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Alpha Convening
Posted 01-06-2018, 12:12 AM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.00
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© Divinity
god of power, law, and compromise

Above a sky of marbled clouds softly kissed by a dawning sun, the atmosphere darkened and the stars were alive. They are knitted into constellations that span intergalactic miles, woven together and set upon a tapestry of rich, navy blue. Clusters of stars gleamed brightly, fighting to be seen—but in the northern sky over Doutaini, the formation of the dragon constellation begins to vibrate and all other stars are silenced at the command. There is a faint, low thrumming that strikes interstellar chords harmoniously as the Great Dragon awoke from his starry home. Ryo, still wrapped in linens of cosmic design, shifted through the morning sky with bold strides. His measure is traced by the streak of a red comet tail dashing through the atmosphere, distinguishingly bright to the world of Doutaini below. It is a silent fanfare that welcomes his presence, a sign foretelling of his arrival; the dragon is coming, it whispered with an exhaled breath that had the power to stir stardust to life.

Without further delay, Ryo began his descent—thin wisps of clouds congealed together before a channel formed through the center, parting to allow passage to the sovereign. Ryo floated downward towards Doutaini, trailing stardust agleam against the flare of crimson on his heels. He is the image of an imploded star, a collapsar that has created a black hole; strokes of carbon etched into the form of a mighty wolf. Covered in scales, the reptilian god outstretched leathered wings with robust force and hovered twenty-feet above Serene Fields. From his fixed position, a resounding call rang out to the leaders of Doutaini—there was work to be done and words to exchange; and in the aftermath of his children’s ruin, the convening of alphas would serve to catapult Doutaini’s progress to new heights. Having declared his call, Ryo was lowered towards the fields and talons grappled at the spot where the stone edifice of the monument once stood. There he would wait for the leaders to arrive and exchange their greetings, but today would be held to a higher demand than simple pleasantries. Ryo watched the horizon with an unyielding gaze, omnipotent eyes composed of every star in the galaxy that he cradled in the hands of law and justice.
⋘ ۩ ⋙
Table by Sabrina. background from mercurycode

Lunafer Keston Mars Vaitan Lilith Seacca Devil May Cry
Kearnal Josephina Charlotte Ruellia Mercury

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Posted 01-06-2018, 08:34 AM |
Ice Alpha
Male, 7.75
36 in, 136 lbs
195 ep
© Aubers

It was a unique sensation; the pull of the gods. Similar perhaps to how one simply knew when there were wolves at the willows but stronger. He had not expected to be the first one to arrive but it seemed that was the case as he made his way into the field. With the coming of spring the ache in his joints had eased just a smidge but he could still feel it. Time; just ticking away with no worthy heir for the lands of ice. Ryo was something to behold and there was a sense of smallness in his chest as he gazed upon the leathered wings and patterned scales. Smallness and also a steady sort of acceptance. Call it faith; call it serenity call it what you will. He made his way forward; viewing Ryo with the eyes Kiyoshi had gifted him with and once he was within polite distance he came to a stop. Finally then; and only then did his eyes tear away from the wonder as his head and shoulders lowered. As his body stooped into a bow of utmost respect as his spine and joints ached a moment in protest of his movements. He wasn't as flexible as he'd once been. If it had not been for Jo at his side he might have never seen Ryo; never dared to claim ice as his own when it had always been his brothers to lead. He did not sit... not yet anyways. Instead he waited; content to bask in the sense of power that Ryo Dragon emitted like warm sun upon your back or the thrill of ice trickling down your spine. Once the others arrived or their mission was stated then he would move or sit as needed. Until then he was content to silently worship in his own stoic way.

This forest of emotions closes in; leaving a 'one way only' path.
I know what is down that dark trail; but there is no turning back.
One, Two, more souls drift away; only one will fill this hole. Wrath.
Pieces of me lost and broken drift away; my ribs an empty rack.

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Posted 01-07-2018, 03:44 AM |
Enigma Alpha
Female, 5.00
33 in, 115 lbs
371 ep
© Xechi

Ryo's command was a thunderclap of power in the blessed woman's mind, rousing her from the deep, dark sleep the journey home had commanded of her. Though she was deep within the Caliginous; within a hidden, personal den in the depths near an abyssal drop off, his declaration was clear- come. Ruellia knew the date of the Convening was dawning, but had not expected this roar of purpose that the last she'd attended lacked. It thrilled her. The darkling woman gave herself a moment to clear her mind, shaking the remnants of haunting whispers from the dreamscape with vigor and practiced ease. Her emotional control was long rehearsed, long practiced, but she noticed the weight of Kurai's darkness on her psyche. She, too, was affected. But spring has a revivifying effect on Rue, and it is enough, today, to keep her stable.

