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Colored seaglass pillars, scattered throughout Kei’s homeland, serve as Hotaru’s gift to her people. They guide the wolves of Cerulean Waters by emitting a warm, pale yellow glow when interacted with, reminiscent of the Divine Goddess’ light. Triggered by the use of elemental powers, they can serve as beacons between wolves, signaling to one another when communication is needed. There is one particularly tall spire, several wolf-lengths in height, of multi-colored glass that can be viewed from most places in the territory. It stands near the edge of the shore that glows the brightest when struck and its light can pierce even the thickest of ocean fogs.

Properties: The pillars can be hit with elemental powers, causing them to glow in a color based on the element used. The longer the seaglass is hit with an element, the longer the duration of the light that it emits before fading away, whereas short bursts of power create pulses of light. A wolf can affect the intensity of the light emitted by how strongly they hit the pillar with an element–the harder a pillar is hit, the brighter it glows.

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Cerulean Waters
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