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Alpha Convening
Posted 01-06-2018, 12:12 AM |
Divine Intervention
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© Divinity
god of power, law, and compromise

Above a sky of marbled clouds softly kissed by a dawning sun, the atmosphere darkened and the stars were alive. They are knitted into constellations that span intergalactic miles, woven together and set upon a tapestry of rich, navy blue. Clusters of stars gleamed brightly, fighting to be seen—but in the northern sky over Doutaini, the formation of the dragon constellation begins to vibrate and all other stars are silenced at the command. There is a faint, low thrumming that strikes interstellar chords harmoniously as the Great Dragon awoke from his starry home. Ryo, still wrapped in linens of cosmic design, shifted through the morning sky with bold strides. His measure is traced by the streak of a red comet tail dashing through the atmosphere, distinguishingly bright to the world of Doutaini below. It is a silent fanfare that welcomes his presence, a sign foretelling of his arrival; the dragon is coming, it whispered with an exhaled breath that had the power to stir stardust to life.

Without further delay, Ryo began his descent—thin wisps of clouds congealed together before a channel formed through the center, parting to allow passage to the sovereign. Ryo floated downward towards Doutaini, trailing stardust agleam against the flare of crimson on his heels. He is the image of an imploded star, a collapsar that has created a black hole; strokes of carbon etched into the form of a mighty wolf. Covered in scales, the reptilian god outstretched leathered wings with robust force and hovered twenty-feet above Serene Fields. From his fixed position, a resounding call rang out to the leaders of Doutaini—there was work to be done and words to exchange; and in the aftermath of his children’s ruin, the convening of alphas would serve to catapult Doutaini’s progress to new heights. Having declared his call, Ryo was lowered towards the fields and talons grappled at the spot where the stone edifice of the monument once stood. There he would wait for the leaders to arrive and exchange their greetings, but today would be held to a higher demand than simple pleasantries. Ryo watched the horizon with an unyielding gaze, omnipotent eyes composed of every star in the galaxy that he cradled in the hands of law and justice.
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