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Posted 11-14-2017, 05:15 AM | This post was last modified: 11-14-2017, 05:16 AM by Amaranthe
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..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

More come, settling into the meeting softly to hear what Lunafer had to say. Ama keeps to her mothers' side, excitement forcing her paws to shuffle in the sand below. She didn't know what was really going on, what Luna might have to say and what it could mean for them all, but she was still excited for whatever it was. Soon enough it was her time to be addressed, she was given both rank and task and she couldn't quite contain the grin that widens her lips and pinches at her eyes. Hazel, just like her fathers. "Of course Luna! I'll find Cer and we'll work together," she looks over at Rascal with a smirk, just because she was a girl, didn't mean she couldn't handle it, or them. "I guess we'll be teaming up then," she jests, wiggling her tail towards Rascal with intent, bring it on! and then a chuckle. Hazelnut orbs turn upwards to her mother, she seeks pride or happiness there in those sapphire eyes, anything to guide her onto the right path. "I'll find papa, and everyone else who is missing..." a whisper meant just for Lypso, she leans up to kiss at her mothers' cheek in promise, for that was what she was making.

Notes; terribleeeeee. but here. <3

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