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Forums in 'Adoptions'
Is your wolf about to give birth to pups, and you are searching for role-players for them or still have some pups that need to be adopted out from a recent litter? Then this is the perfect place to post them!
Threads: 5 Posts: 60

ashes to dust
3 hours ago
by Badr
This board is for characters that need to be adopted that are at least two years of age or older that were born here in Doutaini.
Threads: 6 Posts: 31

Have characters from a legacy line that you would like to adopt out that haven't previously been on the site before, or simply creating a whole new family that is totally new to Doutaini? Then this is the perfect place for those adoptions to be posted!
Threads: 10 Posts: 139

safe harbor • MARX
Yesterday, 03:07 PM
by Baphomet

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