of illness that he has been struggling with for a while.
    Loki » Attack » Was attacked by two mountain lions for getting to close to their cubs.
    Nahira » Illness » Was suffering from an unknown illness that caused high fever and hallucinations. Wandered to the grave summit while living the illusion that she was in her cave looking for herbs to heal her. The strain on her body was too much and so she collapsed. Her last wish was to be thrown over the side of the summit.
    Gin Eins » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Lateralus Iscariot » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Leander Eins » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Faline Domine » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Sierra Alberaq » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Windsor Valentine Domine » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Crass » Plague » Died due to the great illness that swept Doutaini.
    Rhea Aeneas Domine » Plague » Died due to great illness that swept over Doutaini - but also drowned in the Naveen River - weakened by said sickness and aware it was her time of death.
    Arithmetic Halcon-Rasputin » Natural Causes » Slipped on a patch of ice on Mountain Lion Ridge and fell off the edge of the ridge.
    Vengeance Naibu » Natural Causes » Vengeance died of a heart attack, at the Torrid Desert.
    Oblivion Zahl » Natural Causes » Died of lung cancer at the top of Styx Heights in the company of his only living blood, Massacre. Was proceeded to be thrown over the edge of the cliff by Massacre to his eternal grave.
    Treason Della Vega » Natural Causes » Weakened from the Canine Distemper, Treason eventually fell victim to old age and the lingering sickness.
    Amoroso Nione » Disease » Amoroso was bitten by Siren around the time of the plague. He survived the sickness but came out with a split personality that left his body weak. Ravaged of nutrients, he died.
    Lethal Injection » Childbirth » Died giving birth to her litter of five, out of which only Tethys and Fringe survived.
    Winsome Grainne » Accidental » Became consumed by her Enigma abilities which haunted her mind and eventually drove her crazy, resulting in starvation.
    Clovis Saber » Accidental » Died in an avalanche in the Gelid Sierra.
    Purity Rhaine » Accidental » Died on Styx Heights after losing her footing and falling upon a sharp jagged rock which pierced through her stomach. She died surrounded by the love of her mate and her family, the Fire Pack.
    Leila Ashira » Childbirth » She died giving birth to Agamemnon and Premonition.
    Auberon Delinquent » Natural Causes » Died of old age and lingering traces of the Black disease.
    Anubis Victim » Plague » Having been so afflicted by the plague of boils that swept Doutaini, her father, Deratus, ended her life so as to save her from suffering.
    Rhaze Valentine » Plague » She fell off Styx Heights after being hit with a gigantic hailstone during the plague.
    Ceico » Plague » Killed by the plague of boils that swept Doutaini, after being almost starved to death by X'Nada.
    Agamemnon Victim » Accident » Attacked and eaten by a crocodile in the Malignant Mire
    Gabriel Monteith » Plague » Fell into a magma pit at the summit after being severely affected by the tick plague.
    Crux Alberaq » Natural Causes » Crux returned to Doutaini as an elderly wolf, intent on dying in his homelands. He used his Spirit powers to transform himself into a hawk. Due to his old age, the exertion of this ability killed him.
    Irony Dame » Childbirth » Died giving birth to King Nirvan's pups.
    Gossip Roze » Combat » Died during a spar with Edwin after begging for death.
    Tervicz Benevento » Natural Causes » died peacefully of old age.
    Shurikane Darbo » Accidental » Died after using the powers Flood, Tsunami, and Hurricane to stop Water from fighting amongst themselves.
    Fliian Thropp » Accidental » After realizing that her daughter's innocence would later be corrupt in life, Elphaba convinced Fliian to walk into the ocean and go under the water. The little darling drowned.
    Phantom Domine » Natural Causes » Searching around the Ridge, he began to mourn the loss of Avril. In his grieving his heart over loaded on the grief and stress, making him have a heart attack.

