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The Staff & Design Team!

The current staff team is a blended group of staff-elected and member-elected individuals who are here to help, represent, and take part in the day-to-day activities around Doutaini. Most of the time they can be found scurrying here and there taking care of site-related issues, chatting in the cbox, or assisting members who may have questions or concerns. The rest of the time, they're roleplaying just like you! Below are biographies for each member of the staff team, to give you a special insight into their lives and why they have chosen to dedicate themselves to the site as a member of its team.

For questions or concerns, you may also contact us on the main staff account.

Elle [ pm ]
Once a chilhood megaman, now a grown-up elle. I'm a wife, a mother, and an animal lover. An enthusiast of video games, books, and geeky things. I'm a current stay-at-home mom/student working on a business management associates. I used to work at State Farm.
other contact info
DISCORD: Elle#3126
Hey! I'm a bibliophile, workaholic and rock/precious gemstone collector. I have a dog, Dre, and two cats, Sausage and Toast. They're my best friends. Anime is my thang. I like to laugh, smile, and my motto is "If this is the worst thing that happens to me today, I'll be alright!"
other contact info
I'm the real deal Canadian bacon and I dig all things horror, loud music & cold beer. Feral beasties traverse my backyard and do my chores -- only half kidding. I gots three furbabies, and am living with my best friend and partner, Mr. Wolf. I spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen making a horrid mess for Mr. Wolf to clean up. I'm not the chattiest, but don't fret -- I'm not against making friends so hmu any time you ever need a sounding board.
other contact info
XBOX1: okaydeevious / PSN: sortacopacetic
here is a box. check out my nice big info box. this is where a short staff bio will go, okay? cool
other contact info
I'm a 22 year old lady living in the UK, and I recently graduated from my mathematics degree! I'm now working in infrastructure management for the civil service, where I get to learn lots of new programming skills and try not to delete the entire government's data (it's more fun than it sounds - I get to wear a Sherlock Holmes hat when I'm problem-solving!). I've been on Dout since 2009 and I really enjoy getting stuck into the site with my characters, as well as coming up with new ideas and bringing my Sherlock-y skills to the staff team.

other contact info
Heyo, Intri here! I'm 22 and devote much of my time to engineering a life I love. I'm a complete planning nerd–without my planner, none of the goals I have and will accomplish would happen (fun fact: when I joined Dout, I decided to write 50,000 words in one year. Thanks to many of you who have roleplayed with me, I reached that goal 8 months early! <3). I love writing and creating art, but when I'm not working on my personal goals, I spend my time with my family and best friend, who I'm lucky enough to have as my partner. I'm forever friendly, so please, shoot me a message if you need anything at all!
other contact info
Hey, I'm sea. I'm an 18 year old cinema enthusiast that adores art, writing, and piano. I love chatting around with people and playing video games and watching tv. I'm also incredibly dorky. :B
other contact info
Hi, I am Syl. I'm a professional freelance artist, both in digital and traditional works. I have lots of dogs. I used to work at a zoo. I'm really, really bad at math. Like, you have no idea. My general style is a weird mixture of Classical Lolita, steampunk, straight-up guro and weird harajuku insanity, so theres that. I'm also a gamer, and I have a good 200+ games for the modern and next-gen consoles. 300-something for the previous ones, so on and so forth. You can catch me on xbox live and PSN, too.
other contact info
Oiyeh, boys? ;) I'm a British student, studying Computer Science, Physics and Photography. I have a pupchild - a semi-working sprocker, full name Billy Rocket (Bo for short) - and I'm firmly in love with the little bugger. My writing style is overly dramatic and metaphorical, so feel free to hmu if you don't get my rambling. I'm a raging book nerd, and I also love cartoons, anime and manga. I've started dabbling in console games, but I'm fair awful :) On the side, I'm a freelance digital artist, a tutor, and I consult on feature management and mechanics on other RP sites. Feel free to message me if you ever want coding help, need to report a bug, or just want to chat <3
other contact info
just a kid with a lot of spunk for reading, writing, and playing with reptiles. also, likes to eat a lot of cheez-its and pickles together. tries too hard to make everyone happy. a creature of habit and slinks into bed right after work and slips into vast creativity. with the headset of a elk, heart of a wolf, and body of a human, this kid stays inside a lot. otherwise, super friendly and loves to help. don't be afraid/intimidated to even say hi!
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