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Open Drudgery // Pidge
Posted 01-12-2018, 01:40 PM |
Earth Scout
Male, 3.75
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© Tae

Akuma couldn't even speak, couldn't breathe. He had never controlled vines this long before. Nor had he put this much effort into it. Every time he tried to inhale his whole body throbbed with pain. He could feel vomit creeping up his throat, it was a horrid feeling. Pidge's words even went unnoticed, he was wholly focused on keeping the rabid creature occupied. He could feel his energy being sapped from his body. Side effects slowly began to seep in; delirium, pain, nausea. Most of them were already present in fact, but was only just now noticing them. His legs shook like frail twigs in the wind.
Suddenly a whip of a vine strikes the fiery canines head. He watches as the creature lets out a cry of pain and simultaneously the crack can be heard. It stumbles slightly before dropping lifeless to the ground. He releases his use of vines, collapsing against the ground. His head pounds, and body aches. Soft whimpers continue to fall from his maw, and vomit threatens to spew from his maw. This time he hears Pidge's words, and a amused but weak chuckle escapes his parted lips.

"Oh sweetheart, you're not special, you're not the only one with homicidal thoughts or tendencies."


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