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The Staff Team

The Staff Team!
The current staff team is a blended group of staff-elected and member-elected individuals who are here to help, represent, and take part in the day-to-day activities around Doutaini. Most of the time they can be found scurrying here and there taking care of site-related issues, chatting in the cbox, or assisting members who may have questions or concerns. The rest of the time, they're roleplaying just like you! Below are biographies for each member of the staff team, to give you a special insight into their lives and why they have chosen to dedicate themselves to the site as a member of its team.

For questions or concerns, you may also contact us at doutainistaff@gmail.com.

Penn/Kymber - Administrator
Briar, Orestes, & Váli

Are you a beaver, 'cuz dam. Been role playing for many years now, too many to count and I really can't remember that far back. I am a passionate artist and web designer, and you can usually find me throwing some pots on the wheel or painting. Other than that, you'll find me here, lurking on all you beauties. Feel free to drop me a line if you need anything, or if you just want to say hello! :D

PM: PENN or AIM: ItsPennYo
Kristi - Administrator
Penance, Nezzera & Hadlee

I've been here on Dout for a very, very, very long time, like AvidGamers long time. I absolutely love reading and writing, which is why I enjoy this site so much, as I get to enjoy both at the same time! My favorite animals are wolves and tigers, favorite color is burgundy ( not red, don't get them confused :P ), favorite type of food is fruit, and favorite holiday is BY FAR Halloween. I'm usually always on here when I have nothing else to do, or if I get bored with whatever else I'm doing, so if you ever want to chat, feel free to message me, as I'm sure I'm lurking around here somewhere, even if I'm not on here making posts.

PM: Kristi OR AIM: sugarskull.girl
Megaman/Megan - Moderator

Hi, I go by Megaman. I've been on Doutaini for quite a long time. My hobbies include reading, writing, crafting, and I enjoy outdoor things such as fishing and hiking. February 2017 I became a mom to my wonderful little girl, so I'm a full time mommy on top of working, school, and this site. Being a mom is the best thing ever. Even when you get poo on you. My other interests include anime, Star Wars, Star Trek TNG, and Marvel characters. I also love animals and at one point hoarded them but I have learned from my ways and we have one dog (Floki) and three cats (Padme, Prim, & Fitz).

PM Megaman OR Skype: megan.morita3
Sabrina - Moderator

Resident Brinky, reporting for duty. I've been around on Dout for eons, like, over a decade, way too long, shoulda maybe grown up and gone away but NOPE, she remains sorta long. I'm skeptical, goofy, and rly bashful, but you can always count on me as a pal. If so ever you need a shoulder to cry on, look me up! More importantly, if you wanna know how to make a great tofu scramble, I'm your gal. Or something. ;D

PM: Bhaltair or AIM: brina jayy
Anastasia - Site Helper
Mystery & Delgata

I've been on the site for a little over five years now and I love it. When I'm not stalking threads or writing I like to be gaming and hanging with my friends. I love wolves with a passion so much that my second tatoo is that of a tribal wolf head. I hope to one day work at a wolf sanctuary. I'm always free to talk to and I love helping so message me, I'm always on.

PM Anastasia OR EMAIL: arabalais100@gmail.com
Kiwi - Site Helper

I'm a 22 year old lady living in the UK, just about to graduate from my mathematics degree! After that, I'll be entering a career in infrastructure management. I've been on Dout since 2009 and have tried to get involved with both the OOC and the IC elements. I'm definitely the biggest nerd, and I love coming up with new ideas.

PM: Rykerri or AIM: the.ninja.kiwi
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