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Aitou Pass lies deep within the Styx Heights, a deep chasm that nearly cuts the territory in half. It is a rip in the land from when the gods were displeased and nature's balance tipped. A hole, a scar along the Styx, deep and trecherous to walk within. With walls reaching close to a hundred feet in some places, the fall within the chasm would be deadly. Moss and plant life grow along the walls and floor, stabilizing the chasm from crumbling in on itself. It is wide, perhaps fifty feet at it's widest, but narrows at it's edges. Large rocks and boulders sit along the path, a wall of crumbling rock cuts straight through the widest, splitting the path in half. It is unsafe, and although the moss and grass and life clings to it to keep it from crumbling, landslides and rockfalls are still present. Water bubbles from various spots along the walls, fresh and clear before soaking into the dry, thirsty ground.
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i wanna feel.
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Styx Heights
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