Another moment, and she looks into the crystal glass to see herself reflected back at her a dozen times over, fur elegantly disheveled by her slumber, and not a drop of soil on her pristine coat. Had she known when the Convening would come, she would have been a better gift to the dragon god of Law. (Scented in electrifying herbs, painted pretty for the divine as she did for the Stardust Festival; but she would not dance. Not for Ryo, not for any of the other gods save the one she held esteemed in her heart. Kurai.) Her current appearance, she decided with a shrug that was repeated in the shimmering glass, would have to do. With an exaggerated sigh, she stills both her mind and heart, imagines the Fields she knew so well and disappeared.

Only to reappear, stumbling and gasping within the fields. Her heart stuttered painfully against her chest as she heaved for air, likely looking every bit a fool to the dragon god and the Ice King, though she couldn't help it. This was the furthest she'd ever jumped, and the pain of her heart's near-death wracked her body in a way she'd never felt in all her time in Enigma. It fades shortly, though. As soon as her heart began to pump rapidly, rather than stuttered, she felt the needles of numbness in her toes. Within seconds she found herself opening her eyes, already allowing a sheepish grin to spread across her lips as she seeks out the dragon god. Immediately, she is humbled, and bows her head low to Ryo. The pain of her jump was slowly replaced with excitement and devotion as she caught sight of the stars within his eyes.

"Stars, hide your fires;
let not light see my black and deep desires."

[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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Posted 01-07-2018, 07:56 PM |
Rebel Alpha
Female, 5.75
40 in, 100 lbs
399 ep
© Lou
The call of convention was not one she had expected, nor one she would usually listen to. Had it not been for those months of heat and loss in the ridge where Akako had burnt her wolves alive; Charlotte would not have reacted at all to Ryo's summons. It wakes her from an empty slumber like a clap of thunder overhead and slowly but surely the Rebel alpha rolls to her feet, a huff heavy on her chest as she realigns the decrepit looking fur she had left. It sat disheveled but neat and that was all she asked of it, an organized mess to sit precariously over slithered scars of silver and white. From up on her mountain ledge, she could see Ryo's great descent, a dragon of sorts, magnified proportions. There is a sigh caught on her tongue before she finally leaps free from her castle and descends into the valley of death. Why do the rebels need to be apart of these things? and the thought is an angry one. But as she enters the vast fields of the serene, she lets her mind roll into a darkness, an abyss though they naturally could ward off Enigma mind tricks.
A rebels' dream.

There were only two here so far, the Ice alpha, a man Charlotte had perhaps met once or twice but could not remember his name- and Ruellia. She comes forth in all her glory, tall and muscular, her head held high over narrow shoulders. Scars strike in the light as if ignited, her tail thick and curved behind her hips as finally, those emerald eyes fall to the God. A galaxy of stars for eyes, he captures her in a way she didn't think possible. A snarl rolls at her tattered lips as she protests the pull he holds over them all and towards the back, furthest away from Him, does she find a place to rest. There were no pleasantries, though chartreuse orbs would flicker to Ruellia at least once with a bob of her head in greeting, she couldn't quite manage to wipe the sneer from her lips so she'd find something else to look at quite quickly. Else the Enigma queen think it was she who had done something provocative. No, just Charlotte and her right to revolt the Gods- it was her lifes' work, and not one she would give up easily.

Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

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Posted 01-08-2018, 03:11 PM |
Storm Alpha
Female, 6.25
35 in, 83 lbs
532 ep
© sea

I've got nothing left to prove
Cause I've got nothing left to lose
See me bare my teeth for you
who are you?
she receives the call not as thunder -- not as the enigmatic chaos that surrounds her hills and breathes life into her domain, but as a flash of stunning light. the sound makes her stop in her tracks, wields her body back and winces her soul back in ache. she sidesteps, as though her body is insistent that it can escape through proximity. she's lost of balance as her legs split back to correct the assaulting rhetoric. her leash has been tugged. the fresh and faintly warm breeze is a godsend as she begins her descent. she walks slowly through the parted watershed, old limbs still retaining the strength and grace of a primal cat. there is an ignorance accompanied with the gods and their willingness to coax her to her own doorstep. tired eyes glance upward to gather which apparition she'd be dealing with. she thinks she's not met this one before, his voice and aura differing somewhat from hoshiko -- but only slightly. she notes with greater interest those attending, her focus diverted almost immediately from the presiding god to the gathering procession. her attention flickers to the newest king of ice, one that had carried the banner through the years, as she had seen. she makes a note to deal with him later, as there is opportunity about this change. she comes just in time to witness ruellia's archaic bowing. she offers but a nod to ruellia ( and the same to kearnal, should he catch her eye ) before she moves to charlotte. she sits beside the rebel commander, leaving a distance between them to still remain formal but well acquainted. she offers a nudge of her muzzle to charlotte's shoulder, with no further words needed until others could appear and she could properly decide when to leave.

