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Tucked along the western slopes of the valley there stands a closely knit grove of rather formidable redwood trees. Each trunk spans ten feet or more in width, with a couple of rare specimens upwards of twenty five feet in breadth. Deep red hued bark stretches high into the air, with great reaching branches covered in bright green leaves. A remnant from Kaede’s overgrowth during Eternity Isle’s conception, these behemoth trees appear ancient, like sentient beings that hold every one of the valley’s secrets.

Properties: Kaede’s magic intensely flows through the dirt and roots of each redwood tree and expels itself through their bark and branches, creating extreme meditative and serene effects within the grove. When practicing elemental powers in the area, a wolf may wield abilities in a safer capacity–concentration and control of elemental magic is increased, and the chances of a power backfiring due to inexperience are lowered. While no lasting physical or mental damage can be sustained from using an ability within the grove, the side effects are still felt in full and even Kaede’s magic cannot prevent death due to overexertion.

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alone with the stars...
11-27-2017, 07:18 PM
by Thisbe

Lightning Valley
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