    Rage Grido-Ford » Childbirth » Died giving birth to Labyrinth and Myth.
    Torn & Na'vi Elidin-Ve Valpolicella » Attack » Killed by mountain lions while attempting to protect, and avenge, one another.
    Pride Black » Natural Causes » Died of a broken heart after Xenres became the new Wind alpha.
    Intan Alberaq » Natural Causes » Drowned in the Naveen River after succumbing to the temptation of the plague of darkness and suffering of a broken heart over the ice pack.
    Amaia Delrove » Natural Causes » Died of a broken heart from the loss of her mate.
    Calanta Valentine » Natural Causes » Died from an infection that got into her blood stream from a wound caused by Sebastian. She died a peaceful death on Erebus's grave.
    Aslan Iversia » Natural Causes » Died of old age.
    Nevaeh Valentine » Natural Causes » Died of old age. She had Crow Iscariot cut out her heart and give it to her husband, Xenres Iolurr. Her body was buried in the Gelid Sierras, her heart in the wind mountain.
    Elphaba Thropp » Natural Causes » Died of a heart attack at the Shoshana Shores.
    Tango » Accidental » While sleeping in a field, she was accidentally crushed to death by Vice, who was in elephant form and running frantically from a mouse.
    Mirza Galatiel » Divine Intervention » Killed by the god Ryo for causing a ruckus at the Summoning.
    Fidelis Sinclair » Natural Causes » due to a prolonged and difficult pregnancy, Fidelis finally succumbed to stress and malnutrition while surrounded by her family and friends at the Glade.

    Dutchess Eros » Natural Causes » died due to a stressful childbirth in the heart of the torrid desert.
    June Naibu » Divine Intervention » Climbed the cliffs of Styx Heights in longing to be with the gods, she is greeted by Hoshiko and takes her paw to ascend into the heavens.
    Astucia del Corazón » Natural Causes » Died comfortably of old age in the Serene Fields.
    Zephyr Castario » Natural Causes » Died due to old age and resulting respiratory failure.
    Edwin Renalt » Natural Causes » Died in his sleep due to old age.
    Hoax Dame » Natural Causes » Died from an unknown disease at the cerulean waters, comforted by his mate, Jade Moon.
    Persnickety Black » Accidental » Crushed to death when Hallen II and Jag destroyed the Black Manor.
    Sol-leks » Accidental » Burned alive by the wildfire that Hallen II created while trying to save Persnickety.
    Jag Shae » Natural Causes » Used all of his energy summoning an earthquake to help destroy the Black Manor, and then ran for his life from the wildfire Hallen made before ultimately dying from smoke inhalation and exhaustion.
    Berlin Germain » Natural Causes » Died peacefully of old age.
    Dove L'Amour » Accidental » Drowned in the Shoshana Shore while attempting to take off her Fire necklace before she would death match Hallen II's mate for his love.
    Hallen II » Accidental » Went to Styx Heights while consumed with grief over his daughter's death. In the rain and confusion he slipped over the edge and fell to his death.
    Jynx Naibu-Moon » Accidental » Died soon after being bitten by a rattlesnake in Serene Fields.
    Kaala NightStar » Natural Causes » Died of heart failure due to so many deaths and the added stress of everything that she had to endure.
    Bear Ladislav » Natural Causes » Knowing he was quickly dying from an unknown illness, which he got from over-working himself as Earth's Alpha, Bear overused his powers to cover the Temple of Earth in roses and honeysuckle as a farewell gift to his mate.
    Aegean Antionette » Natural Causes » Died in the Willows by Earth's poison after continual use of powers because Earth's god wouldn't respond to her questions on her mate's death.
    Battiste Eins » Natural Causes » Died of a lightning strike during a storm that stopped his heart.
    Kirill Melor » Natural Causes » Was eaten alive by fire ants in his sleep.
    Eugenia Eins » Natural Causes » Died of a broken heart and of old age atop Spiritus Speculum.
    Nitya Santih Cadrel » Accidental » Fell to her death at the bottom of a ravine in the Gelid Sierras.
    Karolotta Pancras-Valentine » Natural Causes » Killed by a mountain lion in Mountain Lion Ridge.
    Veryl Söte-Dame » Accidental » Killed by Ryo's collapse of the Calignous Caverns while trying to return home.
    Kendrick Lioncourt » Natural Causes » Died giving birth, due to a rip in the uterus thus bleeding out after going into shock.
    Howl » Natural Causes » Died of a seizure, which resulted from canine distemper that he contracted due to severe starvation.

