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Characteristic Contest

Characteristic Contest
The Characteristic Contest is held once a month with a certain attribute assigned to each month. Members are encouraged to nominate and then vote for their favorite contestants during the beginning and middle of the month. At the end of the month the winner will be announced and rewarded 5EP for winning. Members cannot nominate their own characters, this is to encourage everyone to look beyond their own and appreciate others' creations!

Year 2017
JANUARY 2017 - Grumpiest

Even in his earliest days Valerian held traits of being grumpy. From snarky remarks towards friends and family to his general mannerisms, he is not a morning person. Rude, to the point, Valerian prefers an active lifestyle without emotions getting in the way. He is the epitome of grumpy even in his youth, holding true to his most prominent of characteristics.


Mavis / Briar
FEBRUARY 2017 - Passionate

Mavis: Coming!

Briar: Passionate in many ways, Briar is a tried and true friend as well as a strong alpha. His passions not only lie within his friendships; they extend to his duties and love of the Gaia. Every action is thoughtful when geared toward his pack, showing passion in the eagerness in which he serves Kaede. Once Briar finds a worthy cause he pours himself into the cause in a zealous manner.


MARCH 2017 - Inspirational

In her early years, Rykerri would never have imagined she could be seen as inspirational by those around her. Throughout her years of strife she has picked up many skills and has brought with her stories that can strike fear, courage, and hope into the hearts of many. At the ripe old age of nine, she can no longer rely on her physical prowess to keep the Rebel pack in check, and has had to quickly learn the art of politics, to inspire her pack and keep them going through their hardships.


Briar / Keston
APRIL 2017 - Compassionate

Briar: Coming!

Keston: Coming!


MAY 2017 - Pitiful

On one seemingly normal, average day in Xyntanza's Hill, Kaley had been found roaming the terrain. Froth covered her mouth, and her raging, uncommon roars could be heard for miles. The once innocent Healer had ultimately turned into a savage, rabid beast. It had taken little to stop the mindless beast, and though she was not a friend to many, her untimely demise had struck the heart of those around her, and earned her the title of the most pitiful wolf.


JUNE 2017 - Stoic

Once a care-free, fun loving wolf, it seems strange to think he has become so different. The sudden disappearance of his wife, Mania, was the beginning of his closed emotions. Since then he has found it hard to trust anyone and rarely shows emotion to others unless they are family or extremely close friends. This has both hindered and helped the stoic man in this journey called life.


JULY 2017 - Persuasive



Year 2016
January: (Most Clever) Riot Duchannes
February: (Most Romantic) Quinn Vighente-Grimlock
March: (Most Notable Puppy) Szymon Mohkov-Volos
April:(Most Compassionate) Tristan Scorn
May:(Most Loyal) Seacca
June: (Most Strong) Váli
July:(Most Ambitious) Jensen
August(Most Crazy) Ruslan
September (Most Innocent) Tinnuviel
October:(Most Disciplined) Rykerri
November:(Most Morbid) Campbell
December:(Most Sarcastic) Greg

Year 2015
June: (Strong) Singer Whitlock
July: (Ambitious) Sabriel Volos
August: (Crazy) Finnick Volos
September: (Politician) Canaan Ecclesiastes
October: (Evil) Aegon Dezera
November: (Wild) Natalya Mohkov-Wrex
December: (Devout) Jarilo Horatuson

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