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Posted 01-09-2018, 01:55 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 5.75
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
450 ep
© Sylvirr
He is a bit late, but only because of a previous engagement. He finally arrives, silent as the grave, and he slips in alongside Ruellia, though a playful nudge is given to Charlotte as he passes, and a brief nod towards Seacca. He has yet to form any real judgement on Kearnal, though according to Niyole, he was less than pleasant. Still, he will give him the benefit of the doubt.

He settles himself beside Ruellia, a dark king beside his moonlight queen and dearest friend--the one he trusts the most in this world, beyond his child and himself. He cannot see Ryo, but he can feel him, and his fur bristles as if static races along his spine, though it is less a display of aggression and more the fact that he can feel the power radiating from the god, and it causes a tingle though his nerves.
He does not speak--not immediately. He waits, for once, patient--he is ever patient, as anyone who knows him can attest to--biding his time for the proper moment to speak. The Blind Seer allows his form to relax, at ease amongst friends, and see no reason to worry.... yet.

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 01-09-2018, 02:04 AM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 5.75
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
355 ep
© Sylvirr
Alone. He inhales deeply, but smiles as he arrives. It is the first time he has been called to such a meeting by a god, rather than another wolf, and he hopes only that he has made Hotaru proud in his efforts. Small though Divine may be, it was loyal and growing in both numbers and strength as well as knowledge, and he has been finding himself less and less concerned as of late. Still, he knows it is nearing time to hold another meeting--and what timing, for it is then that Ryo calls them together.

Pallid and glistening, the alabaster Priest takes his place among the group. He is familiar only with Kearnal and Seacca, and even them, only by name, rather than by any sort of personal matters. He wonders briefly where Mars is, as it is not like him to be late to any sort of gathering, and his brows furrow just slightly in brief concern before he shakes it off--perhaps he is simply running late.
"Merry Meet." he greets them all with equal pleasure and enthusiasm, the gentle lilt of his androgyne voice carrying with it a warm delight at seeing a gathering of such peoples.
His eyes lift to Ryo, and he bows his head in greeting, for the Priest would be loathe to not respect the very gods he has been raised to embody.

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Posted 01-10-2018, 03:58 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
Littered across the golden beaches of Cerulean Waters, waterlogged pieces of driftwood and seaweed had washed ashore as a result of spring rains. Keston tasked himself in the hours before dawn with a cleanup effort, walking up and down the shoreline to sort out the mess. Pleased with the progress, he stopped a moment to rest from his labors just in time to watch as the early morning awoke the skies in a lavish wash of colors. They swam together in perfect harmony, intertwining to create depth to the infinite sky while wisps of cloud interrupted the blazing image. As Keston sat in admiration, a gust of brackish wind caught hold of him, combing through the tawny strands of the lion-wolf. It was there that he first felt it, an adamant pull that commanded his attention and a voice that seemed to whisper in his ear. Uncertain what beckoned him, the Lioncourt is compelled by a sense of curiosity to investigate as he is led by an invisible lead towards Serene Fields. Guided towards a gathering, Keston could identify all of the gathered wolves, but the creature before them stole his breath and attention in that single instant. The oceanic man could feel his beating heart against his eardrums rise to a deafening accord, the rest of the world and those gathered falling into oblivion as the religion man drew closer to the scaled dragon-god. Ryo. Keston mouthed the name as he struggled to find his voice, bowing his head amiably before looking up to the god with wonder upon his features. “Keston Lioncourt, sir. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He said at last upon discovering his voice, positioning himself to stand before the god with his neck craned back in order to take in his entire image where he sought to collision of cerulean and interstellar eyes. Keston maintained sight of the god as he moved off towards the side, his attention reaching out to his fellow pack leaders with a courteous greeting nod; yet his attention seemed magnetized towards Ryo, and it was not long before he found himself mesmerized once more by the god of law.

