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All Welcome we gotta light a match and start a fuse.
Posted 11-14-2017, 09:45 AM |
Earth ( Admin )
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mars gives a sure nod as he follows the woman out of the temple. he was always worried about the wolves of the gaia, especially with the poison that ran through them all. he had seen what it had done to others, to briar. his ears are always open to questions, as he looks to the female who asked a question. he gives a soft chuckle, "we all have separate dens. the only den, i suppose you would call it, we share is the temple. but do not worry, we will get you a home before winter. there are vacant dens, my old one is still up i am sure. it's good for one, still got some moss in it." his tail swings back and forth as he heads wet of the temple, navigating his way to it, as it wasn't too far off from here. "it isn't far. it's right beside some brush, good hiding place." he chuckles as he follows the old path that he remembers from nights of traveling to it. flowers trail along the way they were being led, nights of practicing. after the nights of being in the temple, mars had worked on a den, making it semi-nice, but he was never there so it really didn't matter. if anything, he needed a den in the pits, that's where he stayed when he was young, first joining the earth pack. if you went to the pits, you would a place where he stayed, a den underneath some rocks. a soft yawn leaves his lips as he looks to the woman, today had been long and after this, he would be ready to sleep and nestle in with his adopted pups, baby and fetch. as of now, that was who laid in his den, he hadn't seen azrael in the longest time. it made his heart ache, wonder where the man had left to. a grunt leaves his lips, had he seen the pups and left them? was he scared of family? commitment? mars didn't know as he walked, wanting to turn this into a run, but he would wait. he would wait until pidge left and he could run home, wear himself out so he wouldn't have to think anymore.


searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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