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Private [M] we skydive from walls we built.
Posted 11-14-2017, 09:02 AM |
Ice ( Admin )
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icarus watches as realization hits her, though, his eyes are set on her other features, since he could not tell by her eyes widening. questions stirred about her eyes as well, but icarus kept his mouth shut as she spoke her name. he gave a nod, "asta, what a pleasure. and i am not mad, just annoyed at spitting the company line, dearest. i'm icarus." he hums as his tail wavers back and forth, clearing his throat as he saw that she was cold. something in his heart twinged as he saw her tail wrap around her body. "if we move farther south, it gets warmer." ah, would you look at that? icarus putting someone else's needs first. for if he moved farther south, he would be hot, as it was warm in the styx already for him. his thick fur made it possible to stand the below zero temperatures in the gelid sierra, a trait of good breeding. maybe he could have a snow cloud over him if they moved farther south, and so he would. his eyes wandered the female, "asta, where do you come from? have any siblings?" he asked as he started his way down towards the south. did he have a soft spot for some creatures? yes. women? yes. children? eh, sometimes, when they weren't little brats. like aion from the gelid, a sweet kid following in his father's footsteps. his peach eyes gleam as he looks back to the female, waiting on the female to follow. "anymore questions i can answer about candyland for you?"

"speak and be heard."

Asta; short :c sorry

rated M for M A T U R E.

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RE: [M] we skydive from walls we built. - Icarus - 11-14-2017, 09:02 AM