  • Blackjack » Raid » Killed by Rkor after he attacked him on the way to the Fire raid.
    Ceres » Raid » Killed by Truant during the raid on rebel.
    Saint D'Ardeur » Raid » Killed by Kyria during the raid on rebel.
    Balto » Raid » Killed by Pirate during the raid against the Wind Pack.
    Roman Delinquent » Raid » Killed by Riddle Eins during the raid against the Wind Pack.
    Pestillence » Combat » Killed in a death match with Armande.
    Carlisle Cullen » Combat » Challenged Vengeance to a death match and lost.
    Drakkar Laroche » Combat » Killed by Asmodeus in a death match.
    Sergei Karras » Combat » Killed by Rat in a death match.
    Havoc Iscariot » Combat » Killed by Bastien in a deathmatch.
    Daiki Heidi » Combat » Killed by Riddle Eins in a deathmatch, for killing his mate, Ceira.
    Morphine Saber » Combat » Killed by Riddle Eins in a death match for having been involved with Ashley Eins.
    Leandra Nebula » Combat » Killed by Samuzzo in a death match for annoying him.
    Macht Mordkaiser » Combat » Killed by Berlioz in a deathmatch for raping Fidelis.

    Fredrick Eins » Combat » Killed by Morgan Eins in a deathmatch out of jealousy and for threatening his member.
    Nuraya Lovett » Combat » Killed by Bayonetta in a death match, though in Nuraya's mind, she believed her killer to be her demon.
    Brooklyn Iolurr » Combat » Killed at a death match issued by Dmitrei Riddermark for being an accused traitor to Wind.
    Sun Tzu » Combat » Murdered by Archet Riddermark for rooting against Khazad in his deathmatch.
    Hornaday McCoy » Combat » Killed by Khazad Riddermark after disrespecting him numerous times.
    Geisha Black » Combat » Killed at a death match issued by Dmitrei Riddermark for being an accused traitor to Wind.

