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The Staff & Design Team!

The current staff team is a blended group of staff-elected and member-elected individuals who are here to help, represent, and take part in the day-to-day activities around Doutaini. Most of the time they can be found scurrying here and there taking care of site-related issues, chatting in the cbox, or assisting members who may have questions or concerns. The rest of the time, they're roleplaying just like you! Below are biographies for each member of the staff team, to give you a special insight into their lives and why they have chosen to dedicate themselves to the site as a member of its team.

For questions or concerns, you may also contact us on the main staff account.


Hey! I'm a bibliophile, workaholic and rock/precious gemstone collector. I have a dog, Dre, and two cats, Sausage and Toast. They're my best friends. Anime is my thang. I like to laugh, smile, and my motto is "If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I'll be alright!"

other contact info

hi hi! i'm ev, an eighteen year old lover of kingdom hearts and a bunch of pop punk bands. i aspire to write for a living, but as that is not always an option; i also work with animals. i love post-apocalyptic and dystopian moves/shows so if you have any suggestions, lemme know! i play mars, mainly and a few other side characters! i am super friendly and love to help, so don't be afraid to chat it up with me!

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i'm an avid devourer of movies & television (horror and drama especially but i'm not too picky) with a fondness for craft beer and extremely bitter coffee. i have a dog and a cat and work full time but love to unwind with dout. please feel free to contact me about anything!

other contact info
DISCORD: ly#0146

Hey everyone! Doutaini has been my home for more than a decade and has seen me through the best (and worst) times in life so far. I love the family I've found here! Outside Doutaini, I enjoy exploring nature, spoiling my three nephews, cuddling with my cat, snapping photographs, watching tv & movies, and chilling to music. I work full-time for a university working on cancer research and I am also a full-time student studying Computer Information Systems. I'm generally lurking on discord or the cbox and love to help out, so if there is ever anything you need, just shoot me a PM! :)

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i’m the california meme queen of the bunch. but hey there, i’m riv, or as most of you know paige! i’m a sixteen year old who has been on dout for a few years now. i love animals and have a passion for doing manipulations. you can find me lurking at any point of the day on discord if needed.

other contact info
DISCORD: paige#5951

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