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All Welcome sealed tomb
Posted 09-14-2017, 09:57 PM | This post was last modified: 09-14-2017, 10:02 PM by Briar
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© Penn
Spin-off of THIS thread approved by staff.

Briar has found himself growing with strength in these last moments, each step purposeful—though perhaps that is from years in this forest. I was born here. He does not care to see if anyone has followed him, why would they if Mars was left in wake of Atticus' blasphemous desires. He was a dried up thing, a wilting flower. Briar had been loosing it for some time, ever since Haya had sought to disrupt them. He'd been failing and he had been too stubborn to accept it. So this was it. He comes to rest halfway between the Devil's Ruins and Kaede's temple though more towards the Hakai, breathing heavier now. His stomach churned lightly as he rested for a moment, closing his eyes. The forest was always so peaceful. Birds flittered about in the thick canopy and the King's ears could hear the skittering of small animals in the woods. He was young, luckily. He could do this. Kaede, forgive me. I have failed you.....for you....

He moves to focus quickly, hoping to spare his pursuers if there were any. To block them off really. The earth shifts around him, rumbling against the forest as poison seeps into his veins—sweet heroine. An impenetrable canopy of earth closes him in. There is darkness. His legs tremble as he aims to focus on using frenzy plant quickly after. Liana vines intertwine with vines of jasmine and move to curl around his legs and snake upwards to envelop his body. His head became a shrieking mess, pounding, smarting. His stomach burned with an intensity, but Briar persisted. He was determined to give it his everything. He was a Deimos! His legs trembled, weakening as bruises began to form on his body. The vines would encompass him, leaving his eyes and mouth so that he could see and focus. Claustrophobia sent him into a panic. His heart races, desperate to burst, lungs burning as his head was sure to explode. Briar would lurch, stomach acid spilling and then it wouldn't stop. Blood would seep through his nose, his breathing became spurts, desperate spurts.

Briar aims to take control of a dogwood tree simultaneously, ripping it's roots from the ground as it crawled sporadically, stopping and starting again with Briar's failing life. The tree would move to straddle the king and slam downwards in finality. Breaking him from the pain he felt with the immense use of his powers. His body would grow limp, everything crushed and sealed into the Gaia. He wished it so at the very least. A painful death only for Kaede and his wolves. As the tree comes down, the canopy shatters sending dust scattering about to reveal Briar's last creation as jasmine vines and briars churn upwards the trunk. As the forest finally grows still again, blue and red pansies spring up in the ground beneath the stagnant dogwood that sheltered his decaying body in Briar's last excruciatingly painful breath of life.

Briar has died, encompassing himself in vines and a dogwood as a last tribute to Kaede and Earth.

Briar's tail was broken and it hangs limp two inches from the tip.

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