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In the northwestern part of the desert, the deep sands have been blown away by Kiyoshi to reveal a hidden glacier with an opening at the base just large enough to fit two wolves abreast. The icy tunnel winds around a few tight turns, some too narrow to let more than a single wolf pass at a time, before opening up into the hollowed center of the glacier. While it can’t be seen from outside the hollow, the roof has a large opening that caved in as the weight of the sands shifted. While the rest of the ice remains frozen, the desert heat melted the smaller pieces into a pleasantly chilly pool underneath. To reconcile with Akako after their feud during the creation of Eternity Isle, he infused his magic into the glacier to keep it eternally frozen and even gifted the wolves icy pond with new prey that spawns every winter–brilliantly scaled koi, whose colors vary in shades of white to dark blue, with fins that are covered in frost.

Properties: The glacier and ice within it will never melt, creating the perfect way to keep cool during the hot summer months. Known as “Kiyoshi’s Koi” or “Winter Koi”, the fish spawn at the beginning of winter and uneaten koi melt away once spring arrives. However, the number of fish spawned directly correlates to the number of wolves in the pack at winter’s start, providing exactly enough to feed each wolf with two fish. Even when eaten away from the glacier, the koi remain half-frozen with the distinct taste of snow and winter berries.

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Torrid Desert
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