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Posted 01-10-2018, 06:10 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 6.25
36 in, 125 lbs
551 ep
© Jamie
I know you.

The call pulsed in his veins, trembled in his marrow.

I felt you.

He could not deny its strength, nor would he have; it pulled at his very soul.

And you have seen my mind.

The dunes were in his wake within moments, sand slipping beneath the rough pad of his toes as he sprinted. It began with a jolt, when he was struck to attention by a voice he recognized, but could scarcely place. Yet, in the inexplicable way that only the gods' magic could make real, he knew exactly what he needed to do. Then he trotted, thick fur rustling in the spring breeze. Suddenly, he was running, his muscles rippling and shimmering in the dawn. He would have run to the edge of the world for that voice--and in a way, he did. More than four year ago, he had left his birthplace in the North to seek the power and knowledge of these supposed gods, the ones who lived at the edge of reality and thrived in rumors beyond their borders. He was here, and he had seen more in Doutaini than he could have ever anticipated.

When the beast arrived at the fringe of the gathering, his eyes were immediately drawn to the dragon. He knew it was not Akako. Perhaps it was an innate sense that the wolves of Doutaini were given, or perhaps he recognized the entity's essence, but he remembered this God. Ryo's name left his lips in a breathless whisper. He was entranced for a moment by the scales of simmering coals, the sheer armor that guarded the immortal creature. Something stronger than intrigue burned in Vaitan's gaze, however. He stared at Ryo with purpose, with questions, with need. It was Ryo who had entered his mind, who showed him the visions of Rykerri's death. It was Ryo wore bore his subsequent anger with no consequence. Vaitan's eyes narrowed painfully at the memories, but loyalty blossomed in his heart. He held the utmost respect for this God.

Finally, the beast was able to rip himself from his frozen stance. He sauntered into the small crowd, going straight to the leaders of Enigma. His large body would slide against Mercury's, unless the blind seer moved, and he would aim to press his muzzle to Ruellia's jaw. A careless display of affection in front of everyone. "I will come to you soon," he would whisper, lifting his fangs to his wife's ear so only she could hear him. Afterward, his amber eyes scanned the other alphas convened. He curved around to stand on Ruellia's other side, his eyes lingering on Charlotte in the distance for a moment too long. He looked at Keston with a sort of mild affection; there was just something about that man he liked. He had always meant to bring his pack to Water's territory to pay respects, but wave after wave of tragedies seemed to prevent him from leaving Fire's lands. He would look to Seacca, as well, with a sort of friendly respect and affection burning in his gaze. Their conversations were too few and far between. Lastly, he would observe Kearnal and Lunafer, whom he had seen around but did not know. If anyone caught his gaze, he would offer them a respectful nod.

But nothing could keep his attention from the Dragon God for long. "Ryo," he said again, with more finality this time. With reverence. With surety.

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 01-15-2018, 10:09 AM |
Ice Sub-Alpha
Female, 7.00
33 in in, 115 lbs
65 ep
© Anna
» ✧ «

While the coming of spring had brought color and life to the lands of Doutaini, it had sparked a nasty cold within Josephina that had plagued her for many days. However, rest combined with a few basic herbs from her daughter had worked well to ensure her recovery. The sub-alpha had been absent from her duties during her sickness, so she was very eager to return to her daily routine. This consisted of patrolling the Gelid and was what Josephina was doing when she felt the pull.

"Pull" was a weak word to describe it, really. It was more like a yank, a command from above that she knew she could not and would not resist. She felt it deep within her chest, in her heart that pumped her connection to the gods through her veins. So with one last look to check her surroundings, she made her descent from the snow-capped mountains. The surrounding territories were much more lively with the warm spring air and newly sprung plants, but she did not stop to observe. The magnet inside of her chest continued to pull her forward and didn't stop until she finally arrived.

There were many others already present. Usually she would have been embarrassed for her late appearance, but her usual sheepishness was replaced with awe as she took in the sight of the god before her that she knew to be Ryo. Josephina had been in the presence of a god once before, but Kiyoshi had blinded her in that time. This was her first experience in actually seeing one of the powerful gods that watched over the lands she called home.

Without having to watch where she stepped, her paws immediately carried her to Kearnal's side. Dark fur speckled with gray mingled with the silver tones of her mate as a greeting, but she did not say anything. Instead, she remained silent and lowered in head in a deep bow of respect to the god before her.

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