  • Derek » Murder » Eaten alive by Modesto during postpartum.
    Zola » Murder » Jokull, in a bad mood, 'accidentally' pushed Zola off of a cliff to her death.
    Fallyn » Murder » Murdered by Pretend for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Ethereal » Murder » Killed by Pretend.
    Yasuo » Murder » Killed by Rat and Necromancer for trespassing and disrespecting the rebel pack..
    Arkose » Murder » Killed by Eudocia after he was attacked by a bear and got snappy after she tried to help.
    Dark » Murder » Ripped apart by Modesto in the kuro pit.
    Melanthe » Murder » Murdered by Rexus in a show of hatred toward the rebel wolves and the Valentine family.
    Pulse » Murder » Killed by Aristotle.
    Aristotle » Murder » Killed by Pretend.
    Avessa » Murder » Killed by Vexx for having the appearance of his last victim, Aveline.
    Ripper » Murder » Killed by Disdain because he got in the way of his 'plans'.
    Karina Tilstra/Mei Void » Murder » Killed by Vexx for trying to kill Ratchet.
    Armande Naibu » Murder » Killed by Amiri Alberaq and Modesto Domine, to forge a peace between the two packs, and to dispose of the wolf both of the murderers hate.
    Alexi Muuri » Murder » Killed by Banshee Myst while he was wallowing in shame of losing the Wind pack.
    Banshee Myst » Murder » Killed by Ersatz out of a rage for seeing her covered in Alexi's blood after she killed him.
    Disdain Black » Murder » Killed by Rat for insulting his father, Vexx Valentine.
    Ula Dupree » Murder » Killed by Astucia in a fight after angering her.
    Sarantha » Murder » Ripped apart and disposed of in lake by Vexx, who was hired to kill her by her mother, Fhina.
    Saw » Murder » Ripped apart and disposed of in lake for interfering when Vexx killed Sarantha.
    Serenity » Murder » Murdered by Deluge and Tarja in rage.
    Aquas Vivas » Murder » Killed by Rat as a vent for his frustration.
    Pallid Havok » Murder » Killed in a deathmatch versus Halloween Valentine.
    Femka Rose » Killed » Killed and eaten by a hungry bear while her daughter watched.
    Feist Domine » Murder » Killed by Faye during a test of self control.
    Nuray Alberaq » Murder » Killed while avenging her mother's death.
    Fhina Adair » Murder » Killed by Avril due to a mutual dislike between them and Fhina's irresponsibility.
    Morbid Black » Murder » Killed by Vaitan after using her Enigma powers to knock herself out, making her oblivious to any pain.
    Mascara Intrepid » Murder » Killed by Talon and Zephyr in the raid on Enigma.
    Merideth Knox » Murder » Killed by Marvus Ruin, after angering him, and a verbal battle.
    Amaterasu Alberaq » Murder » Killed by Modesto and Meth Domine, due to a mutual dislike.
    Alceme Este » Murder » Killed by Talon Shae, for disobeying him.
    Restuai Falean » Murder » Killed by Bete Noire Nirvan and Jett Naibu for aiding in the murder of Amaterasu Alberaq, and generally getting under their skin.
    Meth Domine » Murder » Killed by Bete Noire Nirvan for pissing him off, and aiding in the murder of his love.
    Khaos Vouht » Murder » Killed by Vatican Criptic for insulting him and posing as a possible threat to his rank.
    Borghild Joakim » Murder » Killed by Donovan Ruin, Vatican Criptic, and Massacre Eros for getting on their nerves.
    Lir Isaendul » Murder » Murdered by Vatican while his mate Lethal watched, after giving birth to Vatican's children. Lethal took the pups to look after them as if they were her own.
    Disko Levarre » Murder » Dreading being raped again, she let Massacre Eros kill her out of mercy.
    Cerne Bane » Murder » Killed by Jett Naibu and Massacre Eros over her insults and attitude problem.
    Bete Noire Nirvan » Murder » Killed and devoured by Modesto for lying, cheating, raping their daughter and killing both her and also their son.
    Vatican Criptic » Murder » Killed by the Water heir, Darcy Eins, as revenge for harming Darcy's mother, Ceira.
    Lust Black » Murder » Killed by Rat Valentine when he realized she could single-handedly ruin his life and reputation.
    Kachiri Heidi » Murder » Killed by Sabazius as a sacrifice to the Goddess of Enigma, Satoshi, whom he felt was instructing him to rid the pack of a hindering alpha.
    Nexus Zahl » Murder » Killed by Lethal and her daughter, Vice, for desecrating the late Vatican's grave.
    Nimrod Hassan » Murder » Killed by Lyuba and Sabazius; the bloodlust felt by Lyuba was transferred in overwhelming amounts to Sabazius via his enigma powers.
    Protege Sercul » Murder » Killed by Skulltry for insulting the Zarmoroque family.
    Arsenic Dame » Murder » Mauled by a cougar while looking for his sister, Uno, near Grave Summit.
    Antoinette Levarre » Murder » Killed by Rat Valentine due to being around him during a fit of rage.
    Skulltry Zarmoroque » Murder » Killed by Sabazius in an effort to rid Doutaini of its filth, after Skulltry raped Lethal.
    Marionette Monet » Murder » Killed by Rat Valentine for being a temptress.
    Bastien Sixtus » Murder » Killed by Gunsmoke Naibu and Gambit Moon, after he killed the former Fire Alpha, Havoc, and attempted to take over the pack.
    Ceira Hareiam » Murder » Killed by Daiki Heidi in a deathmatch.
    Saige Nicodemus » Murder » Killed by Vice Criptic and Sabazius Aresite after insulting Sabazius and the Enigma pack.
    Blaze Kingsman » Murder » Killed by Morphine for raping Amaia.
    Thaw » Murder » Killed by Tyranny while she was defending herself from being mauled and possibly raped.
    Cinderella » Murder » Killed after being raped by Falk, because she would not submit to him.
    Cined Black » Murder » Killed by Falk Joakim while trying to protect his granddaughter, Geisha.
    Ashley Eins » Murder » Killed by his father, Riddle Eins, after insulting the family name during his attempt to claim Water, which he then tried to flee.
    Abbadon Alistair » Murder/Illness » When attacked by Vance and Deratus, a dormant strain of rabies exploded in Abbadon's system, causing him to overload on his enigma powers and stop his own heart.
    Mister Devoto » Murder » When in the Kuro Pits, Mister Devoto displayed signs of aggression towards Viduus, who readily killed him in a death match, after Kaya, Devoto's wife, told the rogue to do as he pleased.
    Rage Fireheart » Murder » Killed by Tethys because he thought she was ruining Fire.
    Nuvolo Grido » Murder » Killed by X'nada for raping her.
    Ankou Dracul » Murder » Killed by Vice Criptic for trying to take over her pack, The Devout.
    Gaia Untamed » Murder » Killed by Vice Criptic for insulting her mate, Darcy, who stood and watched the slaughter.
    Monster Ford » Murder » Killed by Glamor, who sought revenge, in a deathmatch.
    Gossip » Murder » Killed by Edwin after calling him for a death match and then begging to be killed.
    Liable Cressley » Murder » Killed by X'Nada to be kept from suffering at the Mountain Lion Ridge after being caught in a rock slide and crushed by a large boulder.
    Jett Naibu » Murder » Killed by Lament Domine so that she could keep him with her always.
    Akira Ehren » Murder » Killed by Berlioz and Vice because of her adulterous feelings for Ajax.
    Ava Alberaq » Murder » Killed in a death match by Venom Iscariot.
    Sunsets Redskies » Murder » Killed by Nocturne because of her desire to join Riddle. The killing was merciful and willingly accepted.
    Quox Thropp » Murder » After calling his mother, Elphaba, to a deathmatch, he was attacked by Hallen and given torturous wounds. Viduus ended his suffering by breaking his spine.
    Marajah Delinquent » Murder » Put out of her misery by Thalion and Gallant during the plague of Fleas.
    Hatchet Sinclair-Mordkaiser » Murder » Killed by Venom Iscariot in a death match for raping and kidnapping Timid.
    X'Nada Ehren » Murder » Assumed a traitor to her pack, Eugenia Eins and Helen Delinger killed her.
    Venom Iscariot » Murder » Killed by Vice Criptic at the Willows.
    Sebastian » Murder » After being marked an enemy to Rebel, he was killed by the Rebel Beta, Viduus Ve Valpolicella.
    Uno Noche Nirvan Dame » Murder » Killed by Strange for being a member of the Dame family.
    Falk Joakim » Murder » Killed by Berlioz Ether for trespassing on Earth lands.
    Salika Windfire Renalt » Murder » Killed by Berlioz Ether in a fit of rage while she tried to protect her daughter.
    Berlioz Ether » Murder » Killed by Salika Windfire Renalt while in a fit of rage.

