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Just east and slightly north of the Temple, before the Gaia melds into the Hakai, resides a burnt clearing. This clearing is the result of Haya's destructive forces during the creation of Eternity Isle, leaving the land forever scarred and bare of flora and fauna. Within the center of the clearing, there is a shallow lake created from the constant rains during Haya's wrath, and though not deep, will reside there long past the wolves currently living within the pack lands. At the center of this lake stands a tall tree split in two, nearly down to the base, by a bolt of lightning. The tree still thrives and grows, each half taking on its own life and direction of growth over the pool made up of clear, fresh water that is both safe to drink and wade around in.

Properties: While in close proximity to the pool, wolves will experience a heightened sense of awareness due to the ambient static that permeates the air. This also causes their fur to stand on end when near the pool–especially when wading into it–and may be zapped by small electrical charges upon entering the shallows, touching the tree at its center, or another nearby wolf. The electricity in the water gives a pleasant buzzing sensation to those who touch or drink from the pool, invigorating them in the process and increasing their heart rate with a mild boost of energy.

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[TRAINING] get ready...
10-25-2017, 09:11 PM
by Mars

Gaia Temple
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