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The cavern is narrow and straight, the walls and ceilings covered in oddly geometric stone shapes. Multitudes of square, rectangular, and prismatic gray columns in all sizes jut out from the basalt walls of the cave, growing upon each other with reckless abandon. Above, the ceiling takes on these shapes and runs wild with them, the sturdy stone appearing to curve and twist overhead, with a scattering of rigid columns hanging from the roof of the hall. An ethereal fog drifts against the bottom of the cavern that quietly undulates around the paws of those who walk here. Deeper into the cave, a strange aura seeps through the air that becomes the strongest at the back of the cavern, compelling those present to speak only the truth. The faintest sounds echo against the formations that cover the walls of Verity Hall, eerily similar to the sound of Kurai’s laughter.

Properties: No lies can be spoken while within the cavern. If a wolf attempts to lie, they will find themselves unable to speak it. Within these walls, there can only be truth… or silence.

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I speak truth
11-04-2017, 02:37 PM
by Vodka

Xyntanza's Hill
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