    Strawberry Dubois » Murder » Killed by Khazad Riddermark and Komrid Ether because her desperate cries for male attention disgusted them.

    Crisis Sorbeaux » Murder » Murdered by Khazad for being isolent and protecting his slave.
    Vance Valentine » Murder » Murdered by Raisa and Ragzinek in their suicidal use of Wildfire.
    Wesley Valhera » Murder » Murdered by Villain, Tarja and Nuraya.
    Mynth Ether » Murder » Tricked into playing tag with Ekke Shae. Once in the outskirts of Doutaini, she was murdered.
    Complacence Black-Iscariot » Murder » Ekke Shae murdered her just outside of Doutaini near the Willows.
    Everlyse » Murder » Due to being mentally and physically ill, she believes a wolf to be another, and engaged her in a death match. She was murdered at the Devil's Ruins by Lethal Injection.
    Naproxen Drug » Murder » Killed by Elias Vallingby to soothe her cannibalistic urges at the Kuro Pits.
    Luigi Lucheni » Murder » Killed by Morgan and Vice for not relinquishing the Enigma throne and threatening Morgan's life.
    Komrid » Murder » Died shortly after murdering Lament Domine in a deathmatch after she transformed into a snake and injected venom directly into his bloodstream.
    Kitty Vesper » Murder » Killed by Morgan and Lisk for insubordination and for insulting them both.
    Helena » Murder » Was killed by Elias in one of her fits of insanity.
    Morgan Eins » Combat » Died during a deathmatch against Fredrick due to his grievous wounds sustained by both his mother, Vice, and shortly after during the fight.
    Elias Vallingby » Murder » Killed by Viduus at Morgan's side, after Morgan announced she was his reckoning.
    RuGaard » Murder » Killed by his mother, Nuraya, for intruding upon her presence.
    Cancer Shift » Murder » Accidentally murdered by Proteus due to his rage after seeing the boy try to kill Imagination for food.
    Isley Nightstar » Murder » Accidentally killed by her mother in self defense.
    Strange Dame » Murder » Killed by Battiste for attacking Fidelis at the Lacrima Lake.
    Jamaica Dame » Murder » Died surrounded by family and friends after a fatal attack by Ringling Demonthin.
    Akinori Moon » Murder » Killed as revenge at the Devil's Ruins by Avaric at only five months old in Avaric's bloody quest for the Fire throne.
    Zayden Valentine » Murder » Killed by Viduus after already being incredibly wounded after escaping a war.
    Ringling Demonthin » Murder » killed by Hekate, Wicked, and Noface because Hekate saw him as a threat to the Enigma pack.
    Kashira Lyall-Ladislav » Murder » killed by Thaddeus in a deathmatch to get back at Bear, the Earth Alpha alongside Kashira at the time.
    Lukadeus Silverpaw » Murder » killed by Khazad Riddermark for disrespecting the Riddermark family.
    Verita Ether » Murder » Murdered by Estienne Riddermark as an act of redemption for her father, Khazad. Verita willingly sacrificed herself to Estienne, the world having broken her.
    Thaddeus Baker » Murder » Murdered by Bumblebee on accident, as Thaddeus jumped into the lion's claw when Bee had been transformed with the purpose of only maiming.
    Drakkon » Murder » Killed by Hero after attempting to challenge for Alpha of Fire.
    Hero Revol » Murder Killed by Hekate in the form of a grizzly bear at the Mountain Lion Ridge in front of his son and mate for being a "thought criminal" to Enigma.

