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Towards the north of the cavern's labyrinthine layout lies a generous cave, large enough to comfortably house a dozen wolves. The earthen ceiling was blown clean away by Haruko's tornadoes, which left it open to the elements at one point in time, but multicolored crystals have since crept across the skyline to close the gap. When the light shines through, it creates colored patterns which move across the room as the day draws on. A complex system of holes and tubes in the cavern's ceiling can create a sound reminiscent of a pipe organ, when the wind whistles through them and the conditions are just right.

Properties: A haunting melody winds through the tunnels, enchanting and almost otherworldly. The music that flows through the cavern is calming, becoming particularly strong underneath the crystal ceiling. Wolves who spend any length of time within the cave will experience the soothing effects produced by the mysterious harmonies; along with easing headaches, they give a sense of wellness and offer relief from mental and emotional distress or pain.

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I Write Sins, Not Tr...
11-18-2017, 10:08 PM
by Ianthe

Caliginous Cavern
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