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At the northwestern edge of the ridge, a deep ravine coated in a thick layer of hardened lava lies nestled between the two shoots of the Naveen River. Akako’s magma still flows under the surface, heating the ground underfoot beginning at its perimeter. The land is devoid of plants and animals, save for the occasional reptile warming itself at its edges. Disturbing formations litter the ravine as they twist unnaturally amongst the jagged stones and ragged gouges in the cracked earth–they are the statues of animals and trees that burned alive in the magma just before Hoshiko’s magic suddenly cooled the lava that entombed them. If one looks closely, they can see the screams of agony frozen upon their faces and the shape of the animal as they tried to flee. At the center of the pit, lava still flows close to the surface and spurts through the unstable ground around a large pool of gurgling magma. However, large stones and hardened lava formations are plentiful throughout the ravine, including the pool. Only the most daring of wolves might be able to safely jump across.

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and he cried
11-13-2017, 08:05 PM
by Charlotte

Mountain Lion Ridge
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