    Ekke Shae » Murder » Killed by Hero Revol, who blamed him for his current misery, and for abandoning Resonance Elegy and their newborn children, as well as all of Enigma.
    Imagination » Murder » Killed by Nikolai after being tricked into teaching him about poisons which he then uses against her.
    Reyes Vasco » Murder » Murdered by Avaric when he attempted to kill Avaric to offer both security and safety to the Fire pack.
    Meredith Germain » Murder » killed by Bayonetta in her agony because she believed him to be herself in her manic state.
    Fracture Valentine » Murder » Killed by Styx, Labyrinth and Elric for defending his values.
    Zero Vesper-Shae » Murder » Killed by Vitani in self-defense/revenge.
    Dracul Riddermark » Murder » Murdered by Hekate in the form of a black mamba after Dracul and Nikolai attacked her at the Pit.
    Cassidy Rorrikson » Murder » Killed by Avaric after calling him to a death match to in revenge for Reyes' death.
    Khazad Riddermark » Murder » Killed by Hallen's Magma Manciple during the raid on Wind to end Khazad's tyranny.

    Meridian Voltaire » Murder » killed by Lethal, Ariel, Carver, and Hydrus at the Kuro Pit for her persistent insubordination to the Storm pack.

    Elric Sefton » Murder » Died after Hallen inflicted mortal wounds on the the Rebel Alpha and died of blood loss soon after.
    Serenity » Murder » Murdered by Bellana for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and disrespecting Bella whilst she was in a fit of rage.
    Scream Eins » Murder » Killed by Mattias after barging in on a Fire Pack meeting and sullying Bellana's good name.
    Appomattox Amper » Murder » Murdered by his love, Magdalena Eins, in her own attempt to save him from the gods and Enigma.
    Zon Kingslayer » Murder » Killed by Nikolai, Mercy and Styx in a suicide mission masquerading as a claim of the Rebel pack.
    Cardinal Moon » Murder » Killed in a death match as a pup by Galvin after spreading news to his pack that he had raped a Divine wolf.
    Avonrepus Quoba » Murder » Killed by Discordia in a death match, after attempting to defend the Earth pack from another change in leadership.
    Nikolai Mohkov » Murder » Killed by Ryker Riddermark in a death match to avenge his late father, Khazad, whom Nikolai had a hand in killing.
    Dinozzo Ether » Murder » Killed by Luigi Lucheni, who was told to kill Dinozzo by Dinozzo's brother Komrid because of envy.
    Lethal Injection II » Murder » Killed by Rebuke Riddermark in a death match for Wind.
    Frigid Flann » Murder » Killed by Ignacio Alonzo in a death match.
    Major Ark » Murder » Murdered by Monstrum Mordkaiser when found in a weakened state. He ate her alive, slowly killing her.
    Svet Vrag » Murder » Killed by Alvaro for her constant abuse to Tinnitus, and also requesting Alvaro to help her kill Tinnitus.
    Oscar Tamas » Murder » Killed in a death match with Perseus, desperate to get her mother back.

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